As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 8, 2012

11:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Noon || Meets with senior advisers
3:30 pm || Meets with Ghanaian President John Evans Atta Mills
5:35 pm || Along with the first lady, has dinner with winners of a campaign contest; Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 8, 2012

  1. How does he stand the strain. The sacrifice and sharing must be exhausting.
    Well for every American except the Obama family freeloaders.

  2. “What do you mean I have to dine with these “little people?” Why, there is no lobster or ribs on the menu. Just give them a slice of cake and let them go back to their non-regal life.” Michelle the Sponger

    • That would be sponge cake, then?

      Speaking of little people, my sister remarked the other day that the “poor people are worried about paying for gas.” (She is not one, meant her daughter, the social worker.)

  3. “Winners”? Does anyone believe these folks are picked by some random lottery?

    Show of hands – who here thinks the “winners” of all these lunches and dinners with the Obamas are hand-picked by Messina and staff . I bet there will be a woman struggling to pay for her contraception who works for a Catholic school or something. A UAW worker. Perhaps a teacher.

    • I just had my annual argument about my Glaucoma drop they want to pay only for generic and for some reason it irritates my one eye already
      lost sight in the other but the name brand doesn’t bother me. Now I am not whinning but I think anyone’s eyesight is more important than
      birth control!

        • Yes but only out of one eye and it’s a bit blurry a blessing when
          having to look at the Obama’s if I were a Democrat he’d have called and helped me but sadly I don’t deserve it because I do not
          worship him:)

          • Lizzy do not worry keep your faith and in November he will be done america is not stupid ,just to cheer you up a little we have 3 girls all who have never voted and in November they said they will oppose Obozo like many young kids they are reliazing the truth about this Fraud and lying man

          • There is still hope In America. I just laughed at the sheer
            lunacy of putting so much importance on sex when many other people want for really important drugs. That woman is
            a disgrace to women and I grew up I the sixties sex drugs and rock and roll snd my Mom was better thn any pill boy she was
            a force to be reckoned with!:)

    • There will be a suitable rainbow of flesh colors.
      75% of the diners will be public sector employees or union members.
      There will be at least one diner with a “heart rending hard luck” story.
      There will be at least one “Innovative (psuedo-green)” small business owner.

  4. wow a late start today must of had a real long day yesterday my gosh how dam lazy can one man be pretty lazy by the looks of it,were is the press on this invisible president this is beyond disgusting

  5. Isn’t it odd that the military dinner wasn’t until after 8pm and the campaign winners get dinner at 5:30pm? Wonder if Obama’s campaign is pinching pennies so hard they’re going out for happy hour discounts?

  6. were is the news released on March 1 about obamas report from the sheriff in Arizonia proving the birth cert is a total Fake why our you idiots protecting this man hes not even American born