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Video || Obama Protesting at Harvard in 1991

Here is some video that is just surfacing of President Obama as a Harvard Law School student protesting in support of Harvard Professor Derrick Bell in a campaign to force Harvard to hire more minority professors.

It’s not clear to me if this is the entire video of Obama that the late Andrew Breitbart said he had obtained and that is expected to be shown on the Sean Hannity show tonight on Fox News at 9:00 pm.

There were rumors that this could be explosive, but I’m not seeing anything too incendiary here. Anyway, have a look.

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  1. It was edited either by Buzzfeed or whoever gave them a copy. We’ll see the long version tonight on Hannity. I haven’t watched him in a long time, but I think this could be good. I think I’ll also listen to Bibi on Greta.

  2. described this as the “selectively edited” version from Buzzfeed. I think the less selectively edited version on Hannity will be a letdown, but I hope it’s not.

  3. Keith,
    I was trolling around on the internet today (looking for Timothy Dolan’s FULL letter about what happened in the WH meeting) and came across this video. I read that in the video, Obama refers to himself as a ‘foreign student’.

    I guess that would be explosive.

    I’ll try to find where I read that.

    • Refering to himself as a foreign student would be huge,IMO,but I’m sure you would get the same people saying ,it was a slip of the tongue or making some other excuse for him.
      I heard the guys that are going to be on Hannity tonight ,on his radio show. According to them,the good stuff has been edited out and they will show it tonight.
      Keith,whats the buzz around the press corp?

  4. At least we seem to have some proof that BHO was on campus at Harvard one time. There still seems to be some question as to whether he really a student of the Constitution.

  5. That is the edited version of Breitbart’s video that will be aired on Hannity tonight. It isn’t just the video, by the way. The press hid this video from the public. They intentionally subverted the vetting process to get their guy in office. The professor he is honoring is quite the character himself. A black nationalist who blamed white people for all the world’s problems…and Obama was his student.

  6. …just proves Barack Hussein Obama is an left-wing, neo-socialist, elitist, arrogant, racist.
    I thought we all knew that.

  7. Interesting, but nothing new….

    Obama’s radical racist extremism is indefensible. It reared it’s ugly head one month after he usurped office – Professor Gates and the Cambridge police officer! It hasn’t stopped! His sham marriage to the America-hating racist, Michelle Lavaughn Robison, was the biggest tip off of all! They had to pull her off the campaign trail – her racism was showing!

    What is it going to take for the rest of the media to start doing their job? When are they going to understand that it’s NOT the color of his skin – it’s his anti-American soul! He must not be allowed to serve another term – unless it’s in Federal prison!

    • When is the media going to start calling out the real racists, the ones who scream at others to shut them up. I’m betting on another drip, drip, drip from Breitbart. The two writers said they have much more.

  8. 1. Keith has posted the video version that was cut short — in the full version Obama warmly embraces Prof. Bell in front of everyone.
    2. On Hannity it came out that a Prof. Oglebee (not certain this is the name) admits that he “hid” the Bell video during the 2008 campaign.
    3. Bell is a nut case who crawled into a position at Harvard.
    4. There are going to be more videos to come — Breitbart’s team is taking time to vet Obama.
    This video in itself isn’t alarming until you realize “Bell is the Rev. Wright of academia” as they said on Hannity. Obama’s relationships with fringe elements reaches way back.

  9. Two points:

    1) I see why he was so drawn to his dual professions of community organizing and part-time teacher. He is not a bad speaker… not good, not world class, but not bad. And knows how to pace a speech to work the applause lines.

    2) What is in his pocket that is so interesting to him? Why does his hand race there at every chance?

  10. I saw the Breitbart rep being interviewed on CNN and the argument that ensued. O’Brien rattled off the definition of Critical Race Theory and when I looked it up, it was word for word the first line on Wiki, which absolutely cracked me up. Some producer looked it up on Wiki and whispered it to her thru her earpiece.

    If George Bush’s DUI in his early 20’s was a legit news item, then who Obama supported as a college student is a legit story. We know nothing of who paid for his college, grades in college, etc.

    Other than that, I agree with Keith, I sure hope they got some bigger ammo in their story than this.