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Obama Schedule || March 7, 2012

10:15 am || Departs White House
11:50 am || Arrives Charlotte, NC
12:15 pm ||Tours Daimler Trucks North America Mt. Holly Truck Manufacturing Plant
12:45 pm || Delivers remarks at manufacturing plant
1:45 pm || Departs Charlotte
3:15 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

24 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || March 7, 2012”

  1. It looks like MrsO knew what she was talking about when she told a fundraising group in NC that she and her husband will make everyone there sick of seeing them.

  2. He’s going all the way to North Carolina and no stopovers for cash grabs? Must be sweatin’ the numbers in the state where the Democrat convention is going to be held.

  3. That appears not to be a complete schedule for tomorrow….I don’t see a “hand over the campaign donations and nobody will get hurt” moment listed.

  4. Due to the FLOTUS penchant to wander off to spend our money needlessly.
    I think her schedule should be available everyday too! She said she was going
    to campaign so as she does seem to disappear and then we find out she’s been in some country in a 5 star hotel with her ‘extended’ family not campaigning.

  5. wow hes working hard a tour of a plant and abd talks hard days work for him what no morning meeting with his CREW andby the way all the talk about Mitt ,look if you remember in the 2008 primaries Obozo and Hillary were neck and neck till the last week so why our the liberal pukes making such a big deal about it over the GOP race oh ya there not liberals

  6. for the sake of the GOP race (NEWT and PAUL) need to drop out newt do not be a ass and stay in it makes you look stupid and its useless to go on

  7. He’s a travelin’ man again today. What more does this man have to say that hasn’t already been said? Every time I see him on tv, all I can hear is that Charlie Brown cartoon noise “blah blah blah.”

    1. the man is a broken record and all he does is repaet himself and blame the other party while they had full control for over 2 years he makes me sick

  8. Another day, another “visit.”. Mebbe the Dem polls show that Kim Jong Un got an approval uptick when he followed his late father’s daily schedule of “Looking at Things.”. Think of it..”Buh-Rock Looks at…Solar Panels; Chevy Volts; US Oil Production” and he gets the same economic results as the Norks!!!

    Now THAT is real change!

  9. Ah. The Grifter-In-Chief, at his best….spending more of the taxpayer’s money. Just think of all the free time he’ll have to spend our money if he gets re-elected and doesn’t have to campaign any more. He’ll just fly all over the place & take credit for everything.

  10. 90 minutes work no way a speech a tour and a flight back work our you kidding me this man has no idea what work means has never had a job ever

  11. the liberal puke media is saying romney is unable to seal the deal but we all remember Obozo and Hillary going down to the wire,the last week to seal the deal,so shut your big mouth,you liberal trash talking losers

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