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Live Stream || Obama News Conference – March 6, 2012

The press conference has concluded.

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25 Responses to Live Stream || Obama News Conference – March 6, 2012

  1. excuse me while I interrupt your day, Im here to tell you Im going to save our soldiers with housing credits(from the evil banks) while upping the bill on heath care for them..
    More bullshit on Iran
    What a loser
    Im so over this man

  2. I have now joined the legions of people who purposefully turn the channel when O-boo begins to speak. I cannot handle the sound of his voice, his stuttering, his looks. Not to mention the “substance” of his words. I guess I am still on the high after listening to Bibi last night…and, was hoping to hear a message with meaning. This briefing (just the few moments I could endure) was nothing more than a resume builder from the Pan Handler-in-Chief. I will await the transcript for this and all other remarks.

    • “I have now joined the legions of people who purposefully turn the channel when O-boo begins to speak. I cannot handle the sound of his voice, his stuttering, his looks. Not to mention the “substance” of his words.”

      Been there since the 2008 campaign.

      • I was at Mom’s assisted place with the big screen on the wall and this came on and I said, “Can we get another channel?” My sister said, “Why?” (She knows–of course.) I said, “Because I cannot stand to listen to the 2000-word bull(-blah) answers.” She said, “They are not bull”…and I tuned out. See what I am up against–I used to come to this site for sanity.

  3. “Sandra (Fluke’s) parents should be proud of her.

    For crying out loud, she’s thirty years old. He’s framing her as a brave little girl.

    I gotta shut it down. Slimey, lying snake that he is, the press is even worse.

  4. Aggrh–this is a first–our local radio station that carries Rush every morning pre-empted him for “the president!!” I listened until the gag reflex kicked in & switched over to Laura Ingraham’s show which has NOT been pre-empted. Rush has never been kicked off the air before like this. . . .

    • One of my few luxuries…a subscription to Rush 24/7. I never have to listen to the droning Marxist _resident if I don’t want to.

  5. my best friend (who is jewish!) told me today that obama is great because he “actually talked about how all this war language is very harmful” at the AIPaC sermon… i responded that what words obama chose to use were the VERY PATHETIC MINIMUM that anyone who is sympathetic towards humans and wishes to clever and good in this day and age should be able to say!!!!!

    IF RON PAUL were elected… how wonderful would it be to see real words of reason and truth and cleverness as the gently but undeniably show ATACK…sorry, AIPAC, they can no longer bully and destroy so easily as i’m sure he’d tell them straight out that WE ARE NO LONGER IN WAR BUSINESS!!!! as president Ahmadinejad once beautifully said, the days of using Nuclear weapons… as weapons has ended. Sadly I wish with all my heart for all the innocent people who’s lives we’ve been carelessly destroying, and Prez. Ahmadinejad that this were true. my only hope is with technology and youth, truth shall destroy by revealing and refusing these nightmarish realities. only thru truth and understanding how out of control things have become can we begin a true ‘way forward’, as G.I. Joe says, “knowing is 1/2 the battle”. We must all try to wake eachother up as quickly as possible before these mentalists win via WWIII!!!!

    Obama should say so much more. He is better than most american media but so very similar…. I know he means well, but this speech here…. had two characters he mentioned repeatedly of ‘caring about’…. i kept expecting him to say something about how horrible an attack on Iran would be for the people, maybe something about what their going through, something humanizing, but NO!!! blah blah blah… not ONLY would it be bad for US, hhheem…pardon me, USA,… but it would also be very bad for ISRAEL!!! and he talks lots about OUR troups and OUR money…. nothing about the Iranian people who are doing the best they can to have a voice… it is so sad to see the american press react as if Iran have been tried and convicted… it’s so embarrassing and I wish with all my might that RON PAUL could take over as HE CARES ABOUT ALL PARTIES INVOLVED!!!!!!

  6. “We don’t play politics with going to war. We take a careful, thoughtful, sober approach.”

    An obvious reference to George Bush. But what about his careful, thoughtful, sober approach to ending a war, i.e. Afghanistan!!! He implemented Bush’s withdrawal timetable without a scintilla of thought except his re-election! He was too lazy and incompetent to negotiate the terms and conditions for withdrawal – consequently the Taliban now is declaring war on our military! His grovelling apology for the Koran burning adds fuel to the fire! No mention of this in his Presser, however!

  7. O answered the first part of the question in reference to Fluke —- did anyone notice he completely avoided answering the second part in reference to other pundits such as Maher. Instead he turned to CNN supporter and smirked when the reporter tried to get an answer. He also made no mention of the fact that Fluke was also trying to have sex change operations free as well.
    Unfortunately there seems to be no reporter with the integrity or courage to get real answers or ask pertinent questions.

    • Also, it looked to me as if when the o tried to embarras/ridicule the Fox reporter (and his queastion re gas prices), it didn’t work. For once, the whole room didn’t snicker with him, turning against one of their own. Progress amongst the sheep?

  8. :He also made no mention of the fact that Fluke was also trying to have sex change operations free as well.”

    For herself? Just wondering….

  9. Megan Kelly made mention of the fact that the prestigious Georgetown University graduates start out at $160K/year. That makes them one percenters! Where are the occupiers when you need them?