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Gallup: Obama Approval at 43 Percent

There’s been a lot of talk about the resurgent President Obama, the gleeful Obama 2012 campaign headquarters, the newly rollicking economy, the diminishing prospects for Republican presidential contenders, and the drapes being measure for the Obama second term Oval Office redesign.

And so, I just want to note that, while I hate to rain on the parade at campaign headquarters in Chicago, the most respected polling firm in America, Gallup, today puts Obama’s approval rating at 43 percent. Fully 48 percent disapprove.

That’s right about where his approval has been for nearly a year, not including a brief bump last May after Obama offed Osama.

The Obama revival talk is mostly spin, eagerly being gobbled up by the president’s friends in the media.

Rising gas prices aren’t going to help. The likelihood that the unemployment rate will fall much more isn’t going to help.

Speaking of which, the February jobless rate comes out Friday. From what I’m reading, it may not be everything Obama always wanted.

Obama may be reelected. But don’t believe the headlines. Right now, he’s not in a good place.

26 thoughts on “Gallup: Obama Approval at 43 Percent”

  1. But he is covering homeowners who are flipped, has moved to Sandra Fluke’s side, is putting pressure on illegal immigrants and backing Israeli. What else can he do to demonstrate his control of the situation?

  2. I also heard Stuart Varney this morning when he said the jobs picture has brightened because the head counters don’t include the people who have quit looking, maybe by as much as 5 1/2 million.
    It is good to be king!

  3. C’mon guys! Obama is doing a wonderful job waging a war against the “war on women” Who cares about China, Russia or Iran. He is standing up to Rush Limbaugh.

  4. Here’s a nice little piece of Obama administration obfuscation. This came in e-mail today from Charles Grassley.

    “On Friday, I met with senior officials at the 132nd Fighter Wing at the Des Moines airport about the Air Force recommendation to eliminate 21 F-16 fighter aircraft and as many as 500 jobs.

    Those of us in the Iowa congressional delegation met in February with the Secretary of the Air Force to ask for the rationale for this decision. We got two answers, and they contradicted each other. First, we were told the decision was based on statistical analysis. Then we were told it simply was the Air Guard’s turn to absorb spending reductions. The Air Force promised to share the data it used, but the information has not been delivered.”

  5. Thanks for the reminder. It’s all too easy to get discouraged. Mass media would have us believe that Obama is a given, and Republicans have screwed the pooch.

  6. His defense of the Democrat plant in the staged press conference today. Him calling out Rush Limbaugh when he took $1 million from that degenerate Maher. His smug and condescending attitude toward Ed Henry’s questions on visiting Israel and gas prices (Rightscoop posted the video). All that will come back to bite him. He would be at less than 20% if he didn’t have the sycophant press covering for him…

    1. Yeah, his oily cracks about “I think there is a political event today”–something like that–made me pee-uke. So creepy–and NOT funny. The man is never ever funny. But the press all guffawed along–oh, he is such a card.

  7. I was reminded today of an old Chicago saying, “It’s easier get what you want with a smile and a gun, than with just a smile.”

    Obama’s got both, the gun this time is and has been the MSM. It’s time for conservatives to really start hammering cold hard facts about this administration, and stop hammering each other.

    I don’t know where it started, but there are people going out and putting post it notes on gas pumps to remind people what gas prices were in 2008 and what they are now. I think we all need to start doing the same thing.

  8. “a brief bump last May after Obama offed Osama.”
    A brave team of Navy seals offed Osama, Obama did nothing but what any American would have commanded his or her charge to do.
    He is a loser who only looks for brownie points, (sorry Girl Scouts) to boost his ego.

  9. It’s time for the Repubs to quit fooling around with their candidates. For pete’s sake, PICK ONE already. They’re basically the same guy and have the same message.

    1. This is one time I will disagree with you srdem. Keep it going….we’re getting the conservative message out there. Besides, Texas can’t vote until May 29th and I want to have a say. Last time around I voted for Hillary because McCain had already clinched the nomination.

      1. Go for it. Maybe it’s MrPaul’s jumping caterpillar eyebrows that are getting to me, or MrSantorums sanctimonous blather.
        I just think it’s time to quit beating each other and start on the real bad guy.

  10. I liked it better when he was at 38%…

    He lies with impunity about the ‘recovering economy’ and the media jumps on the bandwagon. If he is reelected, who is he going to blame for the mess he inherited? I know – it’s the ‘new norm’! God help us all!

  11. I really can’t see what the excitement these people feel for 4 more years. The feeling from the people I see everyday is a seething rage that November couldn’t come soon enough. I am also pleasantly surprised at how well imformed the people I meet have about current events. For example: Fluke is a laughing stock. I hear people state: “We’re supposed to care about a Law student who in 18 months is going to probably be earning something north of 100,000 dollars?”

  12. Obama only won the last election by 53%.
    And that was against McCain.
    If he is polling now at 40 some % he will have to throw the polls to win the next election.
    America is tired of the rhetoric that the present administration rams down our throats.
    Government is the problem.
    Obama’s government will destroy America.
    Unrestrained in a second term, Obama will have America on Her knees to the foreign powers that would endeavor to destroy the finest Country the world has ever seen.
    The President of the United States does not bow to a dictator.
    We the People of the United States of America cannot support one who does.

  13. 600 jobs from the 3rd Herd at Tinker AFB today. It won’t be long before USA begs IDF for cover, after it kicks Iran’s ass. I am trying to keep the faith, but the only people and projects getting money are the leeches and bottom feeders. Welcome to BHO’s Brave New World!

  14. Everyone should be flabbergasted that 43% of the people still support this man. Its as though we are living in 1930’s Germany and current day Greece where corruption is an act of virtue and the people have absolutely no morals.. These people are either insane, possessed by demons, or bring idiocy to a new level.

    1. Lanie, looking at the glass as half full, even a healthy percentage of people receiving government handouts and/ or not paying federal incomes taxes won’t vote for him. It’s quite an accomplishment to get people to bite the hand that feeds them.

    2. I see it too. The leftist media has abandoned their responsibility to hold politicians accountable…unless their opposition is in power. Because of this and the moral rot in our society, some are willing to give up their individual freedom for the security and wealth the demagogues have promised them. The 43% are the elites who want the power the totalitarian promises, the useful idiots, and the slaves comfortable in their bondage.

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