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Democrats Charge Republicans with Hating Women

As Democrats decry Rush Limbaugh for his attacks on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke and wring their hands about the lack of civility in public discourse, their leaders are waging an all out assault to smear Republicans as a crude band of misogynists eager to strip women of their rights.

Democrats are leveraging Limbaugh’s insult of Fluke as part of a campaign to raise money and appeal to women voters by charging Republicans with waging a “war on women.”

Limbaugh called Fluke, also a “reproductive rights” activist, a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her support for forcing Catholic institutions to pay for her birth control.

Democrats are desperate to shore up support from women, who swung strongly toward Republicans during 2010, helping hand the GOP the House, and who had grown markedly less enthusiastic about President Obama. But polling in the last few weeks shows women’s support for Obama rising amid the political firestorm over birth control

Obama Friday helped launch the Democratic effort to tap outrage over Limbaugh’s remarks by phoning Fluke, a rare publicized call to a private citizen that the White House clearly intended as both a slap at a leading conservative figure and a political gesture toward women.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the political arm of the Senate Democrats, is topping its website with a call for viewers to sign a petition demanding that Republicans denounce Limbaugh.

Demand that Republican leaders denounce Rush Limbaugh’s virulent misogyny and pseudo-apology. Limbaugh has a long record of attacks on women. Fluke is only the latest. It’s time for the Republican Party to fire him as a spokesman.

To sign the petition, people need not write their name, just their email address and zip code, which can then be used to craft political messages and solicit funds.

House Democrats have a similar petition, though it doesn’t mention Limbaugh by name, asking for help to “Stop the Republican war on women” and charging, “House Republicans have launched an all-out war on women since taking the Speaker’s gavel.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee has an entire section labeled “McDonnell and Rubio vs. Women,” an attempt to brand as misogynists two of the leading GOP vice presidential prospects, Virginia Gov. Rob McDonnell and Florida Sen. Mark Rubio, alleging they are “declaring all-out war on women’s health.”

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  1. Wow, the democrats and the condom president sure are desperate. When you have nothing to run on except free condoms this is what happens.

    Maybe Rush chose the wrong term, but what do you call a 30 year old college student who sleeps around out of wedlock and wants the taxpayers foot the bill for her debauchery? And further, what do you call someone who is advocating the destruction of the First Amendment and religious freedom for a box of condoms? “Slut” seems too generous to me.

      • How about liar and whore…..since the pill is available for approximately $9 a month, someone somewhere is lying. If they need or approve of the need to spend $3000 for the same pills they are pandering – wow, ya think?? Dialing for dollars with an all new twist.

        Of whom do I speak….president or loosey-goosey-dem-acti-feminazi ?

  2. If the very attractive women who say they are Republicans, or tend that way, including Angie Harmon, Bo Derek, Patricia Heaton, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, to name just a few, bolt the party, I will begin to believe the party of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Miskulki, Patty Murray, Hilary Clinton, et alii. Otherwise, the democrats should stick to charging Chevy Volts

      • Thank you for enlightening me. Yes, the late, but little lamented Volt.
        It really breaks my heart. I owned a new ’66 Sting Ray, a new ’68 Sting Ray, traded down to and rebuilt a ’62 Corvette(Sting Rays were only ’63-’67) and finished with a ’67 Sting Ray. I kept it for thirty years. It was the best muscle car I ever owned, although that ’65 Old Cutlass with the Police Apprehender option was sweet. G-M made some fine iron, but it sure has gone to Washington since.

    • Most of the people I know would not use that word for any woman. Not that we’re so great–but we sure wouldn’t want it used about us no matter what we did in or out of wedlock, as you put it.

      • I must hang with a bad crowd because I’ve heard worse names than slut. If one has no moral compass and is as loose as this woman appears to be, they earn the title.

        • How to you know how “loose” she is? That is sort of a 1940s word in my mind. Look–I am not defending her–I think everyone in this mess looks bad…but I am distressed at how quickly my “friends” on this site are pouncing on a woman (OK, bad choice of words) and calling ugly names. Believe me, this will rebound on her–she won’t live it down any time soon–people will think of her in a sexual context, she will get tweets, etc. I am done–have said my piece. I stand by my original comment that Limbaugh catapulted this into what it is now.

          • Fluke is claiming that she spends $80 a month on contraception. Without knowing how monogomous she is, that is a lot of money to spend on contraception.

          • I have no idea what the pill goes for these days–copay or what. Could be that. Yes, it’s a lot–but she must be able to pay if she can afford G’town…or she could go to a free place. Being on the pill does not mean she is having a lot of sex. You can have a lot or a little or none and use the pill for acne control–it’s all the same. I don’t even know if she is on the pill…nor do I want to know, nor do I want the govt to pay for it or force some private company or a religious organization to pay for it.

          • Star, Women are not a collective. We are all unique individuals. We have different upbringings, different educations, different lives. This woman doesn’t deserve your empathy. She makes her living off sexual advocacy. Any woman who would sit in front of a camera in a room full of press and fellow and make a public statement about how women like her deserve free birth control and then lie in her testimony is loose in my book. Would it make any difference to you if, in the past, this same professional “coed” advocated sex change operations be covered by health insurance companies or else be charged with sexual discrimination? She did.

          • I can lend my empathy to anyone I please–I have said very clearly that I am not defending this woman. She is letting herself be used and will pay a price–but I am not going to let ugly name calling of women pass. Back to my feminist days, I guess–when I was a founder of Women in Govt Relations–we had to fight for respect…I see women still do. I bet you didn’t like it when Palin was called gross names–or her daughters.

          • I worked for the government too and never had to fight for respect. I earned it by excelling at my job and keeping my personal life out of the workplace. As long as we still have freedom of speech, you can make this about anything you want. In my opinion, this fight isn’t about some morally loose radical feminist getting her feelings hurt. This fight isn’t about Republicans hating women. It is about Obama and his fellow travelers war on American traditions and their attempt to steal our freedom and liberty.

          • Star: Words are a distraction from the real issue of the assault on religious freedom. Fluke is a big girl used to fighting in the trenches; she can take it. If we allow this administration and the radicals of the Democratic party to continue their assaults on our Constitutional rights, all the gains that our generation of women made will have been for naught.

          • Well, OK, if you people think it’s classy to call someone ugly names, play through. Believe me, women have to fight for respect in Washington–I am talking about the 1970s–Robert Packwood etc. Then came Clinton…. I don’t care if her feelings are hurt–She will always be “that woman” now. I care about how quickly people here sling the ugliness. That is why I am shocked. I guess I am naive. Still, I have said kind of mean things about Michelle, too–so I am not blameless. Yes, gobnait–the name calling by Rush kicked this off–and turned the issue their way. I am through with this–it is sickening. But I have learned from it.

    • Someone pointed out on another blog what I gathered from her testimony — that she was speaking for other women — thus she drew a diaphonous veil over her personal sex life.

      What I find strange is that none of these female warriors are even suggesting that men might foot the bill for their half of the cost of contraceptives. I’m confused if this means they are having sex with nameless partners or if they don’t have the “balls” to ask a man to help with the cost.

      And I’m still confused why contraception is the focus of the left’s free medical stuff movement unless this is really about subjugating religious groups to the federal government’s power. Why not free chemotherapy, free physical therapy, free antibiotics? Why sex products that are low cost and freely available?

      • Why contraception??? To add women to that list of groups they love and want to take care of. It may work on the young and impressionable. I hope women of substance will see through it.

  3. Sandra Fluke is connected to Media Matters and may be a WH plant.
    This may backfire on the Democrats, especially going after men like Rubio and McDonnell.
    When are women going to become ladies again?

    • Yes that woman is a WH plant notice the Obama like smug superior
      look on her face while telling her tale of woe? Then I heard her say the
      magic words Media Matters and well you know where her pre written remarks came from. Read she also thinks we should pay for sex change operations too! Isn’t that swell?

  4. Anyone else notice how this little tiff is being played out precisely by the Alinsky Rules for Radicals playbook . The isolate personalize immobilize plan ?? . And BTW and it’s a big btw , get a hold of the Limbaugh transcript . What he “said ” was a arithmetic and verbal inference . To wit , Miss Flake (sic) asserted that women were spending $ 3,000 on birth control Rush assumed the going Planned Parenthood price for condoms and calculated a frequency for intercourse . He then associated that lfrequency of intercourse with promiscuity and then recalled in less enlightened times that level of promiscuous intercourse ran under the label slut . That Miss Flake wanted to be compensated for such actions was also named w/ the label used to note people who are promiscuous for monetery compensation , prostitute . Rush did not call Flake a slut or a prostitute simply that the behaviours she recounted were usually referred, in acivilized society, to as those of a slut and a prostitute , which of course they are . But again check out the Alinsky methods at work .

  5. media research center online has a very interest expose of that woman’s previous activist endeavors. she’s nothing more than a plant.

  6. The whole thing was staged by the Democrats from paying Fluke to testify to having already prepared their attack against whomever said anything about her. Rush should not have apologized for calling a spade a spade. Never back down on the truth.

  7. I am not defending this annoying, ignorant woman and certainly not Rush’s disgusting comments or Obama’s “support,” but I am shocked at the Puritan tone over here…my, we are judgmental of sexually active women.

    • Maybe there IS a war on women…this is really dismaying. Yes, this Fluke person, however she pronounces it, is being used, comes off as calculating and even stupid for expecting the govt to give her free stuff, but women in general are not sluts for having sex. At least not in my opinion.

    • I’m not judgmental of sexually active women. However, I am very judgmental of sexually active women who want others to fund their recreational sex. I’m only a little older than her and have never demanded that someone else fund any of my recreational activities. So, yeah, I’ll sit in judgment of her for her demand that someone else pay for her recreational sex.

    • You use the term ‘Puritan’ as a pejorative as if there something wrong with believing that restraint in one’s sex life is desirable? As the mother of young women, I worry constantly about their choices and the people who stand ready to take advantage of them because sex is so freely exchanged. The casual attitude of the left towards premarital sex does a great disservice to our young people. Sex is not a subject to be taken lightly and the decision to engage in it should be made only after thoughtful consideration. For the left to frame this debate as if everyone ‘is already doing it’ cheapens the act and the importance of it. If that makes me a Puritan, then so be it. I have the advantage of first hand knowledge of the fear and uncertainty of facing an unplanned pregnancy so I think I know better than many the challenges and choices facing an unmarried young woman.

  8. Gotta have a pink elephant in the room to keep the focus off of what is really happening… And I really don’t care how often a woman wants to have sex until she asks taxpayers to pay for her play. This is not a “health” issue, it is a social issue redirected. Unfortunately, most people won’t recognize it in is pretty pink costume.

    • Yes, this is not a health issue. Some women take the pill for their periods — but that is a medical issue and they get a prescription covered by insurance.

      This is a social issue and it’s the first step toward more choice actions being positioned as medical necessities, such as transgender operations, etc.

  9. Only a dumb woman would follow for that. Really, that is just a very stupid tact to take. Smart women know that the GOP hates women. I smell desperation.

  10. Sandra Fluke went to the drug store to buy a gross of condoms. She returned early the next morning, angrily slapping the empty carton down on the counter yelling, “there were only one-hundred-and-forty-three condoms in that box. The pharmacist calmly hands her a replacement condom as he says, “here, I hope I didn’t ruin your evening.”

  11. Is this woman 23 or 30? Which did she say she was because I have heard that she testified that she is 23? Did she really do that?

  12. Please tell me the voters are not this stupid. This has nothing at all to do with The Flukester’s feelings or even freedom of religion. This has to do with the Left trying to silence the Right.
    I am afraid Rush’s apology no matter how heartfelt, was pointless. Since the Left regularly disparages conservative men and women with hateful names, they honestly do not care what Sandra Fluke is called. In fact, they are probably surprised that it does not happen more often. Sandra Fluke, being a professional rabble rouser and professional law student, would have a hide like a rhinocerous and would not care what she is called.
    We on the Right must stop apologizing and paying attention to the horrifications that the Left gins up. IGNORE THEM. Let them chase their tails and howl their brains out. We must onyl take the high road by addressing the important issues.

  13. Those idiot liberals stop at nothing to dinigrate conservatives. They just don’t approve of us because we talk about the issues. They consider themselves
    brilliant, but we know better. All they do is make cheap shots.

  14. When you don’t like the concept, you object to the details.

    Concept: Republicans may really win the White House and Congress

    Details: ANYTHING the democrats can come up with, real or imagined.

  15. Republicans hate women? I don’t think so.

    My husband is a Republican. I am a woman (and also vote Republican). My husband loves me.

    Case closed.

  16. They silenced Beck and they’re about to shut Limbaugh down. With even conservatives turning on him, I fear for our freedom of speech. Instead of the right banding together against this assault, its members are tripping over their own feet to distance themselves from Limbaugh. It’s just a matter of time before they’re all afraid to speak out.

    • But still the the left get away with worse everyday. Our media is so
      biased that it’s dangerous to us now. You have very little accountability
      and no checks and blances for the left at all.

    • They didn’t silence Beck. He’s got his own TV channel. They won’t shut down Limbaugh either. Mark Levin already put out the warning to fellow conservatives to accept his apology and move on. If they don’t, we’ll they were never the conservatives they pretend to be. Rush knows that his listeners are behind him. That is all that matters to him. It matters more to him than any lily-livered advertisers.

  17. Where is the outrage over convicted sex offender Roman Polanski’s getting a pass? He sexually assaulted a minor, was convicted and skipped the country to live large in Europe. He is celebrated as a genius in Hollywood circles without so much as a peep from his peers. Limbaugh makes a couple of offhanded comments and he is crucified and I predict he will be hounded off the air by a well-orchestrated and deliberate campaign from the left.

  18. Louis Nizer, “When you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. When you have precedent on your side, pound the precedent. When you have neither, pound the table.”

  19. “Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee has an entire section labeled “McDonnell and Rubio vs. Women,” an attempt to brand as misogynists two of the leading GOP vice presidential prospects, Virginia Gov. Rob McDonnell and Florida Sen. Mark Rubio, alleging they are “declaring all-out war on women’s health.”

    What will the DNC do when Romney chooses Condoleeza Rica as his VP?

    • Thier first question to Condi will be “How much do you pay for your birth control, and do you think it’s fair for it to be taken away from you?”

      Look at what actually happened with Rush. He said something the left didn’t like so they screamed for an apology. He apologized and now they are still screaming. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all a set up by Rush to show the lefts intent to make this a bigger issue than it is. I have no doubts that they would try to shut him up, but I don’t think they can. He has way too many loyal fans. Heck, he could have his tea company buy all of the advertising time that becomes available.

      • Pro-flowers is the only advertiser of his I’ve used. Never again. I did buy a couple of cases of Two if by Tea over the weekend to show my support. The icing on the cake is the fact that his raspberry and blueberry tea is the best I’ve ever tasted.

  20. Did anyone catch the announcement after BHO’s newser today? Jay Carney said Georgetown Lay School student Sandra Fluke will be co-chair of DNC with Debbie Wassermann-Schultz and the party will have a new slogan for 2012. It is the resurrected Continental Airlines theme from the 1970s:
    “We Really Move Our Tail for You!”
    The DNC also revealed it is replacing the time-honored symbol, the donkey, with the industrial strength, aphrodisiacal paper sack, good for multiple uses.
    The democrats really love their women.

  21. “War on Women”: Very aggressive language if you think about it. Were more women killed by Tornados or Rush’s words last week?

  22. What’s funny is all the advertisers whose stocks are tanking and whose customers are leaving them after they ditched Rush over his comments. No surprise that they’re in bed with the liberal left. As far as Fluke, ever heard of a CVS pharmacy or having your ‘partner’ contribute to your love trysts? Of course, abstinence works everytime but that would mean personal responsibility.

  23. Here is a democrat entrant. However, he seems confused about the sex of his target:
    (from ABC News)Advertisers are fleeing his show, radio stations are refusing to broadcast his program, and the president is condemning his comments in large part because Rush Limbaugh used the words “slut” and “prostitute” to describe a 30-year-old Georgetown law student.
    But apparently this nationwide outcry over these “insulting” words, as Limbaugh himself called them, was not enough to prevent another syndicated talk radio host, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., from slinging the very same insult.
    “Speaking of prostitutes, big oil’s top call girl Sen Inhofe wants to kill fuel economy backed by automakers, small biz, enviros, & consumers,” Kennedy, a senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council, tweeted Tuesday night.
    The tweet was apparently in response to a letter Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., sent to Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson, accusing the administration of “recklessly” implementing emissions standards for cars.
    Kennedy, an ardent environmentalist, was on President Obama’s short list to head the EPA in 2008. He has also flirted with a possible run for Congress.

    I realize democrats have trouble with real men, but they should know the correct names. Didn’t they go to public schools?

  24. It might surprise some of you, but the majority of women today embrace the freedom that contraception provides to decide when and if to engage in sex and reproduction. Although men have engaged in sex outside of marriage from the dawn of time, they receive a pass, while women engaged in the exact same behavior are labeled as sluts and prostitutes. Compare yourselves with the Islamic terrorists who enforce Sharia law as a means to control women. I see no difference. They subrogate women and say its in the interests of morality. You do the same. And I bet you attend church on Sunday, sitting in the front row while patting yourselves on the back about how holy and Christian you are. What a bunch of hypocrits.