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Obama to Hold a News Conference Tuesday

He’ll be appearing in the Briefing Room at 1:15 pm ET. I’ll live stream it for you.

19 thoughts on “Obama to Hold a News Conference Tuesday”

  1. How low can this ego maniac go. No press conference for months and he picks Super Tuesday to schedule one. Won’t be watching because I already know his game plan. The sycophant press won’t ask him any real questions anyway.

  2. Odds are 3,000,000 to 1 for a announcement that the US will support and offer troops in an invasion of Iran by Israel. Odds are off the board the news conference is a bit to upstage the Republicans.

  3. Unless his appearance includes an apology for all the nasty and hateful unhinged comments by a dozen columnists towards Sarah Palin ..he can pound sand or maybe he’s saving it for the commencement address at Barnard. sarc/off

  4. What a waste of time!! Already know what he’ll be saying–blame the former administration for all the country’s problems, blame the Congress (ignoring the fact that the Senate is controlled by Democrats) for whatever he can’t pin on GWB and his administration, take a few softball questions from his lapdogs in the press and off he’ll go. Since I already know the agenda and his voice has the same effect on me as fingernails on a blackboard, I have other things pressing things to do like cleaning off the top of the refrigerator.

  5. I’m going to speak for her dictator now and let you all know if you tune in at 1:55 with your popcorn, he will be doing his late as usual grandiose entrance.. this 1:15 is for the peasants to have time to escape the clutches of the 1percenters who are holding them hostage with birth control for all.

    1. Chronic tardiness is a classic passive-aggressive move.

      The man is a freakin lunatic. Too bad they don’t do lobotomies anymore.

      1. Hey, give the guy a break ! he’ll probably have to suck down 3 cans of Malt Liquor , “hot box” a half pack of marlburo ,cuss out some measley staffer for choosing the wrong tie ,then jump on a wad of nicorette gum before hittin’ the podium late …. all for a cowardly media that thinks he’s the best thing since msn.
        Meanwhile just outside the confines of his majesty & his court, people
        are suffering… losing businesses & homes.
        Wake up America !

        1. Lolz…but I envision fifteen Nicorette patches…pasted all over his torso…like stickers on an old time suitcase.

  6. So very many questions to be asked…”Mr. President, why do the Republicans HATE women?” or “Mr. Obama, today IS March 6…any hints on when ESPN will be filming you for “Baracketology” this March Madness season?”

    I can barely wait to see which shade of Max Factor he sports (Over worked Pale or White Guilt Tan) or if they resort to Gravitas Gray by Clairol. What an exciting day!!!

  7. So typical of him,but honestly,who will watch it? Most people are either working or sick of hearing the man’s voice.

    On another note,I saw a commercial for Leno with Michelle on again. Who pays for all her jaunts to Hollywood?

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