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Obama Called Fluke but Said Nothing to Tornado Victims

UPDATE – 12:43 pm ET

To my readers:

I have regrettably decided to take this piece down.

The original report said that Obama did not make any phone calls or statements until Saturday regarding the tornado disasters that swept the Midwest Thursday and Friday, when he made three calls to the governors of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

It turns out that I missed a pool report stating that he had called six governors on Thursday, conveying support and expressing condolences.

It is still true that Obama said nothing about the tornadoes on Friday while taking time to phone Georgetown law student and reproductive right activists Sandra Fluke, who had been insulted by Rush Limbaugh. The call was a politically motivated move amounting to an attempt to¬†steer controversy over the Obamacare birth control coverage mandate away from a discussion damaging to the president about forcing leaders of religious institutions to violate their conscience, and instead toward a battle over women’s health rights.

I  believe he should have done more Friday, and probably made a statement himself. The president failed to exercise leadership by at least putting out a statement to the public expressing support for the victims. But I think making a total of nine calls, and most of them as the disaster was happening, undermines the premise of the article, which was that he made little effort to reach out to victims and instead attended to his political business.

My goal with White House Dossier as always is to provide you with real White House accountability that you do not find elsewhere. After much thought, I felt the article could not longer be said to provide accountability, since he had taken the time to involve himself in supporting those incurring the disaster.

I apologize for the mistake.


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  1. That’s ok Keith, and you’re man enough to admit a mistake. That’s a quality your president has NEVER had. The boy does nothing that he doesn’t think will help him somehow. He doesn’t care one bit about the people he claims to, women and minorities, and I think he literally hates white males that don’t work for him. Anyway, even though he’s a piece of shit, you did the right thing, which is something HE will never be accused of doing.

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