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Obama, Bill Clinton, to Have Hands in Donors’ Pockets

President Obama and Bill Clinton will make joint appearances at fundraisers in the coming months, according to Bloomberg News.

Since the bloom is off the rose for Obama, I guess he’s in some danger of being upstaged by the unctuously charismatic former president. But Obama’s fundraising, while good, is not quite what his campaign had hoped, and so a boost of Bubba’s political adrenaline has been ordered up.

Fundraisers are in the works for Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

9 Responses to Obama, Bill Clinton, to Have Hands in Donors’ Pockets

  1. Bubba is NOT a warmup act. I would look for a Democratic version the Sinatra “Ratpack Vegas style” type of show. Lots of fast paced jokes quips and jabs at Limbaugh, Fox, the Repub candidates, Breitbart (RIP), Cantor.
    “Willy and Barry’s Classes at War Tour”

    • The road version would look more like a scene from Rain Man.

      Obama climbing into a Volt: “I’m an excellent driver”.

      Bubba: When did you drive?

      Obama: “I am gonna buy one in five years and drive it.”

  2. In the immortal words of Bill Clinton: “A few years ago this guy would have been serving us coffee”!

    Love him or hate him, Clinton makes Obama look like a dumb waiter!

    Maybe he can teach Obama how to bite his lower lip – Barry looks like a fool when he mimics Clinton! It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, lol!

  3. Wonder what their deal is. Bubba says to Obama, you owe me. I wanna be head of the UN so I will have a chance to be the One World Leader and dude, we can fight it out then.