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Biden Makes the Bumper Sticker

It looks like Vice President Biden may be a keeper.

Biden’s name has taken new prominence on the Obama 2012 campaign website, suggesting there’s now little chance that President Obama will dump him in favor of a more appealing running mate, like Hillary Clinton.

The top of the website now gives Biden nearly equal billing with The One, reading “Obama Biden,” with Obama’s personal symbol separating the two names.

And Biden is now on the bumper sticker, which for some reason features the flag of Luxembourg.

Here’s the bumper sticker

The flag of Luxembourg:

Which begs the question. Is there a large population of Luxembourgian immigrants in Ohio?

33 thoughts on “Biden Makes the Bumper Sticker”

  1. I really thought zero was going to kick this gaffe machine to the curb so they would have a chance of winning the election. Glad to see he didn’t.

    The new bumper sticker has a European flair to it. I guess it was designed to go along with the European socialism and gas prices he is bringing to America…

  2. Just threw up again while scanning this read. The two of them {Obama/Biden} disgust me, the shameless low-life sorry excuses for human beings.
    There I fell better, sorry for the rage, but the two of them still make me sick..

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  3. Rumor has it that the large community of Luxembourgian immigrants were sick and tired of spelling out their last names for official documents so they all went to court and changed their last names to…Smith, Sanchez, or Wong.
    The Obama campaign’s bumper sticker is a secret H/T to the Luxembourgians who hold the key support to MrO’s reelection..

  4. “Is there a large population of Luxembourgian immigrants in Ohio?”

    No, but there are two “douchies” in DC. Oops…should have spelled that “duchies”. Nah, I spelled it correctly the first time. ; )

  5. The new American flag Obama will fly once he completes his dictator-in-chief campaign to destroy us. It will require thousands of government employees to make the new flags which will be made in union-only factories located in Chicago with some of the work shipped overseas to Kenya, be very expensive and last one or two years. Change we can believe in.

  6. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg should sue the campaign for trademark or copy write infringement and libel for the use of its flag’s colors by the campaign. It is a besmirching of the country’s reputation to have to be symbolically tied to the O Team by the use of the Duchy’s flag’s colors.

    Maybe Luxembourg can get Interpol to issue a red notice for whoever came up with the campaign colors.

  7. What the heck is it with these plain flags from other nations. Check out the link Geesh, the United Kingdom has the most ornate one out there and it’s not very ornate at all.

    Believe me, I hate giving President Obama a pass on ANYTHING, but looking at the European flags, it would be hard to choose colors that don’t belong to one of their flags. And what’s up with so many of them looking like wrapped presents missing their bows (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Faroe Islands – who knew they were a nation? – and Iceland, although they at least are a bit fancier).

    Libya has everyone beat, though. It’s green – just green, nothing else. Must be a hard class for kids who have to draw the national flag…

    1. A pox on green flags – Libya probably took their cue from Saudi.

      لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

      There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah replete with sword. How’s that for a statement.

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