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Obama Schedule || Monday, March 5, 2012

9:30 am || Meets with senior advisers
10:45 am || Meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
Noon || Expanded lunch meeting with Netanyahu
3:45 pm || Meets with Treasury Secretary Geithner
4:45 pm || Meets with Defense Secretary Panetta

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23 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, March 5, 2012”

  1. Extended lunch with Netanyahu? No State Dinner, lol? I hope Bibi brings a food taster!

    Another thing….President Putz would not allow an official photo of himself with Netanyahu last year so as not to offend Abbas…will he snub the PM again?

    1. of course he will not do a photo shot with him ,as far as lunch can you say Mickey Ds ,we all know Obozo hates the jewish state and if he did not back them ,he would be impeached ,the up roar would cripple the economy we know this and why is it every standing President has visited israeli since its statehood except (OBOZO) why he hates the jews and always will

  2. What´s going on in Obamas USA ?
    On Drudge Report I read about several young white men who were turned away when they wanted to attend a tutorial workshop for the upcoming FDNY entrance exam. Apparently it was for blacks only. I have read many comments about this and it looks like there are many “blacks only” organizations in the US without much complain from other people. So black discrimination is OK but white discrimination is not ? All are equal but some are more equal than other ? We will most certainly not hear Obama comment on this.

    1. like BET TV all black colleges,black casaus even in our own goverment blacks only groups but let the whites do it and we are called racist you forget Obozo is a big racist also

    2. There have been “black only” organizations, TV channels, beauty contests, etc. because affirmative action has been upheld by the courts for more than 30 years. Affirmative action is legalized racism. It will be going before the Supreme Court again this session in the case of a white female student who was denied admission to UT Austin because of the college’s “diversity” program. Even if affirmative action is nullified the left will find another way to enforce it, because they never ever give up…

      1. I wonder if most people know that in the top schools Asians are 15% or more based on test scores (5% in gen pop). Should that be changed? Should this be a pure meritocracy? That could result in more Asians–see where I am going with this? It is not simple (no, no one said it was simple).

        1. who ever is American and smart enough is ok color does not matter here its called fairness westher your (WHITE,BLACK,ASAIN,AMERICAN INDIAN )or what ever one time when my brother tired to get in the local of electricans the whites had to score a 90 or better while minorties had to score a 70 how is this fair it is not and people wonder why it is the way it is and having a racist president makes it worse

        2. I see no problem with a pure meritocracy. Maybe if we didn’t have the government picking winners and losers, we could clean up the public school systems that have been overtaken by the unions. Whenever the government sticks its nose into anything other than what it is limited to under the constitution, freedom and liberty lose.

          1. I think it should be based on scores and apps, too–not color or nationality–but many people would have a problem with it. Some Asians are Chinese citizens admitted to CA state schools, paid for by state taxes–this has caused issues. But since college may not be appropriate to the emerging economic model or affordable for all, despite what the president says, the professions will be clustered in certain nationalities. This will be a change, although I notice many doctors here in AZ are from India. Did you know there are websites for Chinese applicants to learn how to ace out other Asians at Harvard and the Top 10? And Asians have said THEY are discriminated against and should get more slots. More affirmative action for them, in other words.

  3. for al who realyh want to get sick look up the christmas tree ornaments were the obozs have a picture of MAO on one and look at mount rushmore with obozos head on it what a communist this man is just like his drunken old man was

  4. I hope Bibi really tells obozo to shove it israeli has a right to attack iran if needed and we all know they have the weapons to do it obozois all show he only spoke last night at AIRPC to make it look good most of my jewish friends hate him and say he is a lying cowardand do not trust him at all as faras lunch Bibi should have a food tester before he eats

  5. news flash Muslims destroy grave markers in Libya of world war 2 christian graves will obozo send a letter to the POPE and apoligize for this no good thing it was not the quran ,he would be kissing ass again

  6. The last time I looked this had not been posted on liberal Politico…you posed it yesterday.
    Are they hiding something?

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