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Obama Might Just be Serious About Bombing Iran

As part of the lead  up to his meeting Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the White House, President Obama granted an interview with The Atlantic in which he signalled more forcefully than ever his willingness to take out Iran’s nuclear weapons program with military force.

The question with Obama is always, would he really do it? His comments suggest he would. But not the comments everyone is pointing to.

Here’s the bravado remark that the media is quoting. He is actually saying the same thing he’s always said – Iranian nukes are “unacceptable” – just spicing it up with some machismo.

I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don’t bluff.” He went on, “I also don’t, as a matter of sound policy, go around advertising exactly what our intentions are. But I think both the Iranian and the Israeli governments recognize that when the United States says it is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, we mean what we say.

But what struck me from the interview is that the old 1980s nuclear-freeze era peacenik in Obama is what may save us from the Mullahbomb.

From the Atlantic:

The president was most animated when talking about the chaotic arms race he fears would break out if Iran acquired a nuclear weapon . . .

It will not be tolerable to a number of states in that region for Iran to have a nuclear weapon and them not to have a nuclear weapon. Iran is known to sponsor terrorist organizations, so the threat of proliferation becomes that much more severe.” He went on to say, “The dangers of an Iran getting nuclear weapons that then leads to a free-for-all in the Middle East is something that I think would be very dangerous for the world.”

“Our argument is going to be that it is important for us to see if we can solve this thing permanently, as opposed to temporarily,” he said, “and the only way historically that a country has ultimately decided not to get nuclear weapons without constant military intervention has been when they themselves take [nuclear weapons] off the table. That’s what happened in Libya, that’s what happened in South Africa.”

Obama is a man of strong, even rigid ideologies. He thinks the rich are out to screw the poor. He thinks the earth is soon going to melt every ice cube in the Arctic.

And he thinks he can rid the world of nuclear weapons. He’s even considering slashing our arsenal to a few hundred of them.

A nuclear weaponized Iran is the end of his dream.

I think he’s serious about attacking Iran. I hope he is, because sanctions are unlikely to lead to the Iran coughing up its nukes and agreeing to a verifiable, intrusive inspections regime. Their dream is too close, and the Iranians undoubtedly view their nukes as Allah’s ultimate insurance policy.

The Iranians have their dream, and Barack Obama has his. But Obama has bunker buster bombs.

85 thoughts on “Obama Might Just be Serious About Bombing Iran”

  1. Keith…he might her serious about Iran…but don’t buy into the “I don’t bluff–or cheat at golf” BS.

    Dear Leader’s “Rigid ideology” isn’t the fear of nukes in the hands of the Iranians…no its a fear of him being tossed from the White House (and having the incoming President appoint an Attorney General who might start some investigations. If in the process of taking out the Iranian threat, if he picks up a few votes…so be it.

    I truly believe Duh Won cares not about pesky nukes, the planet or those who reside on it…as long as HE is the center of all attention. The Iran issue? Even a stopped clock if right twice a day.

  2. Call me a cynic, but with the General Election six months away….I do not trust anything that comes out of his mouth! He needs the Jewish vote!

    Who can ever, ever forget his abominable behavior during the Green Revolution! He ignored the Iranian dissidents for weeks! He sided with the Regime! Unforgiveable!

    Ironically, eight days after the Egypt uprisings began….he demanded the ouster of Mubarek. It has been nearly three years since the Iranian revolt…and the Mullahs are still there!

    Do I trust this man, Obama? Not on my life!

  3. That’s some big talk from a little guy who sided with the Palestinans against the interests of Israel, who insulted the PM of Israel, and who has a lifetime bias against Jews (except when they donating to his campaign).

    The biggest threat of an nuclearized Iran is that Muslims don’t regard human life as sacred and that their mission is to kill “all the Jews”. Israel has every right to protect themselves in a proactive action and we should support them for humanitarian reasons.

    1. America has no moral or valid argument against the disregard of human life that Muslims have since many Americans also don’t regard human life as sacred. Thus the murder of over 54 million unborn human babies. Proponents and practioner’s of homosexual sex also don’t regard human life as sacred as the act of sodomy is an act against nature and an act against nature is an attack on the sacredness of human life.

      What I don’t understand is why the overwhelmingly majority of American Jews are both primarily liberal and care little to nothing about Israel. Liberalism is a holocaust against truth, common sense, and liberty. And one would think American Jews would want to stand up and support other Jews wherever they are but particularly in the State of Israel.

      1. It is not just the Jewish faith. It is in many different churches of faith, although I believe many are starting to see the light. Cultural Marxism and Black Liberation Theology go hand in hand. Their converts put their ideology above their religion, to the point where their ideology IS their religion.

        1. Very good, Susan. Yes, their ideology has surpassed their religion. I have always felt that Jews, love them, have a sort of “European class,” feeling a little above all we boring Americans.. They have wonderful taste, great style, don’t want to mess too much with the “small talk” of politics.
          Help me Jewish friends…I’m searching here for a voice for my impressions.

      2. Obama himself s a co ck suc king fu dge pack ing fa gg ot. Google Larry Sinclair. Barry used to blow Larry and take Larry’s co ck in his a ss in return for cocaine.

    2. right on all counts, srdem65. I shudder to think of how a reelected Obama will treat Israel after he’s reelected and the Jewish money and Jewish votes are no longer needed.

      re Iran’s eschatological desires: the Obama regime just doesn’t get it. these people equate Iran with cold war-era Soviet Union, and the Palestinians with the IRA. they don’t understand that to Ahmadinejad, “mutually assured destruction” is not a bad thing.

    1. I’m not quite as confident about that Granny Jan. Where were his anti-war supporters when he bombed Libya? Where were they when he sent aid to the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Mubarak in Egypt? They were totally silent, because their guy was the one doing the warmongering. As far as oil prices, he and his Nobel prize winning flackey Chu want us to pay higher gas prices. Chu even testified before congress to that effect. They want us to suffer so we’ll be forced to buy his crappy electric clown car or turn to their utopian bullet trains and public transportation.

      1. Yes and did you hear that GM is suspending production of the clown car for 5 weeks because of “excess inventory”.
        They can’t sell them, especially at a price tag of $40 grand.

    2. If obumer has a strategy what is it? Making the economy better doesn’t seem to be the reelection path they are on. So perhaps the plan is to continue using fear as a tool to suppress and control us. In that case Iran will be attacked regardless of the risk. My bet is this: Israel is waiting to see if Putin will be reelected (he will be) and then to attack shortly after (days/weeks) if Putin is elected. Else a brief waiting game to see which side of the issue the new Russian pres will be on. Without Russia Iran may capitulate on the nukes. Just IMHO.

  4. Very good analysis, Keith. Now if you can find a spine in the man to accompany the strategic impetus, there might be action. I’m not holding my breath.

    My guess is that his strategy will be to let Israel act first, they in turn get their ass handed to them from a number of different directions and then Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro Obama tries to play hero by defending little Israel against larger nations, all at greater cost to everyone involved than simply taking out Iran’s nuke sites himself. The man is, as we say in Texas, “sin cojones.” Can’t see him making the first move, notwithstanding the gift wrapped, served on a platter, taking of UBL, which had he not done so would have come with a terrible political price if it were leaked that we had our chance.

    Israel’s sabre rattling is coming at an inopportune time for Barry and I bet he lets Netanyahu hear about it today.

  5. wow, almost sounded like a Mitchum deo commercial. Man just oozes macho. Nice to know he doesn’t bluff, notice he didn’t say he doesn’t lie. But I feel so much better this morning knowing Iran has been on double secret probation all this time.

    1. Loved the “double secret probation” reference from Animal House!!
      This menstruation is as effective as good old Dean Wormer.. he he

  6. Why in the world should the Israeli’s put their trust in Obama when by all accounts Obama can’t be trusted to keep his word? Look at the 2008 campaign promises Barack Obama broke? He hasn’t kept his “word” on most of the promises he made to the American people after becoming president. Barack Obama doesn’t have Israel’s back. He’d likely “stab” them in the back instead in my opinion. Obama has already demonstrated he doesn’t really like Israel or Benjamin Netanyahu or Jews in general. Obama wanted Israel to return to pre-1967 border constraints which would have essentially made Israel indefensible from the terrorist Palestinians and Middle Eastern countries which also tend to hate Israel. Obama basically was willing to feed Israel to the “sharks” in wanting Israel to return to pre-1967 border limits. But thankfully Bibi rejected Obama’s decree.

    Just look at Libya as a predictor of an American president who is wishy-washy at best? Britain and France, and eventually the UN assembly, were all in favor of a no-fly zone against Muammar al-Qaddafi, who was brutally murdering thousands of his own people during the Arab spring. What was Obama doing? He was playing Russian roulette with Middle East security by coming out against a no-fly zone around Libya, even as Qaddafi was continuing to brutalize and murder his own people. Obama ultimately realized he was being perceived as a weakling and an enabler to Qaddafi’s murderous rampage. Which is the same way Obama is being perceived right now by the Syrian opposition i.e. as a weakling and a traitor to humanity. Obama eventually, albeit reluctantly, gave in and supported the Libyan no-fly zone. But again, only after he realized that if he didn’t get in line and support the no-fly zone, he would be castigated and derided as a weakling and as an enabler to Muammar al-Qaddafi’s murderous rampage against his people. Britain, France, Italy and the UN were all requesting for a no-fly zone over Libya and they took the lead in trying to accomplish that goal. The only thing that was stopping them was Obama’s refusal to join in. The UN needed the United States’ okay for a no-fly zone (since America is an overriding member within the UN body, but Obama wasn’t willing to do it. But eventually, to save face, Obama finally decided do the right thing and reluctantly gave in to the UN appeal for a no-fly zone over Libya. After hundreds if not thousands of Libyan people had already died.

    I trust Obama as far as I can throw him. In other words, I don’t trust Obama at all! Trust is only gained when a person “keeps his word” and doesn’t engage in lying. Obama has broken most of his promises and he lies to the American people on a regular basis. Therefore, Obama is not trustworthy in my opinion. Benjamin Netanyahu would do well to keep Obama at arms length and not to place his trust in Obama at all. Because Obama simply can’t be trusted in my opinion. And the facts agree with that sentiment.

    The Israeli’s must do what they think is in their best interest(s). If they feel their very existence is threatened by the Iranian regime (after all, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated publicly many times – “he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map” – plus Iran at this very minute is in the process of producing nuclear weapons (yes, it’s true) – which they would no doubt use against Israel at some point, to “wipe Israel off the face of the map” according to madman Ahmadinejad’s own words.

    Israel should instead pray to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob – that Barack Hussein Obama will be defeated by the eventual Republican nominee. Any of the Republican nominee’s (except Ron Paul) would absolutely have Israel’s back and would “fully” support Israel’s endeavor to attack Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities if it ever came down to that. In other words, if every other option on the table has been exhausted and still hasn’t stopped the Iranian regime’s nuclear ambitions. Oh, and don’t worry. Ron Paul will NOT be the nominee. But all three of the other Republican candidates “fully” support the state of Israel and view Israel as a strong ally and friend. And those three Republican candidates i.e. either Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich would no doubt fully support an Israeli attack against terrorist sponsoring Iran and would no doubt work with Israel in every way possible to ensure an Israeli victory. Which would no doubt also include the use of United States’ military hardware and troops in any attack against Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. But if Israel attacks Iran “before” the 2012 election in November, then Israel better hope Obama keeps his word. Just like Obama has kept his word and promises in the past? Oops! A man who was willing to feed Israel to the “sharks” in 2011, is a man who CAN’T be trusted when he says he now has Israel’s back. What a joke!

    As most of us know (except the diehard LEFT who seem to *love* Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions – and radical Islam itself) a nuclear weaponized Iran is simply unacceptable. Israel realizes that fact and the rest of the civilized world realizes it as well. Except perhaps those within the Democratic Party who constantly want to “appease” and “negotiate” with the terrorist sponsoring Iranian regime. As a result, the whole world will almost assuredly continue to reel with economic turmoil and will be less and less safe the longer Barack Hussein Obama stays in the White House.

    Which is one more reason to oust Obama from office on November 6, 2012. And also oust Obama’s Democratic Party cohorts in Congress who have been willing to do Obama’s bidding at any cost. >> To the detriment of the country and the American people needless to say. Whom those same socialist Democrats were elected to serve and protect and uphold the Constitution, but instead, have shafted the American people, denigrated the Constitution, and bankrupted the country under their watch. That includes Barack Hussein Obama obviously too. But that’s what Liberalism ultimately does. It destroys, denigrates, divides, and eventually bankrupts everything it touches. Because Socialism – which is basically Liberalism in a nutshell – and Obama’s “spread the wealth” ideology and mindset – eventually runs out of *other people’s money* and the reason why the United States of America is currently headed off a cliff financially. And yet another reason why Obama needs to be defeated in the upcoming presidential election. Nuff’ said.

    1. She did. He called her to tell her that her parents should be proud of her. Right. I wouldn’t be proud of my daughter if she went before Congress telling the world she is or wants to be a prostitute and wants others to pay for this opportunity.

      1. that testimony was hard to watch. here’s someone who was able to find $65K a year for tuition but doesn’t have $1,000 a year for birth control pills? yeah right. and her arrogant, self-indulgent and self-righteous tone of voice was just grating.

        I am all for women’s rights and women’s health and yes, even access to birth control pills. (of course. it’s the 21st century. that ship has sailed, Mr. Santorum.) but I am NOT for a government mandate that forces religious institutions to go against their principles and our first amendment rights!

        1. Rick Santorum is getting more punishment for expressing his principles honestly than Mitt Romney ever has for his top down government health care program. Just to think back in July of 2009 when my husband I were attending protests against Obamacare, Mitt Romney was writing op-eds in USA Today, urging Obama to adopt his approach of a health insurance mandate rather than the public option they were considering at the time. Romney flat-out lies about his principles and he’s the establishment’s anointed one. Rick Santorum doesn’t believe in birth control and he’s a neanderthal.

      2. She didn’t say she wanted to be a prostitute–just that she thought for some reason the taxpayer should buy her birth control. It was Limbaugh who said women who wanted to have sex were prostitutes if they would not buy their own birth control.

        1. Rush didn’t say that. Did you listen to the show Star? It was hilarious and as a woman I took absolutely no offense to it. When he started talking about Bertha Butt and the Butt Sisters and then played Troglydyte I was rolling on the floor.

          You have to listen to the song to get the image…

          1. Well, golly, I better start listening to this guy then. Can we disagree on this–this is getting boring. I think the guy is a blowhard going for ratings, you like him. That isn’t changing.

  7. Obama wont say anything about the tornado Muslims were killed, and it will interfere with the perpetual campaigning..
    Do not trust Pharaoh Barry, the Dhimmi is up to no good…

    1. I wondered the same thing. 35 people have been killed already. where is the presidential statement? eh, it’s only Kentucky, and “those people” aren’t “his people” as Eric Holder so perfectly put it.

    2. Those are just bitter bible and gun clingers out there in flyover country facing devastation. It’s not like they are welfare dem voters in New Orleans or anything. PRESENT Present-dent Barry Oblamo.

  8. Netanyahu’s very presence is emasculating to Obama. So rather than deal with the matter at hand, Obama is trying to prove that he ‘has a pair’.

    What a sorry foundation for foreign policy.

        1. Rush Limbaugh is a patriot who gives back more to this country and our military heroes than any leftist sitting on their high horse ever could. How soon people forget the _resident calling a large swath of Americans “tea baggers”. Where was the outrage?

  9. Wasn’t it just last year that the Grifters were on their $50M Passage to India tour – the Mooch dancing barefoot for the kiddies, etc….while Netanyahu was receiving a rousing standing ovation on the floor of the U.S. Congress? We had a stark reminder of what it means to be a Statesman vs. an Al Green wannabee! Obama looks like a punk next to Bibi!

      1. thanks so much for posting, Susan. this is hilarious!

        equally amusing is the line below the pictures, which says

        “More photos of Netanyahu from his days with the elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit can be found [link] here. Additional photos of Obama from his dope smoking days are [link] here.”

  10. The side by side photo is priceless, Susan! How is it possible that we ended up with the guy on the right! The only thing that has changed is the hair – he has the Quo Vadis haircut now – but he always looks stoned!

  11. He’s not serious. He just want Israel to mess up his campaign time. He has no intention of doing ANY country work between now and Nv. Not that he has really done anything good for the country brefore now….

  12. O’s comments, that appear to be in support of Israel, are more likely support of Saudi, who have made it very clear that it is they who do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons. The take-a-way quote below is a veiled reference to Saudi Arabia.

    “The dangers of an Iran getting nuclear weapons that then leads to a free-for-all in the Middle East is something that I think would be very dangerous for the world.”

  13. Does he really believe that he can eliminate nuclear weapons from every country in the world? Most countries have them, and many say they don’t. Russia is a good example of avoiding the issue, as are Venezuela and Cuba. It is naive to suppose, as Obama does, that his threats and bombings will flush them out. We know North Korea has them, and it’s silliness on his part to think they will give them up for food…Then there’s China and India, who remain quiet on the subject. Russia and China are not going to let Iran go it alone, guaranteed. In my opinion, it is a stall tactic, holding off to see how the polls look. If re-election doesn’t seem possible, he will pull something else out of his teleprompter…declare war to stay another term, or capture Ahmahdinajad (sp) and call in the photoshop guys to set the scene for his latest accomplishment. He will claim they found nuclear weapons, and he will claim they were going to be used against us. If Israel attacks, then I have no doubt Iran will retaliate. I think he is basically afraid of Iran and wants Israel to make the first move. If he’s not bluffing, then what is it…he doesn’t want the people mad at him and he doesn’t want to take the blame for war with Iran. That’s his pattern, let someone else make the decisions, and when they turn out good, he takes the credit. If they fail, then he is quick to lay the blame on someone else. He has not accepted the responsibility of being president, and the choices he has made have been disasters..

  14. Maybe the Pressintent should visit Israel and get a first hand look at the conditions on the ground. I think he owes them a visit.

  15. Keith,
    Totally off topic but has anyone asked why the POTUS can phone Ms.Fluke to console her over her butthurt while we hear crickets about Middle America being devastated by tornados?
    More importantly what`s his recovery plan?
    Where`s the sympathy and the “by God we`re going to help” speech?
    I mean doesn`t anyone else see this as a no brainer free pass for the incumbent to display a modicum of crisis leadership? Or is this in fact another not so subtle display of Obama`s contempt for the American people?

  16. Lloyd, we desperately need a “Like” button here. Outstanding comments need some way of gathering feedback.

    MaryOhSoContrary, Susan, Girly1, srDem65 and TravisT, consider your posts “Liked”.

  17. I am a young American. I’m 17 and not eligible to vote yet. I support Ron Paul. We are the future. Your time has passed, silly Neo-Cons and Obama voters

    Silly dumbasses. You’ll probably vote for Mitt or Newt or Newt wontcha ?

    1. You just learned to wipe you own butt about 14 years ago, and you come all smart azzed and smarmy. Grow up little man, before you start preaching to your elders and betters who have been around the block a few times. Perhaps a 4 year tour in the miltary will teach you some manners and life lessons.

      Gp away now boy, you bother me.

      1. I wish I could climb through my ethernet cable and beat you…no really, it would be so cool to beat you to death with my skinny fists…
        Lol internet!!!

        1. You are quite the ignorant arrogant little twit. Bring it BOY and I will show you what I learned in 30 years of military service and decades of real life.

          1. Most Ron Paul supporters overall are extremely rude and ill-mannered. The senseless attacks on all other voters, citizens, and taxpayers by Ron Paul supporters just backfires and pisses people off, who will then NEVER support Ron Paul nor even look into his plans and programs.

            Instead of baseless non factual attacks like the 2 Bobs and now “Robert” are engaging in, how about putting together positive talking points on you candidate, and attempt to sway people with reason instead of these stupid attck posts? Unless of course you really don’t support Ron Paul and just want to make him look bad and lose votes – which you ARE succeeding in doing.

            Truth is that while Ron Paul has some good ideas and values, he is unelectable due to ‘some’ of his more extreme views, and his history of verbal and written words that would be dredged up in a general election.

            Rand Paul on the other hand, ‘might’ be electable as POTUS in the future.

            The two Bobs and the one Robert must all be either the same person, or a very dysfunctional and rude family.

          2. I hear you, and understand where you are coming from, but the state of the world we are living in at the moment is a crying shame, and all you can muster up, is indignation about Ron Paul supporters manners.
            You’re a fucking moron.

  18. In the words of Dr Hunter. S . Thompson.. ‘Democracy: 9 out of 10 enjoy gang rape’.
    ‘The difference between jokes and tragedies is that jokes aren’t always funny.’
    I think you know what I mean…

  19. Barack Obama is for Israel bringing the fight to Iran. When it is politically convenient for Barack Obama. And when Barack Obama is in a position to take credit for it, or cover his rear if it fails. One hopes this might be taken care of somehow by someone before Iran actually does do something with its nuclear capability.

  20. “I also don’t, as a matter of sound policy, go around advertising exactly what our intentions are.

    Except, that is, for when the US will depart Afghanistan well in advance of that date.

  21. Iran’s main uranium enrichment facility in Natanz is buried under 265 feet of rock and soil. The U.S. does not possess a bunker-busting bomb strong enough to destroy it.

    Obama blew his big chance to be a hero when he turned his cowardly back on millions of Green revolutionaries and stood with Kommani (sp) nearly 3 years ago! It was an unprecedented act of cowardice….and ended any chance of overthrowing the regime!!! The Green Party was so close – it boggles the mind!

    This is the worst President in history – on every level He (and his teleprompter) should be thrown out of the country on charges of treason!

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