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Obama Wows Congress With Torchy Blues Song

It’s Friday, and so I thought you might appreciate another song from our singing president. I think you’ll admit this is his best performance yet.

I hope you enjoy.

A hat tip to one of our talented readers, who created this and kindly allowed me to use it.

25 thoughts on “Obama Wows Congress With Torchy Blues Song”

  1. I don’t know whether I’m stunned from laughter or at the skill of your unknown reader. Thank you — this made my day brighter.

  2. Wow!!! Your readers have talent, Keith! I have to admit I was fooled for the first couple of bars, lol! When this works it’s way up to the WH, Obama will definitely try to take credit!

  3. He’s pretty good at lip synching…lol…what was hilarious was watching the faces in the audience…Joe Robinette in a daze, Boehner skeptical, TimmyG looked worried, and Hillary was about to cry. Too funny…great job creating this…thanx to the creator for entertaining us. If he really believed it, it would not be quite so amusing…:-)

  4. I am the ghost of ANDREW BREITBART, My people will forward footage of Obama fraternizing with known should be ashamed of yourselves. Goddamned liberals…Robert

  5. Can always use a good laugh. But I am really, really sick of looking at him and hearing him every single day. Only eight more months to go!

  6. Obama’s doing a Putin-next he’ll be out bagging snow leopards or motocrosssing on the Pennsylvania turnpike…
    Hide and watch.

  7. I made a comment BEFORE I heard the song. I thought it might really be Obama singing and I just couldn’t listen.

    But after reading the comments, I listened and laughed so hard!! It was beautiful.

    That’s how bad it is for me.

  8. What a laff!!! The faces just made it sooo much more hilarious! My wife – not a politics maven – got a boot from it!

    Be sure that this gets to the WH press room . . they will laugh in spite of themselves!
    Did Mark Levin, Rush & Hannitty get this???

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