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Santorum’s Contemptuous Certainties

I have strong concerns about Rick Santorum. I believe he shows a kind of intolerance toward dissenting opinion that is unacceptable in a president.

Santorum, for example, has suggested the devil is driving his opponents and compared Obama’s policy choices to the descent into Naziism.

This country faces serious peril. But the premise underlying American democracy is that we have at least some respect for our opposition, some acknowledgement that we might be wrong in some cases. Otherwise, why not a dictatorship?

A true conservative leader who will actually be an effective president must be someone who, like Ronald Reagan, vigorously promotes his principles while appreciating his opponents enough to be able to deal with them and in some cases bring them over to his view.

Santorum is a divisive and smug figure, convinced of the absolute rightness of his cause, and contemptuous of those who disagree with him. He’d be unable to advance conservative principles as president, because he’d be forced to work with people he thinks are evil.

I have a piece running today in Politico that describes why I think this about Santorum. Here’s an excerpt. I hope you have a chance to read the whole thing.

Santorum’s 2008 comments about the devil, which sparked a firestorm after they were uncovered last week by the Drudge Report, are alarming because he connected the devil’s work with Congress — and clearly, liberals in Congress.

Speaking at a Catholic university, Santorum argued that the devil launched his assault on America by first penetrating its colleges. Satan, Santorum said, had started there because he “understood the pride of smart people” — which is that “they were in fact smarter than everybody else.”

From there, Santorum explains, the influence of The Beast extended into society at large, which meant the devil could eventually get into politics — and did.

I know many of you will disagree. I’d love to hear what you think.


72 thoughts on “Santorum’s Contemptuous Certainties”

  1. I don’t want to undercut someone I need to build up tomorrow–but I did think it was funny when Greg Gutfelt said it’s not good to know all of Satan’s nicknames.

        1. In my opinion, we are not hiring a president to get in a cage match with the Devil. Let’s think world economics, oil policy, monetary policy, life stages of the economy, jobs, taxes, entitlements…etc.

  2. I don’t think it’s the biblical “Satan” that MrSantorum is worried about, but those in power over us who have approved the killing of innocents, the attempts to make sodomy acceptable and to attack or ridicule all religions.
    He believes these people are evil and evil is ‘Satan”.

    And, let’s not get into civility or good manners or whatever when we’re talking about politicians. The politicians in power in Washington have insulted and ridiculed every one of us with their vicious lies and accusations.

  3. What is Nazism? National Socialism. Uhhh….if the shoe fits, Obama needs to wear it. We are living in a soft tyranny where the _resident of the United States has taken it upon himself to violate the oath of office he swore on Lincoln’s Bible to uphold — to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    I’ve never seen Santorum act contemptuously against the American people the way Obama has. I’ve also never heard him associate Obama with Hitler. If he did make that association, he’s going too easy on the usurper in my opinion.

      1. Me too, Keith. Obama calls us racists, morons, gun toting bile clingers, and bascially thinks he’s much to intelligent to even be our president, as if he stoops to the job.

        Another name for Satan is Obama, if you ask me. And I’m not religious!!

        1. He also thinks we’re greedy – here’s what he said to the UAW the other day…

          “America’s not just looking out for yourself, it’s not just about greed, it’s not just about trying to climb to the very top and keep everybody else down…When somebody else falters, we try to give them a hand up, because we know we’re all in it together.”

          This is what he thinks of our country. Pure Evil in my book.

    1. I too agree with Keith. I want Mr. Obama to be a one term President period, however, I want a President who is Presidential, bright, business savvy, respectful of others, and yes, someone who may well have to work with people who don’t share his views. This mantra that someone has to be angry all the time, have a fire in their belly… too much. While I respect all of the candidates for different reasons, and I believe all of them have some good ideas and in some cases some great ideas. Unfortunately there will always be negative campaigning – it’s gonna happen in the fall too, but looking beyond that – I’ll vote for the Republican nominee whomever that may be, but my first choice has always been and is Mr. Romney.

  4. I got 3 words for you Keith : Come on Man ! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the evils of our society & especially our govt. There has been an ongoing slide down the slope of goodness in our country heading deeper into a place where as an example, people will watch a 2hr movie full of blood, guts, dismembering and profanity only to step outside & have their hearts broken upon seeing a dog run over by a car ..
    Would you say that a man who lies and deceives an entire country on a daily basis is practicing good or evil?

      1. Or, Mr Koffler, those who make bad policies could be doing so because of the evil intent, such as ‘fundamental change’ which would weaken the United States. Evil is as evil does. No one can look into another’s heart but we can make judgement based on consistent actions.

      2. If people who believe evil things, promote evil things, fight for evil to succeed, even when many others point out the reasons the thing is evil, what do you call them but evil? I say they are evil and are evil-doers.

      3. I am with Keith on this one. Those crazy liberals believe what they are doing is good for us poor stupid common people. They truly believe, as the elitists they are, that they know best.
        I will back ABO, FOR SURE, and am pretty open to all but kooky Ron Paul, too old anyway. But I think the lamestream media is painting and emphasizing a picture of Santorum they would like us to focus on. I personally have heard him talk about foreign policy, economy, less government, and it all sounded fine to me.

  5. This will, perhaps, sound a bit schizophrenic so bear with me.

    I agree with Santorum that there is a fight for the hearts and minds of America, and I also agree that this attack has some very demonic origins. Satan does want to see the “West” or the Judeo-Christian philosophy destroyed. It has been his goal since he was thrown from God’s presence.

    However, I also agree with Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) when he was quoted in the Weekly Standard in June, 2010 that we may need to put aside the social agenda of the conservative movement for a bit. Daniels called it a “truce.”

    Things such as the “Mexico City Policy” and DADT may need to be back burnered until, as the old cliche goes, we right the ship of state (sorry for the cliche Keith). If we do not get this country back on solid footing economically, and in the eyes of the world, it won’t matter one whit what the social issues are. Once America has cleaned its economic and foreign policy houses, then we can work on rolling back the abominations that the Progressive movement has wrought.

    The culture war can be won when conservatives are able to show that individualism, capitalism, and personal liberty and responsibility are the hallmarks of human existence. That also means that conservatives need to ensure that what they do, both publicly and privately, can NEVER thrown in their faces. Like I used to tell my kids, “You want your mom to know you did that?”

  6. Santorum has squandered the good will afforded him of late by ratcheting up the frequency of religious references. While I respect the depth of his faith and vigorously defend his right to practice it exactly as he sees fit, it’s not for everyone, including many independents. I assumed he would have known that and adjusted his words accordingly Why does it seem that some Republicans are so tone-deaf?

  7. Santorum, for example, has suggested … Obama’s policy choices to the descent into Naziism.”

    National Socialism? Huh.

    Obama would never do that!

  8. I agree with you Keith – you said he has a smug look and that’s always what I think when I hear him bloviating. He has a smug, self-righteous look that turns me off completely.

  9. I agree with you, Keith!

    The fact that a sanctimonious, intolerant Santorum got as far as he did is cause for alarm. He is angry man who does not possess the temperment (or brains) to be President! It’s a sad commentary when we have the most radical extremist faux President in history about to take the throne for another four years and there is absolutely no one to grab the reins out of his hands!

    I will hold my nose and vote for Romney or (God forbid) Gingrich – but I will stay home if Santorum gets lucky! We have a choice between leprosy and cancer!

    1. Well there’s one vote Obama can put in his column. I, for one, will vote for the Republican nominee…even if it is Ron Paul.

    2. I would vote for the infamous Seamus (the top of station wagon dog) Romney BEFORE I would stay home. I believe I would crawl over broken glass this November.

      A Santorum presidency would not be the end of the country…but four more years of Obama will end what is left of our Constitution.

      1. Thank you, MaryOSC—
        I have been wondering if I could possibly vote for Santorun (who really turns me off—I am from Pa) and was pretty sure that I couldn’t BUT you just said the magic words “Santorum presidency would not be the end of our country– but four more years of Obama will end what is left of our Constitution”

    3. All of the negative press and coverage is to attain just that result,

      The choice is between government domination and American freedom. The silence of the media reverberates throughout America.

      First They Came for the Jews, attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller:

      First they came for the Jews
      and I did not speak out
      because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for the Communists
      and I did not speak out
      because I was not a Communist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists
      and I did not speak out
      because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for me
      and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  10. We currently have an administration that stood in the pulpit and “preached” divisiveness. We currently have an administration that created AA for Obama and asked them to get their churches involved. We have a TSA that went from Airport security wearing white shirts and black pants to TSA wearing a federal uniform and metal badges now seeking arrest rights and stopping Americans at places other than the airport. We now have an administration that overrides our Constitution, our Congresses, our citizens, and secretly signs over 3 Alaskan islands rich with oil to Russia. We have an administration that is attempting to make active duty (all voluntary) military pay more for healthcare and reducing that healthcare while their civilian counterparts take NO cuts or raises.
    These are just the tip of the iceberg. It is looking like Germany in its formative years. We have a society more concerned with political correctness than equality or morality. We have an administration more concerned with agenda than citizens. Seems there is evil alive and well in America.

  11. I believe Americans can be intelligent enough to discern what Santorum meant. I also believe it is more important to vote ABO than to point out the foibles of the candidates. BO should have been vetted and was not. He should STILL be vetted. Why are all the media so afraid of Obama? He only has the power we allow him to have.
    Let’s turn that searchlight on Obama for a change and give the candidates some breathing room.

  12. “…people he thinks are evil.” Nope. He would be forced to work with people who are under the influence of evil. Big difference, and one he clearly understands. He is not my candidate, but not for this reason.

  13. As a simple Englishman I find, that if true, your commentary utterly terrifying.
    How is it possible that such a person could ever be elected as POTUS?
    If by some mischance it happened then it might signal the end of the Western world, if not the world itself.
    Come on guys, please don’t go there.

    1. Don’t give up sportinlife10. Andrew Breitbart loved to retweet every hateful tweet he got from liberals just to show us all what evil truly looks like. Nothing would make him happier than to know that we’re keeping up the fight. We owe it to him.

  14. Despite anyone’s misgivings about Rick Santorum, compared to BHO, and in a rare exception, I would have to choose the devil I don’t know over the devil I do.

    1. That is the key–right there. Labeling things evil is religion–this is politics, not child torture or wholesale genocide or something innately forbidden and ghastly born of ancient unwholesomeness. Saul Alinsky was a devious organizer who laid out a plan of action people who probably should not get their way have used to get their way–but he was not a fallen angel cast from Heaven.. That is my take, anyway.

    2. Respectively disagree with you both. Religion and morality have everything to do with the founding and governing principles of this country. As far as Saul Alinsky, he dedicated “Rules for Radicals”, the bible of the left, to Satan. In my opinion any “politician” who advocates partial birth abortion, like Obama does, is the personification of evil.

      “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” ~John Adams

    3. Politics and religion must mix if one is serious about either since religion is a philosophy of life and what is politics but the life of society?

  15. Keith a good piece…and re read it…but substituting “Obama” for Santorum. Chillingly accurate to wha we ARE LIVING right now.

    Santorum was my Congressman (I posted here on WD that I imagined he campaigned in Iowa like he did here in PA door to door to door…). Santorum was also my Senator. During the 20ish years he represented PA he NEVER called me RAAACIST, a bitter clinger, too stupid too get my own healthcare needs cared for or even presume to tell me what to eat. He did, pre 9/11, tell me and other constituents about the threat radical Islam proposed to the West.

    One difference though in the re-read…when Santorum appeared at Ave Maria he at least left the Catholic symbolism uncovered. The “free from religion and mentions of Satan” Obama INSISTED that the motto and crucifixes we covered at

  16. As a Catholic, I see Mr. Santorum’s behavior typical of a VERY conservative Catholic. Everything is black or white with no gray areas.

    1. I say amen and amen. Absolute truth is necessary. We are failing as a country because we believe everything false has as much value as those things that are true.

  17. Good story. I felt until recently that Rick was doing this to be ready for 2016 which I thought plausible given his low overall experience. I even thought early on that he might in fact be a viable character in a few years. But, as this season has played out, I’ve come to find Rick somewhat less than I first thought. Your story, while I may find fault with some of your points, I find credible at this point in time. While I wish him no problems I can’t help but feel he may experience emotional damage as this process moves along. At a minimum I’ve concluded I would not support him now or in the future.

  18. Kieth, I agree that we should respect our political adversaries, but I think there are two issues here. One is the use of religious language by politicians to win votes, as well as the secular disdain for religion generally and Christianity specifically. Everyone should be cautious when evaluating politicians who can turn their religious convictions off and on. Santorum, Obama, Newt, and any others should be scrutinized.

    We should not let the irreligious dominate this conversation. Ronald Reagan (based upon his religious convictions) called out the Soviet Union for what it was, an evil empire. That was not terribly diplomatic, but it was certainly true. Sometimes calling evil behavior out is in fact necessary, but it drives the irreligious insane when religious folks do the calling out. Turns out they’re only tolerant of those we agree with.

    1. There was a time that religion, particularly Christianity (at least the Protestant kind) was revered and influenced all of public life. And what has happened since the irreligious have all but banned it? Our elected leaders are mostly corrupt, greedy power-lust dictators. Our economy suffers mainly because the majority are immoral and greedy. Our families suffer because they stopped praying and eating together and believe the lies of the corrupt and the greedy. I argue we need to get back to a religious people before its too late.

  19. I think there are two issues here:

    First, is whether a Christian or Jew believes in angels, demons, Satan. I just wrote a paper on this topic for grad school. There are over 400 verses in the Old and New Testament dealing with this topic. So the question is, if you believe the Old Testament is God’s word, then you can’t deny Lucifer, fallen angels, and God’s angels. If you believe the OT and the NT is God’s word, then you cannot deny the existence of angels, fallen angels, etc. Or, you are nitpicking parts of the Bible.

    Secondly, there is the issue of talking about whether you believe in something as being right, which of course makes others wrong. The ‘truth is relative’ theory of existence. Or perhaps it’s rationalism/naturalism versus supernaturalism. I actually admire Santorum for saying what he did. I still don’t want him to get the nomination, but it’s nice to see someone with the nuts to say what he did.

    So I guess we disagree on this one Keith.

  20. I came back to read more posts…and I am left with a sense of (Fill in Blank) Derangement Syndrome. First cases were aimed at Bush, then Palin…now Santorum. Score another “won” for Obama.

    The “Santorum is sanctimonious” or “Newt has baggage,” “Romney flip flops,” or “Ron Paul is crazy” is a great way to get Obama reelected. And I’m not even a Republican–one those four will have to defeat Dear Leader…and yes I do thinks it’s one of those four–no “Messiah” from on high will enter the race and “save us” (isn’t THAT how we got Barry?)

  21. Santorum ain't the guy

    Yesterday someone posted a hilarious link to a story about Santorum performing an exorcism in the back of a van in a Walmart parking lot. It’s worth repeating because it summarizes in a satirical way how a Santorum nomination would resort in an Obama landslide in November –because religion and family values are wonderful things unless you shove em down people’s throats.

    1. This administration has shoved more down Americans’ throats than any other — ever. This administration has attacked, denigrated, denied, divided, insulted, lied to, and dismissed Americans over and over and no one says STOP. This administration has stomped on our Constitution, laws, media, procedures to institute their agenda and their beliefs.
      The American way is to elect people to offices to abide by our laws and Constitution. This is the United States of America, not the Singular State of Obama. With our voice — our vote — we say STOP — we say NO —. Without the worry of reelection to curtail this administration what is there? We are Americans first —- then maybe ethnic groups or religious or nonreligious groups. It is NOT the United States of African – Asian- Italian – Latin – Islamic- Catholic – Baptist – Atheist, etc America …

      1. And yet how many still wholeheartedly support Obama? You have to consider the fact something is seriously wrong with these people. Could it be their minds and hearts are filled with evil spirits or the demons and fallen angels the Bible mentions have taken them over? What explanation is there when so many people actually want to be slaves?

  22. Keith, please clarify. How do you define ‘devil’? And what is your opinion as to the existence of the ‘devil’? Many thanks, Martha

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  24. Great article. You summarized nearly all of the nagging concerns that I’ve had about Santorum. Not only is he totally unappealing to moderates, he’s a bit scary, even to me, a southern conservative.

  25. I regularly see a car with a bumper sticker that says, “I think therefore I am an atheist.” I take Santorum’s comments to mean this type of “smart” person. The implication of this bumper sticker is that if you believe in God that you are not smart.

    I don’t know this person or her level education but clearly she thinks she is above others. It is this type of pride in what she perceives as her level of intelligence that leaves her open to evil influence. If she doesn’t believe in God then she can’t believe in the devil. If she doesn’t believe in the devil then she can’t believe in evil. If she doesn’t believe in evil then she thinks she cannot be influenced by it, therefore, it makes her vulnerable.

    All of this because of her pride in how smart she thinks she is.

    Just my two cents worth. Make that a nickels worth to account for inflation.

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