As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 1, 2012

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:30 am || Departs White House
12:05 pm || Arrives Nashua, New Hampshire
12:45 pm || Tours Nashua Community College
3:00 pm || Departs Nashua
4:00 pm || Arrives New York City
4:55 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #1; private residence
6:05 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #2; ABC Kitchen
8:20 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #3; ABC Kitchen
9:25 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #4; private residence
11:10 pm || Departs New York City
12:30 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

49 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, March 1, 2012

    • The shame is also on Michelle when she got up there and said “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country”. If she isn’t so proud of America then she can move to her hubby’s country of Kenya, a country in East Africa that lies on the equator.

  1. 12:30 am || Arrives White House

    Good thing the next day will be casual Friday so he can rest up from all the pandering. His face must get tired from all that fake smiling for photos with his big money donors…

  2. Hope he fits time in his busy fundraising scheduel to try to do a bit of President work…..Oh yea wait…wasn’t that from 2:29 til 3:14 on the second tuesday and thursday of every month?

  3. Maybe some one should tell him about the Tornado that went threw the USA and He could go an take a Look see of Americans now suffering????

  4. another kiddie college more kids never adults ,4 fund raisers,is this guy a lazy bum or what good way to start a new month 4 fund raisers this is the most ,bullshit president ever,were is the media on this idiot now the propaganda machine is saying his ratings are up no they our not ,and there cllaiming the economy is better, ya if your a polotican not a hard working american what a FRAUD

    • car in he does not have to fake hes just a born lazy no good bum ,miss the march madness never even if a war started he would not budge from watching Basketball

  5. …so if Obama is out at all these OFF LIMITS/PRIVATE “fundraisers” (where is the investigative reporting on these “fundraisers”?)
    what the heck does the ‘WH press corps’ do/report on all day???

  6. at this rate of fund raiser were looking at over 115 by the end of August not to mention,Golf,vacations, Parties,were is the freaking no good media on this low life ,step up and report the truth our you willing to destory America because of one mans beliefs have you no shame your a bunch of spineless cowards and suck ups ,look at his past who he really is ,and be man or woman enough to tell the truth ,do you really want to see this great country destroyed by this (((FRAUD)))

  7. This stop at the community college is purely for show. Notice he’s only taking a tour, he’s not even “Delivering remarks” there. It’s only to justify taking the plane to NY for the fundraisers.

    • I think the sourpuss face is her normal expression. She only smiles when she’s eating lobster and wagyu beef, drinking top shelf vodka, and mingling with the rich and famous. Looks like they were serving water, “rib-eye steak, potato croquettes, and chocolate creme brulee”, whatever brulee is. Doesn’t look like they had any Hollyweird entertainment to keep her majesty amused.

  8. The frowns are permanent – no amount of Botox can erase them. Her furrows are so deep I wouldn’t be surprised if little critters were burrowing deep inside. And, btw, what’s up with that skimpy dress??? Showing all of that greasy skin is enough to make everyone sick! She is grotesque!

  9. Still focused like a laser on job creation, I see. Is there no end to his patriotism and altruistic concern for the unwashed masses?

    • no he could careless hes a muslim does his name sound American his father and grandfather were muslim the apple does not fall far from the tree look at his 2006 pictures on his visit to Kenya were he was born

  10. this lady wants 4 more years of obozo must be on food stamps,free medical,free rent, free cell phones ,free oil ,if not she has been brain washed

  11. Tonight marks Obama’s 100th fundraiser since April, according to the Daily Caller. Shofar gave stats that Obama had a fundraiser every 1.5 days in February. He would be fired if he worked in the private sector and ignored his job duties like this.