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Obama: Forget Drilling, Inflate Your Tires. Remember?

Now, I just wanna ask you, does this sound like anyone who would ever be serious about opening up new lands for drilling. It’s from the 2008 campaign

Forget the current debate over who is responsible for the growth in the domestic oil supply. It’s Bush, but just forget it for a moment. And think to yourself how many tigers you’ve known in your life who have thoroughly changed their stripes – at least, in a year or two.

H/T to Brietbart TV.

33 Responses to Obama: Forget Drilling, Inflate Your Tires. Remember?

  1. People can change, but first they have to admit they were wrong. I don’t think Obama is capable of even entertaining that idea.

    “Wrong? I’m the smartest man to ever occupy the White House. Just ask the media.” – Barack Obama

      • Slightly off topic but related to how inept Mr. Obama is. I just received my 12% health insurance rate hike for the year. Health insurance rates have gone up for me 36% since he took office, promising how our premiums would go down after passing Obamacare. Has anyone’s health care insurance rates gone down? Anybody?

        • My premiums have also increased astronomically. I am a very healthy female, no meds, and it seems every time I bat an eyelash the rates go up. It is absolutely sickening.

        • And just wait until Jan 2013 when there will be another 3% tax added to your payroll to cover some of the cost to this mess. Just have to hope the Supreme Court Justices can see the unconstitutionality of this mess.

        • Just heard on Rush that Kathleen Supersillyus testified before congress that private health insurance is in a “death spiral”, but it is not the fault of Obamacare. Their plan all along was to bankrupt health insurance companies and make Obamacare our only access to medical treatment. Obama and his minions are all liars, cheats, and thieves.

          • You know what I like telling obamacare advocates? That I can’t wait until i’m paying for their health insurance so I can start telling them how to live their lives. I’m bit of a health nut. I’m usually in better shape than them. They don’t take that too well.

        • A bargain 12% – mine jumped 25%. Let me add that I am a senior, the increase was on my secondary supplemental insurance.Friends with LTC (long term care) insurance have seen their premiums skyrocket 50%.

    • Maybe someone should ask Carney about this ? Haven’t heard Palin speak up yet, so still hoping it’s not true. Not only the oil resources, but what would prevent Russia from building missile bases on those islands?

      Oh, and wonder what department Carney would deflect the question to?

      • someone in the WH “press corps” ask Propaganda Sec. Carney a ‘real-challenging question’…???

        LMAO!!! oh, thats funny… never gonna happen

  2. . Since a lot of city driving is hampered by slow traffic, you can also get better mpg by driving on the sidewalks thereby avoiding traffic jams.
    Maybe taking out the seats to lighten the weight of the car and sitting on an empty 5-gallon bucket would improve your mpg, too. Removing the fenders, roof, trunk lid, and hood would help, too.
    Replacing the gas-guzzling engine with a battery-operated motor would eliminate the whole problem of buying expensive fuel.

    Wait. I’ve just described my handicap cart.

  3. Buzzfeed posted several Obama commercials from his 2008 campaign. The first one is hilarious. “I don’t take money from oil companies or Washington lobbyists…” Nah, he just like to shake ’em down. What was it $20 billion he got from BP? As far as the Washington lobbyists, with all the “fundraisers” he has had in D.C. betcha couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting several of them at one of those shindigs…

  4. Agreed the price of energy is high but, the price FLOTUS’s healthy food is too expensive to bear. Go away Mr. OblameBush…..

    Bumper sticker seen on the Presidential limousine, “My other rear end is Michelle.”