As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Noon || Lunch with the Congressional leadership
8:20 pm || Hosts a dinner honoring troops who served in Iraq; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:30 pm

46 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 29, 2012

    • they our saying closer to 200 fund raiser by the end of summer laser focused on jobs probaly 30 to 40 rounds of golfby theendof summer,and another 30 to 40 White House pimp parties

  1. Let us know if there are two empty chairs at the dinner party; one for those who died in the first Iraqi war and one for those who died in the second Iraqi war.
    Let us know if there will be an empty wheelchair for those who lost their limbs during these wars.
    Let us know if there will be seats at the tables for those who lost their loved ones in these wars.

  2. Another late morning and light schedule. I have to wonder about the menu for the dinner honoring the troops who served in Iraq. Will the food be labeled with red, yellow or green labels like they will be doing in mess halls? Click on the breakfast and lunch/dinner menu links in this article to see the “Garanimals” style labels. Seems like they’d use this in elementary schools, not army mess halls. But what do I know.

    • This is the way that they treat soldiers?

      “In the military we all kind of know red means, ‘uh oh, there’s problems,’” Cable said. “Amber, middle of the road, we’re doing okay. And green is good to go, all is right. We took that same concept and we applied it to our menus.”

      She sounds as stupid as Michelle Obama. This gives me great insight into who is running our nation right now.

      And, who made the money designing and producing these labels? Were they made in America? Who is making money transporting them and slapping them on the food — ???? In other words, who is really benefitting from this puppet show?

  3. …and what does Obama do all day?

    Keith, is anyone in the WH press corps allowed to ask that question…?
    What does the WH press corps do all day if Obama does nothing/hides all day(?), why have a WH press corps if there is nothing to report-question about the Obama admin?

  4. wow can you see this bum with another 4 years this man is just a total lazy bum ,found out yesterday that his administration is building a brand new soccer field at GITMO for the terrorist at a cost of ($750,000)taxpayer dollars can you beleieve this bum

  5. Why doesn’t the White House “press corpse, er I mean corps” ever ask Carney about The Won’s schedule? You couldn’t even call them the lap dog media, you would have to call them the lap kitten media to accurately describe these stenographers.

  6. “Thank you for your service, you guys are great! Don[‘t forget to vote for me…I’ve done so much for you. Now BOHICA, I’m going to take care of those healthcare cost for you!”

  7. Remember everyone we need to talk to people every day and point out what this man has done to America if you do not talk to people they will not know let them know so go out there and talk to everyone we must I repeat must defeat this lying,non American who does not honor are values and way of life if elected you will lose your freedom and much more do not be affaird to step up and tell people the truth ,point out what this man has done NOTHING but hurt America

  8. Just what is Barry going to say to the troops that served in Iraq? That he was opposed to it from the beginning, during it and still is?

    Like others who have commented, is he going to tell them he is cutting their benefits but paying for the new soccer field for the radicals at Gitmo?

    Where’s Mooch?

  9. Another tiring day…plenty of time to work in secret meetings with his cronies (money men) and maybe a game of basketball if the weather is not suitable for golf.

  10. The sheer gaul of these two is beyond belief. One day oh by the way while you serve your country and keep us safe we are going to screw your benefits.
    Next day come over for some leftovers from the cheap Gov’s dinner!
    We need to so I can give more money for exploding Chevy Volts and algae.
    But you know we love you! I am too mad to call them what they are but you know!

  11. Is it just me, or is 8:20 a bit late to “host a dinner”? I know city folks eat late, but most of us in fly-over country like to eat a bit earlier.

    8:20. that’s such an odd time. Are their basketball games or something on?

  12. Gee, strenuous day there.

    I suspect if a reporter ever asked SCOAMF what he does all day that reporter would never be seen in Washington again.

    Wouldn’t you think just one hungry journalist would tackle this story? We get Ulstermann. Where’s the justice?

  13. How touching–“the president” says thank you to our service members while cutting their healthcare benefits. They get paid little enough all ready for putting their lives on the line for this country–and I should know since I am a proud two blue star mom.

  14. Keith — really — what does the President do all day?

    I know he must have other activities that aren’t unusual enough to make it on the schedule. He just can’t spend the day with his feet on the Resolute Desk, staring at the ceiling and scratching himself.

    I’m serious. The daily schedule must be giving a false impression of his level of activity — isn’t it?

    • I don’t see this question as simply snark….I too want to know, what the HELL he does all day?! I do not recall any president who consistantly did NOTHING, all day, every day. In all seriousness, he has spent more time hosting sports teams and campaigning than he has governing.
      No matter how lame some of our former presidents were, they at least gave the appearance of having a work ethic….this poser has no ethics, much less one concerning work.

    • You know, I’ve been saying I can’t wait for the tell-all book. Now I’m afraid there really is nothing to tell if he’s just napping on the couch all day watching ESPN.

    • That’s the problem we don’t know what he does if anything all day. We
      don’t know about his past his health or anything else. And I feel sure
      the zombies in the MSM know some but will take it to their grave. We
      don’t even know if any of the travesties he’s done we’re his ideas or
      he just reads them off the prompter. Who,knows who pulls his strings?

  15. As a citizen and a taxpayer I demand yes demand a answer to what this lazy slacker does all day he works for meand you remember and as far as the panty liberal press,they should be ashamed to covering up this fraud of a president there has never been such a lazy man in thewhite house like this evenJimmy carter was active for gods sake does Obozo think we owe him because hes Black well Mr Slacker we do (((NOT)))its about color its about who you really our

    • girly1 come on Obozo throw a dinner a the Jewish leader when pigs fly we all know he hates the Jews and the English empire just like is Drunken,woman beater father,and yes his old man was 100% communist also look it up people the apple never falls far from the tree does it OBOZO

  16. deniro — There will never be a State Dinner for Netanyahu – Obama doesn’t recognize Israel as a State. Netanyahu will end up in the kitchen dining with the servants!

  17. Why would any military person in their right mind want to have dinner with the fraud-in-chief who is looking to cut their pay; their benefits, etc???

  18. Would love to be a fly on the wall to hear if MO tells them “Don’t worry, you’ll be a vegetable guy soon.”

    Tell her to stick her veggies where the sun don’t shine!