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Arne Duncan’s Houdini Hoops

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan may be shamelessly circumventing Congress by allowing states to opt out of No Child Left Behind as long as they embrace President Obama’s education policies.

But he sure can play basketball. Take a look at this.

Obama plays with Duncan regularly on the weekends. POTUS is either getting the kid gloves, or he’s got game. I suspect the latter, since they played before Obama went prime time politically.

H/T to Fishbowl DC.

8 Responses to Arne Duncan’s Houdini Hoops

  1. But didn’t Obama take a shot to the face during one of his “pick up games?” If I remember correctly he ended up with a bloody nose. He can’t be that good if he couldn’t dodge an elbow.

  2. Is it possible to measure the extent of one’s education, probably not. No child left behind has done just that, left millions of children behind. The top has been pulled down to accomodate those who for whatever reason cannot make the grade. Why should many be made to suffer because others falter? Good intensions with extensive ramifications.

  3. Well, if playing basketball well doesn’t qualify you to be first, the Head of Chicago’s schools, (failing then, failing now) and now the o’s Secretary of Education, I don’t know what does.
    In the words of Bill Ayres, “Is this a great country or what?”