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Michelle Lets Governors Gorge on 2,000 Calorie Dinner

The White House Sunday epically failed to practice what its first lady preaches, serving the nation’s governors a more than 2,000 calorie dinner even as Michelle Obama traverses the country promoting health eating.

While Michelle lectures children to cut out the fat and eat their vegetables unadorned with caloric sauces, she served the governors – who are in Washington for their annual meeting – a feast that included adipose-marbled steak, vegetables slathered with dairy enhancements, and dessert.

The White House has proposed mandating meals for elementary school kids that include none of these items, or anything like them. Here, for example, is the Wednesday lunch from a proposal on the White House website.

Chef’s salad: (1 cup romaine, .5 oz low-fat mozzarella, 1.5 oz grilled chicken) with whole wheat bread
Soft pretzel (2.5 oz)
Corn, cooked (1/2 cup)
Baby carrots, raw (1/4 cup)
Skim chocolate milk (8 oz)
Low fat ranch dressing (1.5 oz)
Low fat italian dressing (1.5 oz)

Here’s what the governors got:

Garden salad
Bread and butter
Ribeye steak 12 oz
Creamed spinach
Crab mac and cheese
Pear tart with ice cream
White wine

Based on conservative estimates of caloric totals for each of the items that found their way to the governors’ plates, and assuming consumption of a single glass of wine from the bottles that were placed on the tables, the total intake amounted to about 2,250 calories.

The recommended intake for an adult male during AN ENTIRE DAY is about 2,500 calories. For women, it’s about 2,000 calories.

I hope the White House included a note on its invitation to the governors to fast until dinner.

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    1. Actually, SOME Western Christians observe Lent, but the item fasted is left the the discretion of the participant. One could have well eaten everything on the menu, provided a particular item did not violate their fast.

      1. Actually, there are more Roman Catholics than all other Christian denominations combined, and observation of Lent is central to the Catholic faith, and fasting is a mandate to Catholics. So yes, one can accurately say MOST.

          1. My my, aren’t we the non history knowing jackass christian. Learn your history. Most all christian rituals were stolen from paganism. christmas was the winter solstice, easter was the spring solstice, etc…

          2. Spring solstice? Lacking an understanding of the word ‘solstice’ makes your argument seem silly and uninformed. Solstice refers to the Sun’s position in the sky at its extremes to the north and the south. It happens twice annually, marking the longest and shortest daylight hours.

          3. So you want me to take your claims of paganism as totally real and 100% verified.. but Jesus is a questionable character and you can’t give the same consideration?

            Yeah, thanks for clarifying not just that you’re a jackhole, but what kind of insufferable prig you really are. It helps.

          4. Aren’t you the tough guy on the internet. At least we know your real. A real functioning retard. Congrats…now go attend your special Olympics and get that trophy for best drooler.

      2. Ever notice how non-christians try to educate Christains on their religious practices. Almost as funny as when MSLSD and the Communist News Network (CNN) try to tell conservative repulicans who their best candidate is.

    2. Lent is a 40 day period between Ash Wednesday and Holy Friday. The 40 days is tied to Jesus’ 40 day fast in the desert. However, it should be noted that Lent is actually a 45 day calendar window. To get to 40 days, the Church does not include Sundays in the fast.

      When your Catholic friend tells you he gave up ice cream for Lent, don’t freak out when you see him eat ice cream on Sunday. It’s perfectly acceptable.

      1. It is preparation of the heart for Easter…a time to reflect and say to one’s self…I just won’t…for this small period of time, that I might better understand sacrifice.

        And we know how MOOch is all about sacrificin’, as long as its someone else doing it.

        1. “And we know how MOOch is all about sacrificin’, as long as its someone else doing it.”

          Exactly right. Mooch and her co-moochin’ husband are all about do as I say, not as I do. That, and, “fork over your money — now — or else.”

      2. Is it perfectly acceptable to give up something so trivial as ice cream considering what jesus went through. Oh go pat yourself on the back, jesus is so proud of your ice cream sacrifice….what a joke

    3. The Obamas aren’t Christian. They are devotees of Marxist Black Liberation ‘Theology’ as preached @ Trinity Church, you know, the “church” where Obama purports to have slept through every sermon for 20 years and yet named his book, “The Audacity of Hope” after a sermon ranted by co-Marxist, his good buddy “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright.

  1. Well, at least they’re consistent hypocris! No Wagyu Kobe beef for the governors?…just cheap ‘ol Ribeyes…

    Do as I say; not as I do.

      1. They don’t like most of the Govenour’s so why give them anything but
        cheap cafeteria food. Now if it was someone who hates us it would
        have been white tie and Wagu all the way with Truffles too:-)

    1. Crab mac and cheese is Moochelle’s idea of jazzed up soul food. And the combination of two creamy sides is also bad form. A culinary faux pas of epic(urian) proportions – 2,500 calories worth, me thinks.

    2. You make a good point. Seafood and Cheese typically don’t go well, Maybe crab and cream cheese. I have a lot of sauteed fresh spinach but don’t think I’ve ever had it creamed. Doesn’t sound too good.

      Now, I do enjoy a nice, greasy rib-eye! Seems odd they served white wine with it.

      But the whole menu seems unnecessarily fat laden for one coming out of an organization preaching nutrition. And the foods don’t sound too complimentary. Maybe it was a choice of ribeye OR mac-n-cheese.

  2. The true secret is out on the Obama food agenda.

    Starve children with crappy lunches and dinners so that as they grow up they are too weak with hunger, and lack the needed calories to be able to work and produce for the country.

    Feed visitors to the WH high calorie, high fat foods to cause them to have coronary artery disease and die early, thereby removing any opposition to the regimes plans and designs to destroy the nation.

      1. He didn’t have much to work with, it’s a pretty lame menu.
        creamed spinach, mac n cheese which has cream in it and top it off with……wait for it, wait for it……………..ICE CREAM!
        I would have been puking my guts out with that combo of food.
        Just who serves white wine with a ribeye?
        The crab, sans the mac n cheese, should have been served as a salad and that should have had the white wine.
        As for the “chef’s salad” for the kiddies, that’s not a chef’s salad, a chef’s salad has julienne turkey, ham, swiss & cheddar, topped with a hard boiled egg.
        Maybe moochie should bring home menus from all the high $ places they eat on our dime and use those menus as a guide.

      2. Perhaps you can read a “better” article about it elsewhere?

        Oh no, probably not. Because Keith is one of the only people with the spine to bring it up.

        Go fly a kite with a hole in it…..

  3. What a horrible person she is. How dare she suggest that school children might benefit from a healthier intake of food. How dare she serve adults (who can make their own food choices) something a little indulgent at a festive dinner. I think she should be impeached immediately and a probe should be launched into her obviously subversive motives.

    1. How dare our betters dictate how we live, while doing the exact opposite. Take fancy vacations while lecturing us on “shared sacrifice.” Commands the car companies make compact, green vehicles, while they drive around in buses, SUVs, and jetting around the country. And lecture us on how fat we, and our kids are, while dining on Lobster, Kobe beef, an Mac n cheese.

        1. Someone should “insert” something into all the teabaggers and “lunch” them into the far reaches of the universe, never to be seen and most importantly, heard from again!

    2. I think she should be impeached immediately…

      Trouble with that scenario is that she was never elected. She uses the power of her husband’s office to lord over us.

      1. I’d settle for immediate hanging vs impeachment. It’s her cretinous hubby that needs impeachment proceeding to begin. Once he’s convicted of high crimes, misdemeanors, and treason: THEN he can be hung.

        1. Well now, THAT should get the attention of the Secret Service. It is people like this poster that have driven me away from the GOP. Radical hatred, without civil discourse has stolen all of the legitimacy of the conservative movement. it is sad to see its demise.

          1. If THAT is the reason you left the GOP, then you were never a conservative anyway, so good riddance.

            THAT my friend, is just a lame attempt to silence thoughts simply because you don’t agree with them. Why! I’ll take my football and GO HOME!!! Yeah yeah yeah, get going already!!!

          2. Why would you agree with a comment made by someone who wants to hang another human being for nothing? What else would you call such a statement? A well thought out comment.

          3. If Obama tried to subvert the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution with Fast and Furious, and it is looking more and more likely that the orders came directly from him to Holder….that IS INDEED A TREASONOUS CRIME.

            TREASON is real and if he did commit treason…golly….well YOU look up what the punishment for that is.

            No need to threaten the thought police. The other poster was just pointing out a reality–hanging is the punishment for treason.

            “Civil discourse”? GMAFB! The Left only squeals about civil discourse when a Conservative has the nerve to point out reality re: the Obama regime….or mention another reality: His beard, Moochelle is a beast of a woman that shoves as much as she wants down her throat, but thinks she is in charge of what her “subjects” eat.

            Lots of us do indeed hate what Obama is doing to the country. Sue us. We still have freedom of speech and a lot of us have decided to get the word out about Obama–since the MSM are sitting on all his little secrets: How he got into Columbia with crappy grades; How he got to be on Harvard L/R then president of HLR without writing anything but 2 embarrassingly bad poems and one lame letter to the editor of the Columbia magazine; Ayers wrote Dreams and Favreau wrote Audacity; he has a long and storied past of male sexual relationships but portrays himslelf as the doting father/husband; Michelle got that $300,000+ job as a pay off when Obama got the U.S. Senate seat. Oh, and why did she give up her law license after 4-5 years? Curious minds want to know. Why are his scumball Aunt and Uncle on the dole in the US, while being here illegaly? Why does Mr. “Share the Wealth” not help out poor bro George that lives in a mud hut on $100 per year? Just who is visiting the white house? Transparent….NOPE.

            You were never in the GOP. Vote for Obama. He will be fired and then you can come back here and squeal about this being RACIST! Nobody cares what color this POS is….your race card has been DENIED!

    3. You want to reduce childhood obesity? How’s this for a couple of ideas.

      1. Bring back mandatory gym class for all kids K-12. Have them run around a gym for 55 minutes playing b-ball, flag football, volley ball, track, etc. Most schools today do not require the PE classes like I had to endure for 12 years. In high school we had PE EVERYDAY! My senior year it was the first class of the morning. GOD THAT SUCKED! Oh wait a minute – requiring kids to participate in any competition might hurt their feelings or they might bump their little heads or knees on something. Can’t have that – WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN!

      2. Since this administration is so damned gung ho on controlling so many aspects of our lives, how about they ban homes with children under 16 from having X-Box, Play Stations and the like. While were at it, make it mandatory for all homes with school age children to disable TV while school is out.

      The problem is NOT diet, but a lack of movement. Let’s not forget Newton’s first law: “Lex I: Corpus omne perseverare in statu suo quiescendi vel movendi uniformiter in directum, nisi quatenus a viribus impressis cogitur statum illum mutare.” Or a body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by another force.

      It’s not just kids are eating crap at school that is making them fat, it is parents that take the quick way out regarding feeding at home. McDonalds four days a week does not make for a healthy child. Perhaps we need to ban all children from eating any fast food while at home. Let’s ban chips and soda and candy while we are at it.

      Or we can just get our kids off the couch and floor and toss them into the back yard to play with the dog, mow the lawn, shovel snow, and generally do what my generation did as part of a household. I do not want and will not accept this administration’s demands that I eat, sleep and act they way they want. It’s MY E’FFING LIFE! Let me live it, and leave me alone to make my own choices, and the choices for my children!

      1. I couldn’t have said it better myself!
        When was the last time a kid knocked on your door and asked to cut your grass or if you had some chores he could do?
        I live in a small town and from time to time could use a little help with the yardwork, you think I could find someone? Not on your life.

        1. Same here in AZ–no one to be found…The guys who come by in a truck you could never afford and tell you your yard sucks want $60 for a job I know takes 15 mins (weedeating part of the front).

      2. Don’t forget recess.(I remember freezing my butt off here in the North East. You went outside no matter what the temperature was,and when I was little,only skirts were allowed on girls. You ran to keep your legs warm) Some schools cut that out too. And if you do get let out,forget tag,or dodge ball. Someone may get injured.
        They might want to stop snacks in school also. The only time I got a snack was in kindergarten,after that unless there was a party,you ate lunch and waited to eat at home.

        1. MT for re-redistribution

          Yep, they don’t send the little tubbies out for a recess, so they naturally get jumpy, then, wow, they all have ADD, so they dope them, then they get fatter cuz they’re so lethargic they can barely keep from drooling…

      3. “Since this administration is so damned gung ho on controlling so many aspects of our lives”

        Except they haven’t controlled a single aspect of anyone’s life that I can think of. Making healthier dietary guidelines for PUBLIC schools is a far cry from coming into your house and shoveling spinach down your throat.

        1. Yeah, it’s a blame it all on Obama-fest. All first ladies have had some involvement in children’s issues. Everyone says, “let us tell our children what to eat, why should it matter to the big bad government.” Well, it matters to the government because the government through taxpayers ends up paying for a lot of healthcare for bad choices and habits started in child and young adulthood. And you may know how to feed your children a balanced diet but a lot of people don’t and if it weren’t for school food programs there are many children who would never have a balanced meal. Also for all of you who complain about paying taxes, your taxes go into school food programs—what is wrong with protecting your investment and making sure that the money is used wisely and equally for all children. Also as far as the Govenor’s Dinner I agree Chris Schacherer—they are adults, at a YEARLY event.

          1. Tell me how someone elses kids are my investment? Yeah yeah, they’re our future schoolteachers, scientists and astronauts.. They’re also our future murderers, rapists and thieves.

      4. Yes as an old girl who survived gym class they need it back. I survived
        the following.
        Medicine ball
        Rope climb
        Pommell horse
        Endless running outside and warmup exercise
        Dodge ball and metal jungle gyms in grade school and yes I fell but
        I guess we had harder heads in the 50’s.
        Everyday in a horrible red gym suit in HS and then shower and continue
        to the next class yes it was a required class with a grade.

      5. Simple logic is usually the right solution, great post. I watch kids today and I’m appalled at what I see. They seem listless, depressed, they are predominantly morbidly obese, and are either jammed up little ADHD monsters or are looking for the nearest sharp instrument to hurt themselves. If you look at the fat and troubled kids it all boils down to bad parenting from mostly single parent homes with no role models around and no one telling them to go out and run around the back yard and explore life. You can’t live life with your head buried in a computer screen and expect to be a well rounded individual.

    4. Yeah, and if she were a Republican, you (or someone like you) would be screaming “hypocrite”, so be quiet and give us our chance to yell it for a change.

      1. What is your point? I am what some would call a conservative libertarian. The government does not belong in my wallet nor my bedroom. I am willing to pay for services that the government provides, fire and police protection; streets and sanitation; protection from enemies foreign and domestic; the safety net for those who truly need it. But I am not willing or wanting to pay for a study of how college students do academically when they have spent the night smoking blunts and playing quarters, or some other such stupid research.

        1. Shofar:
          Glad to know another conservative libertarian.
          ITA with your points of government not belonging in your wallet or bedroom. I would also like them out of my food chain.
          Stay away from our restaurants and stores.
          We are the best able to choose what we want to eat, portion size, and time of day for eating.

          1. So ironic that Dems want our money, and the GOP wants to tell us who we can sleep with and how.

            How about government just do what they are supposed too. Protect the people from violence and theft (fraud). Keep it to those things and we might actually not go bankrupt.

            Okay, I will throw in provide a safety net for those that TRULY need it. There are some that do, but not junkies and people who refuse to take their medications to stabilize their moods.

          2. Shofar, I agree with most of what you say. Just one difference. I don’t care who you sleep with, just so you don’t force me to think it’s normal or that I have to accept it as normal or have to let you have “Special Rights!” just because you choose an alternate lifestyle. Do what you will, leave me alone and don’t force me to have to like it and we’ll get along just fine!

          3. HD – I don’t have an alternative lifestyle, nor do I condone it. I believe firmly in the Scriptures and what they teach about alternative lifestyles. I just don’t believe that the government has a right to tell me what and how I should live my life. Nor should they be telling anyone else for that matter. As to special privileges, the only ones who should be getting those are people in wheelchairs when it comes to parking. And that’s about it.

          4. The GOP DOES NOT tell anyone who they can sleep with or when. They don’t want to call it normal or have the rest of us pay for your choices through birth control, abortions, or health care. Pay for dam selves and live with the choices you make. That is what the GOP stands for.

    5. Do as I say not as do “sniff sniff”. Let them eat cake “sniff sniff”. Eat your peas peasants “sniff sniff”.

      Her Royal Thigness, Queen Mooch More. All bow down, all hail King Barry and Queen Moochelle.

    6. Chris
      If only we could….now if someone could tell MOOch that she is:
      1) not an elected official
      2) entitled to exactly nothing aside from the normal FLOTUS perks
      3) not a fashion icon ( disaster is a better descriptive )
      4) needs to act, at least upon occasion, with the decorum fitting her station.
      5) is only the wife of a politician, not royalty.

      If it were only a case of “something a little indulgent” most of us would not take issue, unfortunately it is daily and obnoxious. Deal with it Chris…she is an embarassment and I , personally, cannot wait until the moving vans show up to take her back to Chicago.

  4. Silly Keith. The diet of gruel and twigs is for the small people. In Obama’s world of class structure only the elites will be allowed to partake of fat-laden tasty meals. We keep inching closer to a scene right out of Soylent Green.

    1. Unfortunately too many people of this current generation have not read the book or even seen the movie. They have no idea what you are talking about.

      Det. Thorn: It’s people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They’re making our food out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us like cattle for food. You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!
      Hatcher: I promise, Tiger. I promise. I’ll tell the exchange.
      Det. Thorn: You tell everybody. Listen to me, Hatcher. You’ve gotta tell them! Soylent Green is people! We’ve gotta stop them somehow!
      Soylent Green – 1973

      1. LOL – I just watched Soylent Green Friday night! What a 70’s time capsule. and the babes as ‘furniture’! Meanwhile, I’ll stick with the Soylent red or blue.

    2. Everyone should watch Soylent Green – it’s exactly where America is heading under the incompetent squatter in the Whitehouse. Whoever made the picture years ago sure had an insight into the future under obozo. I just hope I don’t get any crackers made of obozo, piglosi, greid, rangel, holder and frank.

    3. It was recently revealed that Pepsico is doing experiments using aborted fetal tissue as flavor enhancers. I do not know yet for which product, but Health Ranger revealed awhile back that pepsico has been exposed for that use of aborted fetal tissue. I no longer buy any of their products.

      1. Ummmm…why yes, we’ve all unfortunately been subjected to massive amounts of photos of her “fit” body.

        What do you think those hips are? I’m guessing 50″…the thighs are as big as my waist.

        The boob belt that highlights the gigantic arse….the media says this and the itty bitty sweaters are quite “fashion forward”. Bwahahahahhaa! The pants are too tight and pull like they are about to burst. Quite the “fashion icon”. Uh huh.

        Oh and the VPL…sessssy! No wonder Barry goes for the boyz.

  5. Just more hypocrisy from the Obungholes. Do as we say, not as we do. Excoriate the rich while soliciting the rich for donations and living the high life. These people are the epitomy of the entitlement mentality.

  6. Sounds like a menu taken from the local Denny’s. My bet is every governor who attended wishes they had declined, as had AZ’s governor Jan Brewer.

    1. I LOVE that Gov. Brewer had the b*lls to decline the invite.

      She may not be the most eloquent person, nor have an Ivy league background….but she is brave, uses common sense and tries very, very hard to do the right thing under very difficult circumstances.

      That POS Obama and “his people” Eric Holder are suing our state for trying to protect it’s borders–following the US Constitution–which Obama has disdain for. The AZ border is a frightening place and, may I add, it is being RUINED with trash, dirty diapers, etc. A beautiful are being utterly destroyed. Not to mention the poor people that are being harmed by the coyotes/smugglers that are evil incarnate. Obama DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. Brewer cares about the plight of the illegal immigrants and common sense dictates that you secure the border COMPLETELY so the illegals no not to attempt to cross.

      Gov. Brewer is a stand up person with a great deal of integrity. Obama is a fraud in more ways than one and he and his wife are low level grifters from the cesspool of Chi politics. I can’t wait until they are FIRED.

      1. Had the same thought…I am a Chardonnay person but on those very rare a occasions that I can afford a good steak I will have a Cabernet or Merlot.

  7. Hurry November 6th so we can send King Obama and his band of thieves packing. What a disaster this man and his administration have been. Meeshell is as big a hypocrite as the rest of them.

  8. That is the way it should be, the intellectual, socialist elites should be served the best, while the rest of us sub species should be dictated to what we should eat, so that we are more productive workers. They should also legalize drugs so that we become even more mindless so that we will not see or hear about such opulence. This way we will not strive to have more than what is to be dictated to us. We should all bow down and thank the One that has led us out of the recession, lowered gas prices, and lowered our dependency on foreign oil and fossil fuels, built a green energy industry on inexpensive renewable energy, prevented global climate change, along with ending crony capitalism. We need him to rule as he should! Let’s end the two term limits for the presidency.

    1. LOL! I agree. I have actually been thinking about voting for him, he is doing such a fine job! Also, think it would be fitting for him to still be in office when the current small bubble bursts and we have totally uncontrollable unemployment and inflation… Of course, he would just blame the “Obstructionist Republicans”, never even think of taking responsibility for his mess.

  9. Aren’t we used to this by now? I’d be more surprised if guests to the White House — who aren’t there only to be used as props — were served something healthful.

  10. The American people can’t wait to serve this elitist hypocrite her eviction papers come November. EIGHT MORE MONTHS!!!!! Everyone get fired up!

  11. Do as I say, not as I do.
    Moooooschle could afford to shed a few pounds, especially in the trunk area.
    It still cracks me up that she is telling everyone how and what to eat while she packs it on.
    Keep digging Mooooochele, keep digging.

  12. Another party at taxpayer expense, while ordinary Americans do without and just days after she said “If any family in this country is struggling, we cannot be satisfied with out good fortune.” Seems to me that Mrs. O is extremely happy with her good fortune and intends to exploit it for all we’re worth.

  13. Why waste good crabmeat in Mac and cheese. You should never use cheese on good seafood, it takes away the good flavor! ANd most Christians do not eat meat on Ash Weds. Typical Liberal ideology though, do as I say, not as I do.

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  15. A dinner worthy of Apicius and Petronius, Arbiter, of old Rome.

    Notorious moments in history: Emperor Nero is called from a sumptuous dinner to observe that Rome is burning. He demands his lyre and sings over the crackling flames of the inferno. Everyone knows the story.

    BHO is our first *black* president. Is it a coincidence that the Italian word for “black” is NERO? Would you say this idea is not valid because Obama is really our Emperor Claudius, who was Nero’s predecessor?

    Tiberius -> Gaius “Caligula” -> Claudius -> Nero Germanicus -> Galba (first of the military emperors) Nero was the end of the Claudian line.

    Nah. Just coincidence.

  16. I, too, am concerned about crab mac and cheese–sort of milky and creamy–and crabby–my sibs and I used to kid about fish sherbert and how disgusting that sounded. It was the family grossout.

    1. Unabashed Doctor Who plug coming.

      The eleventh Doctor needed “fish fingers and custard” to get over his regeneration. Now that is gross!

      For those not familiar with British “cuisine” fish fingers are fish sticks here in the States.

  17. Michelle: Don’t forget to eat your veggies… hey where’s my lobster ettuffe’!

    Obama: The world is in a global warming crises we have to tax the air you exhale and you might want to ride a bike to work… hey honey what say we jump on a 747 to go have dinner in Chicago!… or how about a shopping trip to Paris and London for you and the girls… go ahead and take a quickie ski vacation to Aspen here are the keys to Air Force Two!

    These people really do disgust me. According to them some animals are more equal than others.

  18. practice,practice,practice. not what you would think. it’s what the fools eat. one of those mom’s who’s child was not given a fresh veggie, should, be on any news station, youtube, screaming bloody creamed spinach. who do these people think they are? a photo op for school kids and air force personel……barrack is not going to let you eat like this anymo…… geez, really is old. I mean it;s so f ing old. get on that 176,000 per hour airplane and just keep refueling…..we are sooooo tired of you! we here it would pay to keep a plane up there just refueling your azz. a man without a country…you have heard of it haven’t you?

  19. It’s amazing that this was the best menu they could come up with for the governors. All that dairy – creamed spinach, mac and cheese, ice cream… If this is how MO and BO eat, they surely have no place telling anyone else how to eat or how to feed their kids. And that school lunch menu really is bad news.

    1. I guess White House chef Sam Kass of the gleaming head was on the road traveling on the taxpayers’ dime telling everyone what a great mind Michelle Obama has.

  20. Why must perfection be the end point when someone is giving advice or trying to pass on a message. That is the problem with the world today. If you give advice or have a view if you don’t meet the standards of that view to ultimate perfection articles like this get written and the cries of hypocrisy ring throughout the land. The problem with todays obesity is the amount of poor food choices being made. Day in and day out eating a dinner like the one Michelle served is detrimental. I think we ALL know that and I am not saying anything profound….except lighten up.

    “A person who has never made a mistake, has never done anything”

  21. Where does it say that the governors had to get a serving of everything on the menu, and lick their plate clean?

    The “get some of everything on the menu” and “clean your plate” mentality is what got Americans fat in the first place (along with no gym class, and 40% carbs in the food pyramid).

    FYI, the recommended intake does not take into account the amount of exercise that a person performs. A 10-mile-a-day runner has to eat an extra 1000 calories just to maintain weight.

    1. Oh crap. The fatness of Americans has to do with taking PE programs out of the schools, using television as a babysitter and the huge restaurant portions and super sized menus that the restaurants are serving.

    2. How many of the governors do you think run 10 miles a day. Also, I would imagine most of the governors are in an age bracket where their own doctors would recommend a much lessor caloric total per day, and I doubt the majority of them are much more physically active than the majority of the rest of us. And a fat laden 12 ounce steak is seldom recommended for anyone these days. Tasty, desirable, but not considered to be good for you. OK unless you keep harping on other people to eat more healthily, such as Ms Obama does.

  22. So…what’s the story?

    I never recall the get fit initative mentioning anything about banning high-calorie foods…it’s about moderation and exercise.

    If the meal would have consisted of nothing but veggies, she’d then be the veggie socialist…

    1. Cherylynn…you must not live in Ohio where they have taken everything they consider fattening out of the school cafeterias and vending machines including Gatorade for the athletes. They are also banning large sized Mars candy bars in stores, parent supervision to order a soft drink at certain restaurants and soon the food police will be checking brown bag lunches from home. Yet kids can still get directed to Planned Parenthood and obtain birth control without parental permission. I wish she was just a veggie socialist but it’s much worse than that.

      1. They’re already checking lunches in North Carolina. Sent a child home with her turkey and cheese sandwich which they didn’t deem healthy enough and instead fed her cafeteria chicken mcnuggets. If you saw the way chicken mcnuggets are made you would toss your cookies (no pun intended). These two lunkheads (Obamanation and Moochelle) emphasis on the Mooch need to be sent packing asap.

      2. Hey, who runs the schools and came up with the prior meal plans? OH, the government! So why are you so upset that the same group that came up with the old meal plan have come up with another, more healthy one?

    2. The story is, the one meal consists of more calories than a person should consume in an entire day. If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. And, the amount of calories the author of this article suggests is really higher than that recommended by most nutritionists. If Ms Obama is concerned about weight control and health, then perhaps it is a bit hypocritical to serve guests foods that, unless they do as the author suggested, fast the rest of the day, will cause them to get as fat as Ms Obama. There is no problem with high calorie foods, you just don’t serve an entire meal of them. BTW – the school lunch idea looks good to me, now, I do not think I would have thought much of it when I was a little kid. I like a chef salad now, would have thought it was rabbit food when I was school age.

  23. As Anthony Bourdain would say:

    “Ah, I’m getting shooting pains down my left arm just lookin’ at it.”

    Way to go, FLOTUS! Fatten up dem gubernators!

  24. don’t worry about paying taxes LOL, better health care exemptions from crappy health care, insider trading, operate as 1% servants, conflict of interest issues don’t even exist LOL do as I say not as I do- so what else is new- why worry about calories-

  25. the suggested caloric intakes in the article are for younger men and women with active lifestyles. Most of the governors are no longer in that “younger” status, although I would imagine they do have to maintain a pretty active lifestyle. So actually, the one meal they were served would have been, for most of them way more than they should have consumed in an entire day. So the author was correct when he wrote they should have included on the invite, fast until you get here, if you haven’t passed out from low blood sugar, we will get the blood sugar spiked way up there once we feed you.

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