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Romney: My Wife Drives a Couple of Cadillacs

Mitt Romney continues his superb work for the Obama campaign.

He sounds tired. I’d be.

47 thoughts on “Romney: My Wife Drives a Couple of Cadillacs”

  1. OK. He’s tonedeaf, doesn’t know how he sounds.

    Now I know why the Repubs aren’t thrilled with his candidacy; he sounds like a wimpy suck-up.

      1. Uggg from Obama’s “home” neighbor island… where no coconut tree is allowed bigger than any existing structure…and I can count the cadillacs ever seen here.

  2. I winced when I first heard this. He’s a modest spendthrift, I know, but can’t help brag a bit that’s he’s wealthy…

    At least it’s his money and he respects ours.

    1. My Dad always drove Caddies–said they were heavy and safe. My kid and I don’t even have a car, but someone else having a couple does not affect me one way or the other. If he had another brand, would that provide me the money to buy a car?

  3. Unfortunately Romney is not charismatic but perhaps the country needs a somewhat “neutral” leader who can bring it together after Obamas divide and conquer regime ? In the troubled Europe the trend seems to be “technocrat” leaders right now. That kind of leaders had to step up in Italy and Greece to bring some order in these countries. Romney might bore some people but at least he won´t anger people all the time. Maybe he can make his ordinary personality an asset or am I too Swedish in my thinking there ? Well, he has a secret asset in his pretty, wellspoken wife ( I hope she really is as nice as she appears to be ). Why not bring her out some more ? The media must love her.

    1. after santorium”s un-necessary words about barry hussein’s “religion”
      (which most thinking folks believe is muslim anyway), these two gaffe guys seem to be part of a set up for the obamas’ re-coronation…
      its a surreal world we’re in…

  4. What’s really unfortunate is that there was a time when people were admired for things like this and held up as models of what you should want to be. However, covetousness has been so inculcated in the populace that people are now held in contempt for being successful. It’s a truly sad statement on our culture.

    1. Yes, what did he do, but try to connect with an audience with specific interests by reciting a list of cars that he and his wife own? It’s not as if he called on people to hate others or bowed to a foreign king.

      Romney is not really making gaffes. The modern media, which picks up every word in every venue and applies it universally is manufacturing a problem for him.

      This is why the Obamas have all their fund-raising in secret — who knows why Just Call Me Bitter Meesh says when she’s kicked off her shoes and decided to bond with the 1%?

      Then The One and The Wife spend taxpayer money to jet around and put forward campaign points to audiences of children, knowing the MSM is eager to repeat.

      1. It’s also not like he told other people to ‘sacrifice’ by giving up their Cadillacs while he and Michelle drive around in an armored limo and party like it’s 1999.

  5. Excellent point, William. In Obama’s world, people are stigmatized for being successful. When he told Joe the Plumber that he was going to mug him, steal his wallet, and divide it amongst those who didn’t have as much — it should have scared the living daylights out of everyone! And when Queenie said we all were going to get a smaller piece of the pie – it should have sent everyone running for the exit door!

    The imperial Royals won’t be happy until everyone is living on the plantation! Four more years and this will become a reality!

  6. OT, but Obama has helped launch “African-Americans for Obama,” a group working for his re-election.

    I thought he was supposed to be the President who transcended race. Instead he’s saying, “Vote for me because we have the same gene pool.”

    That way lies the end of America.

  7. C’mon, we all know poor people drive Cadillacs. Give him a break: he didn’t even mention his wife’s fleet of Porsches and Mercedes-Benzes. How much lower do you expect him to go? Geez.

  8. What an idiot! His wife drives a couple of Cadillacs. What, at the same time?Isn’t one enough for her? God help us if after getting rid of a Marxist,Islamist president he shouldbe followed by a moron.

  9. He earned his money and he bought some cars…duh!!

    He was trying to say what Detroit cars they had. So what???? This is America, or used to be before half the people lived off of people like him…and me.

  10. I like Mr. Romney personally, but he is not a statesman, he is a politician. He will not bring change to Washington, D.C. How can he when he gets his backing from the same establishment Washington insiders and Wall Street big wigs as Obama did in 2008? I guarantee they will want their pound of flesh should he win the election.

    I resent him trying to claim the mantle of conservatism when it isn’t in his heart. He has never identified with the ideology before running for president. He can’t even fake it well. In that same speech yesterday he also used the term “progressive” to describe his new tax policy. He doesn’t have a clue about who we are outside of the Washington, D.C. and New York political establishment bubble.

    This country is at a crossroad. Without serious reform of the tax code, entitlements, and crony capitalism America will fail. Mitt Romney just doesn’t have what it takes to lead us down the path back to our founding principles.

  11. This is making mountains out of molehills. Until taking office, O drove a gas guzzler. Now he rides in a fleet of them. The main objective of every American should be ABO — Anybody But Obama !! If the next president doesn’t do the job, fire him in 4 years.

  12. I have read that he loves her so he denies her nothing especially since her
    being diagnosed with MS. He bought her a horse ranch in California. So
    what he worked and earned the money and yes he’s a bit tone deaf but he
    admits how much he loves her and so he buys her things it’s not out of the
    taxpayers pocket. And I seriously doubt she would behave anything like Frau
    Obama more like a Laura Bush. Wish someone loved me that much:)

  13. A few years ago I was in the market for a new used car. I did my research and fell in love with the CTS. So now I own a Cadillac. So what? Did he say he buys her 2 new ones each year? Maybe she has a small one and an Escalade. 2 very different cars for very different things. He earned his money why shouldn’t he spend it on whatever he wants? Kerry owns a yacht. So what? This is definitely making mountains out of molehills, and if we can’t be happy for everyone elses success than this country is in deep doo doo.

    Sorry Keith, I’m not with you on this one.

    1. No reason why he shouldn’t talk about his success in business. He earned his wealth on his own and he should be proud of it. My guess is he was attempting to pander to his audience by including every UAW manufactured car. Get ready for lots of blunders like this should Mr. Romney win the nomination. He is “a well-lubricated weather vane” as his former opponent and now supporter, Jon Huntsman, once said.

      1. I’m not sure I’d be so quick to put him in the “supporter” category, Susan. he didn’t do Mitt any favors on MSNBC the other day. Jon Huntsman still seems to be very much all about Jon Huntsman.

  14. Remember that Soros said in a recent interview that he doesn’t see much difference between Comrade Barry Hussein and Mittens.
    That should raise a huge “red” flag.

    1. What does that mean–is Soros going to pour money into Romney’s campaign, start PACs for him, chuck money at Media Matters in his support, how about a JournoList for Romney–Soros up for that?

  15. ok…as a Michigander…can I just say that this is a bunch of BS? there are a ton of people who drive Caddys around here and very few of them are rich. come on: we all know what “rich people” drive. or are we just going to ignore the last 40 years of BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, etc., that pretty much displaced the Cadillac brand?

    my father-in-law drives a Caddy. he’s a retired Buick worker. he’s not rich at all. in Michigan, he’s the typical Cadillac owner: older, white, male, retired.

    I’m astonished this is even an issue.

    1. I agree–I come from a Caddy family and now have no vehicle. Things can change on ya. Thew indominatible American spirit often seems to be best manifested in riches to rags stories these days. The Romneys come from a car legacy–but Mitt made his own money, including making money from money-losing, failing businesses–no mean trick, and he did years of volunteer work, not to mention scrounging around on the campaign trail for yrs now while the rest of us lived our lives sleeping in our own beds, etc. I don’t want a rock star warbling away–I want a boring, earnest person who can run this joint. All the conservative purists who come to this list can keep jamming a mirror in this guy’s face and tell him he is a mess, but I am not seeing it…I am not convinced. Maybe it’s because I may not be a conservative, the way this is being defined here.

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