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Quote of the Day || February 24, 2012

“Once more, Barack. But this time, really put some feeling into it.”

– Hamid Karzai

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || February 24, 2012”

  1. Yes, just go on apologizing but the Talibans won´t listen to either of you.
    Yesterday I read about this new museum that is to be constructed in Washington DC. It will be dedicated exlusively to African American history and culture. And Obama was there of course. But why build such a museum in the capital ? Why not make a point of including all kinds of American heritages ? Why divide along racial lines ? This last question is formulated by the African American Tea Party activist C L Bryant in a film called “Runaway Slave” that had a premiere yesterday in DC. I read about it in Pajamas Media. The film argues that ” Democrats and the welfare state are the new version of the slave holding plantation, keeping black people mentally enslaved”. Isn´t this museum also a kind of victimizing ? Race seems to be a political tool that is used shamelessly by Obama and his Democrats. I really hope it will be possible to see this interesting film over here.

  2. Well said Swedish Lady. Maybe a black muslim American museum is next on barry hussein’s agenda ..Im sure the political ruling class in DC would approve.. Just another reason to spend some else’s $$$$$

    …Will now go back to my hard bread with cheese & nice cup of Gevalia…
    things are never as bad as they seem until I think of our muslim sympathizer
    in the WH…But hey, it’s friday & I wont let that little man ruin it! “hey dol”

      1. Hej, ol gator, I hope you enjoyed your knäckebröd and Gevalia !
        Obama might pick up your idea of a museum dedicated exclusively to Muslim American culture and history. Will it exclude the events on a certain September day, I wonder ?
        Have a nice weekend, hej då!

  3. Here’s what the pollsters and political pundits haven’t heard yet;
    when finding out that MrO apologized to the Afgans, the general reaction is “that SOB! he did it again”.

    1. You are exactly right srdem. Sarah Palin’s brief retort says it all — “When does Karzai apologize for one of his troops killing two of our soldiers over the Koran-burning?”

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