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Obama’s New Alternative Fuel

The White House is serving up an unusually heavy load of . . . nonsense this week, pushing back against charges that President Obama deserves any blame for presiding over a gas price runup that could hit $5 per gallon.

Obama’s aides know that high gas prices are a potentially lethal issue for a president. So they’re throwing up heavy vapors of cloud cover to hide the president’s record.

In fact, the White House is trying to steal Bush’s record.

Everyone understands that it takes time to open areas to drilling, find oil, and start getting it out of the ground. No one is going to believe that the increased oil production that has occurred under Obama is due to Obama, who anyway has arguably slowed production increases.

And yet there he was Thursday at the University of Miami, putting one over on some gullible kids.

We’re not going to transition out of oil anytime soon.  And that’s why under my administration, America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years.  That’s why we have a record number of oilrigs operating right now — more working oil and gas rigs than the rest of the world combined .  . .

And we’re making progress.  That’s the good news.  In 2010, our dependence on foreign oil was under 50 percent for the first time in over a decade.  We were less reliant on foreign oil than we had been.  In 2011, the United States relied less on foreign oil than in any of the last 16 years.

The White House wants to blame George W. Bush for the state of the economy. But it wants to take credit for oil production increases that take their lineage from decisions made by Bush.

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who briefed today, knew it this was all too much, so he tried to suggest that the president was merely reciting facts about increased production, not necessarily trying to claim credit.

No one in the room, including Earnest, believed this for a second. But there you go.

This was nothing, however, compared to the claim a couple of days ago by Josh’s boss, Jay Carney, that Republicans were in fact responsible for nixing the Keystone Pipeline deal. No one believed this either, but Carney said it with such determined certitude that it appeared David Plouffe may have called in a hypnotist earlier in the day to make sure the press secretary would sound credible.

And then there have been the protestations by Obama and his aides that there’s little a president can do about gasoline prices – this of apiece with the usual abnegation of responsibility we see from the president when something goes wrong.

Actually, there are a lot of things he can do, but won’t.

He can release supply from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve;

He can suspend the 18.4 cent per gallon federal gasoline tax and convene the nation’s governors for a jaw boning session to get them to temporarily cut their hefty state taxes as well. But of course this might interfere with everyone’s spending plans, including Obama’s;

He can suspend reformulated gasoline laws that require the use of expensive additives;

And he can summon the Saudi ambassador to the Oval Office, and by all means necessary – whether through employing a headlock or bowing until his forehead scrapes his shoelaces – tell him to ratchet up production like never before.

Instead, Obama has decided to employ a new type of alternative fuel: hot air.

We’ll see if it works in an internal combustion engine.

49 thoughts on “Obama’s New Alternative Fuel”

  1. MrCarney and MrEarnest can say whatever they want because it goes unchallenged by the toothless toadies that make up the WhiteHouse press corps today. Any outrageous lie or tilted spin is pronounced from the podium and the people in the chairs (theatrical extras playing the parts of actual reporters) say nothing to dispute or question the honesty of the WhiteHouse claims.

    As for the hapless President who can’t do anything about anything except whine that it’s someone else’s fault, we don’t expect anything from him anymore. He wastes our money, rewards his friends, parties, fundraises and now he sings. Great. November can’t come fast enough.

  2. “And yet there he was Thursday at the University of Miami, putting one over on some gullible kids.”

    And don’t forget what else he said, “Obama tells Miami students that pond scum could be the USA’s energy salvation”

    Continue reading on

    If pond scum is an actual, viable source of energy, then the country most certainly has an overwhelming source of pond scum as it continually comes spewing out of BHO/MO/Dems/RINOs mouths 24/7–DC could actually be a self sustaining city if this were the case!!!

    1. Imagine what a field day the MSM and all the late-night shows would be having if GW Bush heralded pond scum and algae as actual, viable alternative sources of energy. Yet “El Presidente” continues to skate by.

  3. What about that swamp gas or pond scum fuel? That’s all him, isn’t it? With few exceptions, one of whom does this site, this press deal is like liars dictating to stenographers, if anyone even knows what those are anymore.

      1. I knew two people who knew it back when I had a real job–they could reach each other’s–we thought they were wizards or something–one was a man who had worked at the Pentagon…It was early Klingon.

      2. Took two years of Gregg shorthand in high school and still have those manuals somewhere in the attic. Still use shorthand every once in a while to take notes. I’m the only one who can decipher them though…

    1. Shorthand yes I remember it well not actually only Dear Sir and the
      letters D, T, M and N my teacher had a pointing stick and was mean!
      Never used it but typing yes.

  4. It appears that he has an affinity for speaking to adolescents.
    Possibly to boost his ego, or to reinforce his aura of superiority.
    We have seen in the past that he is violently averse to anyone that would dare confront him.
    Is it a facade, or a psychological disorder ?

    1. He speaks to children who won’t call him a bold faced liar his only lemmings left who believe him. And they are in his IQ area poor little things.

    2. Have you noticed that Michelle Antoinette’s favorite audiences are children and adoring adolescents – and the military who are bound by protocol and politeness not to blow a raspberry?

      1. I have noticed that Anonna, plus, both of them are the most comfortable among heavy duty supporters, and children that were herded into the ‘show’ for the cameras.
        The military is bound on their oath not to denigrate anybody that is in elected office.
        Furthermore, the oath that was taken says nothing about the president of the United States,…
        only to uphold and defend the Constitution of of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.

        Michelle Obama was not elected.
        IMO, Barack Obama was appointed.

  5. Releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a ploy to temperarily ease gas prices would be an uncommonly stupid thing to do. The SPR is a STRATEGIC reserve for genuine, STRATEGIC emergencies such as Iran blockading the Straight of Hormuz or bombing all of the Iraqi, Kuwaiti and Saudi oil production infrastructure the same was Saddam did to Kuwait’s.

    If Obama wanted to do something about high gas prices, hewouldhave a sentient energy policy. Since Barack doesn’t have a brain, he needs advice from someone who does. Perhaps he could appoint Governor Palin to be his energy secretary?

  6. Algae as fuel source?

    Pity that Obama’s election lowered the seas and “healed” the planet, otherwise more algae would be growing.

    We should all start investigating to see if there companies (read Campaign DONORS) named “Algaeyndra” “PondScumSquared” etc…becaue the ultimate “green” Buh-Rock is chasing isn’t algae with THIS “Green Initiative.”

      1. I have a pond (well, an EPA site anyhow) and nothing runs on itself, believe moi. In all fairness, didn’t Geo Bush mention switch grass fuel a few times–I may have switch grass out there, who knows. It’s not bubblin’ crude, as someone amusingly said, but it’s something.

  7. This country is becoming an internal combustible engine with this bozo and his never-ending lies and lame excuses. Since when does a president have the sole authority on energy policy? Why do we even need a congress if he can do something like release strategic oil reserves on his whim? This is not only a stupid idea, it is dangerous. What’s going to happen when the Middle East cuts us off from oil? How long are we going to last with no reserves and no domestic supply of oil? Anyone who has lived through the 70’s and the gas lines after the last embargo knows what lies ahead.

    This man’s flat-earth-no-growth-environazis (Obama’s “phony theology”) are trying to shut down every domestic source of oil with every ridiculous regulation they can cook up. They are threatening to shut down the Eagle Ford shale oil fields in Texas for a stupid lizard. We have hundreds of lizards on our land so now way they are endangered in Texas. These regressives want to take us back to stone age with their “green technology”.

    1. You’re right about the stone age!!! Forget the Dolt sedan – we can do the
      Fred & Barney prehistoric car & power it around our new “sustainable” communities via flat fat foot power! Yabba-Dabba-DON’T !!!

    2. Yes, I remember the 70’s gas lines. We could purchase 10 gallons only at a time. We could buy on even or odd days determined by the last digit on our auto license plate. Sometimes we’d wait hours to buy gas only to have the station run out before we got our turn or we’d have to drive miles out of our way to find an open gas station.

      To think that this is what Obama wants – high gas prices, people suffering, is just despicable.

  8. The “Journolists” at the Carneyval pressers remind me (timing being perfect)
    of the seat-fillets at the Oscars. They’re all dressed/accessorized for the occasion, but they’re there as props, to applaud/smile/look engaged where appropriate.

    Jake Tapper is the only MSM reporter left who ever even attempts to do what he is sent there to do. I imagine he will soon be employed by Fox, too, in the not too distant future. If he does take his job seriously, when the he!! is he going to ditch the MSM denizen of disinformation???

  9. Keith, you are a national treasure – one of the few good men left in Obama’s world of smoke and mrrors! There should be a warning label tattoed across his forehead – “Fact Checker Not on Duty”!

    I have simply stopped listening to him – I kinow a con man when I see one but I worry about the innocent victims he is stalking at all of the high school and University campuses! Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on campus but Obama is free to roam around brainwashing our kids! Sad!

  10. I love the people that think the evil oil companies are preventing these alternative energy sources so they can keep making their evil profits. Do they ever think about how much money it costs to explore and drill for oil versus growing algae in a factory? If they could they’d already be using it and reaping profits from it. What idiots.

  11. So, where are the members of the White House Press Corps and the other media wonders when these lies go down?

    Why are they so determinely in Obama’s camp? It can’t be because he treats them well, at least when it comes to the WH Corps, which sits in its chairs, its diverted vans, and in its hold areas like good shoe-licking dogs.

    The perks must be good.

  12. There was a story in the UK Mail several months before the general election in which the editor was describing how Obama treats the press pool like royalty – lavish suites for them AND their families, 5 star restaurants, and exotic locales. It was, of course, a stark contrast to the Bush days in the sweltering sun of Crawford! Call me crazy…but this bargain with the devil might still be the reason the LSM is still covering up his disastrous Presidency!

    1. I’m re-reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis after many years. The book is in the form of letters from Uncle Screwtape, a high level devil, to his demon in training nephew Wormwood. In the letters Screwtape gives direction and advice to Wormwood on securing the soul of a young man. This book should be required reading for every member of the Washington D.C. press pool.

  13. Obama is a total liar and worthless excuse for a president. He has done everything he can to destroy oil production in this country, and Americans know it.

  14. We are all aware of the failings of the Bush ?Admisistrastian but we are also aware that since Obama took office everything has gotten worse, not better!!! I am ashamed that the American people voted such a person into the office of President, If he is not taken out or voted out then I can onhly see that the U.S is doomed . All of Washington needs to be cleaned up and a do over is in real need, it will takes years to fix the Bush’s mess and even more to make up for the damage Obama has and is doing! GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY !!!!!

    1. That’s when the Tea Party was born. Obama didn’t clean up Bush’s mess, he continued it. But the media leaves that part out.

      Especially the last demo poll found 41% of the Tea Party were Dems and Indies. Just easier to call them racists I suppose ;)

  15. Of course the part that Obama doesn’t mention is that it currently costs $33 dollars a gallon to produce fuel from algae. And to make any noticeable dent in our consumption of fuel for transportation we’d have to convert about 20% of the land mass of North America to algae production. But really it just begs the question, “why algae”. I’d understand if the World has hit peak oil and the supply of oil was diminishing. But with fracking the amount of oil in the just South Dakota alone exceed all the known reserves of Saudi Arabia. In Canada there is enough oil to power all the cars in North America for over 400 years. And the rate of new discoveries is actually increasing not decreasing. If the rate of new discoveries even just holds at the current level we will likely discover enough oil to last us another 700 years. It’s just the politics of the left that understands that easy access to energy empowers individual prosperity and makes it so that we don’t need big government to help manage our lives. They must create a crisis, manufacturer a shortage, and control all the resources so that a few elites can claim all the power and wealth.

  16. CAPITALISM: The system whereby the rich can privatize their profits and socialize their losses. Now, which party is capitalism’s largest proponent?

    As in anything else in life, ask yourself who stands to benefit from anything and you will find your root cause. Anything else??

      1. Sounds like the prez and the rest of the socialists are, from the failed “Alternative Energy” businesses that have lined their pockets with tax payer dollars and defaulting on their loans. Typical Socialist corruption.
        If he wants to be a different leader, he can be the first to tell the truth and not misquote past presidents, steal ideas from others and get that hand out from under his puppet pants.

  17. Drawing down the Strategic Reserve would certainly be a major advantage for Iran right about now…

    What about suspending the rules for boutique gas blends with expensive additives this summer?

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