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Obama Schedule || Friday, February 24, 2012

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:30 am || Meets with senior advisers
11:15 am || Attends the Democratic Governors’ Association meeting; Eisenhower Executive Office Building
3:00 pm || Holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt of Denmark

All times Eastern
Live stream of briefing by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest at 11:30 am

20 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, February 24, 2012

    • How about that Assessment joint he visited yesterday–that was federally-paid-for internships for collitch kids auditing company energy use or something… Thirty yrs we have pumped money into this.

  1. could someone please answer this for me Obozo and Clinton say the rebels in Syria need to be armed so who do we the American people call on to arm us to fight the Socialist hard core goverment of Obozo if our country can arm rebels where do we look to buy arms against them its our right as citizens to do this so please let me know what you think we were born on a revolution remember this will the goverment start shelling and killing us like they do over there Probaly

    • Why are we messing with Syria when we have enemies to our south known as the Mexican Drug Cartels AND the the citizen-exporting Mexican government?

  2. Obama is such a slacker. I think his daily briefing is code for when wakes and gets dressed for the day. It’s amazing he actually has time to do official duties with all his campaign events, parties, vacations, etc. I saw a comment yesterday on another blog that Obama probably has spent more time in the john in AF1 than in the Oval Office. LOL

    • come on its were he gets all his great ideas like where to play golf next,plan his next vacation,who to invite to thenext WH party important things like this oh ya and jobs

  3. According to ABC News:

    Air Force One – known in the military as VC-25 – costs $179,750 per flight hour alone in fiscal year 2012, Maj. Michelle Lai of the 89th Airlift Wing told ABC News.

    That figure includes fuel, flight consumables, depot level repairs, aircraft overhaul and engine overhaul. Pilot and airmen salaries are not included because they are paid regardless of the plane’s use, Lai said.

    Obama’s trip to Florida and back today will cost at least $674,000 in Air Force One flight time alone.

    His three-day, three-state swing that included two official events and eight fundraisers, netting more than $8 million last week, incurred flight costs of $2.1 million, based on the Air Force figure and flight times gathered from press pool reports.

    • obozo has booked more flight time in 37 months alone more than 8 years of Georgr Bush all together this clown is a total loser but his people love him why its called FREE ,food stamps,rent,oil,medical,cell phones,rubbers,schooling,taxi service,why work his kind yes his kind love him the no pay tax losers who even get more money back than me even though i work all year long his kind you know

  4. AF One is Obama’s coccaine! His habit is costing us tens of millions per week, not to mention the $$$ his wife is squandering on her secret life! There is no other way to state it – they are both drunk with power – and we are getting stuck with the bill!