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Carney Sends Afghans Our “Severe Apologies”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today offered “severe apologies” to Afghans for the burning of Korans by U.S. soldiers, suggesting kowtowing by the U.S. government to Afghanistan over the incident was necessary to avoid attacks on U.S. troops.

“One of the reasons that it’s appropriate to express our severe apologies for this incident is the kind of reaction that it could cause that risks putting our men and women in harms way, in further risk than they already are,” Carney said.

Carney made the statement as he confirmed to reporters flying with the President Obama aboard Air Force One to Miami that Obama had himself apologized in a letter to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the incident.

Carney sought to minimize the move, saying the apology was only a brief portion of a three-page letter to Karzai focusing on a multitude of topics.

Carney also suggested that George W. Bush had done much the same thing after an American soldier shot a Koran up with bullets in Baghdad.

But then-White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said at the time Bush had only apologized to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki “in the sense that he said that we take it very seriously.”

Carney said Afghans had “understandable sensitivities” about the issue and that the apology was therefore “wholly appropriate.” The Afghans expressed their understandable sensitivities today by killing two U.S. troops, rioting for the third day in a row, and burning Obama in effigy.

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  1. Sorry, “Cives Romani” does not exist for Americans anymore. If, indeed, it ever did. We need to stop being ugly Americans and start being world citizens. It matters less what our values are, when we are in their country.

    1. Baywolfe: Sorry but that is not how reality works. Following your logic, if a citizen of the world says something that offends me, I have the right to kill him. The muslims kill civilians and non-combatants all the time and they believe it is their duty. No civilized person needs to give them defference in their evil beliefs. Wake up.

    2. Funny, I was once in a foreign nation that will go unnamed. An acquaintance there told me that the problem with Americans didn’t care about what [his fellow citizens] thought of us. I asked if [his fellow citizens] cared what Americans thought about them. He told me, “Of course not.” Interesting how that works.

    3. I don’t suppose you knew the part about the KQuorans (all spellings included) had extremist messages in them. I also suppose you don’t know that under Islamic law it’s not allowed to write in said Koran. I’ll further suppose you don’t realize that when a Quran is ‘defaced’ like this, it is SUPPOSED to be burned.

      Get back to your OWS rapefest and leave world affairs to the adults.

      1. Point out, as the mighty Boa does, that the clowns bomb each other ENDLESSLY, including each others MOSQUES. If there aren’t some korans getting destroyed in these bombings, the mighty Boa will attend Friday prayers in Dearborn……

        It’s just another convenient excuse to throw rocks and then claim “brutality” if shot back at……. And to burn some buildings,,,, etc..

        Not unlike the thugs in da hood….

      2. Yea, what we should have done is demanded that the detainees who had defiled the Koran be BEHEADED.

        Obama is such an idiot. apologizing for this – when the Afghan military killed TWO of our men today.

        *waits for apology from Karzai.

    4. “world citizens”? how about the Muslims trying a little bit of that? maybe they could stop rioting, pillaging, and killing every time their little sensibilities get offended, which seems to be constantly.
      how many Bibles have been burned in the Middle East over the last year? and how many Americans (or Christians or Jews of any nationality) rioted, pillaged, or killed? exactly none.

      I mean really: c’mon, Achmed, grow a pair and just suck it up every once in awhile, ok?

  2. This is vile…two United States soldiers were shot and murdered by an Afghani who was TRAINED by our military. And the Obama Administration reports how “severely” the President apologizes to…the Afghans.

    Some one tell me…did those to American families get a “formal letter of apology” for their loss? We all know the answer to that…

    In addition to the “severe apology” Obama promised to “find those responsible for this reprehensible act…” (burning the books) and “holding them accountable” NO MENTION, from the Commander in Chief about finding the killer of two US soldiers–only justice being sought is for the books.

    What ring of Hell is this?

      1. I think there were seven rings of hell but Obama and his Frau have
        unearthed an unknown source of new ones. Who knows how many we
        will suffer through. I think we will not turn into pillars of salt but maybe
        a solar panel or a Volt battery not a good thing.

  3. We have turned into wimps. They have no problem burning the Bible, Torah, or the American Flag (and now Obama in effigy LOL). Screw them.

    1. What I have said, it is okay for them to do whatever they want, not us… Been thinking maybe we need to riot and go crazy over here, maybe then Obama would pay attention to us? Probably not…

  4. What hypocrisy!
    When Romney said two weeks ago that he was “severely” Conservative, the MSM ensured there was no end of jokes about his use of the term.
    Now let’s see how they critique Carney’s “severe” apologies statement.
    I ain’t holding my breath.

  5. PS
    Two more Americans were killed there yesterday, bringing the total to 1007 US kids who’ve died in Afghanistan since Obama took over.

  6. Lets be honest and upfront, if the koran allows or supports this type of behavior of its followers, then the koran is a fraud and its followers are disciples of satan. If these followers are just misinterpreting the koran and commiting these acts of atrocities, then these followers are evil and giving the religion a bad name. But if it is the latter, I have not heard the roar of Muslims condemn these outrageous acts of violence and I am leaning towards belief in the former. Come on, I would like to hear from the peacful muslims. Where are you all? Please prove me wrong.

    1. They are only peaceful when they are getting their way. And I have yet to hear any Muslim come out and condemn anything another Muslim does. They all believe in it, some just act it out more than others.

      1. but don’t forget about people like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim who also works with people like David Horowitz, Pamela Geller, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (also a Muslim I think) and Robert Spencer to expose the myth of “Islamophobia.” he’s a very good guy, and he keeps speaking out even tho’ he knows he might be putting his life in danger at any time.

        but I agree with you, people like Dr. Jasser are few and far between.

    2. I read about a group of American muslims who have stated publicly that they oppose sharia law in the United States. It wasn’t a very large group.

      And it stuck in my mind because it was the FIRST and ONLY time I ever read about such an event.

    1. Not as enjoyable as the Audacity of Hope. Thought that one should get honorable mention…you know, since we’re attacking religions here.

  7. “The Afghans expressed their understandable sensitivities today by killing two U.S. troops”
    Unbelievable. Obama sends our soldiers to fight and die in his Afghanistan war and his journalists are writing stories that excuse the enemy of murdering our men??

  8. Apologize? Let’s look for any semblance of equivalence in the reasoning between civilizations. To them, the burning of their holy book justifies riots and killing (and groveling mea culpas from us). But the slicing off of infidel heads in the name of Allah? What’s to fuss about there? Until our leaders get it — that these 7th century savages respect nothing but force — we’ll see their worldwide threat continue to grow. They make our so-called enemies of the cold war look harmless.

    1. The problem with most Americans is we try to use our culture and ideals on them. They don’t think anything like we do and they use our “civility” to their advantage all the time.

  9. …but the Emperor O and his stooge Holder can’t seem to find the words to apologize to the parents of the border guard the regime’s (In)Justice Department allowed to be shot with a gun from Operation Fast and Furious.

    I am surprised Emperor O hasn’t congratulated Karzai for his subject who rendered correct Koranic punishment on the two US soldiers.

  10. There were some extremist inscriptions inside of the Korans which were believed to be used as a way for extremists to communicate. From what is being reported they are not to be written in. Burning is an appropriate way to dispose of the Koran. It’s too bad our dear leader doesn’t get all the facts before apologizing. We are the ones who need an apology for our 2 dead soldiers.

    1. Bibles are burned all the time in the Middle East. it is illegal to possess a Bible in Saudi Arabia. I mean, it’s really incredible. but nope–it’s bad old America again!

  11. Carney ——- That’s what the Barkers on the Carnival strip are called and we all know how they con the people into believing the fat lady strongest man etc. Where is the Anger directed to the Afghan Government about the two civilians killed over their *U&^^ Qouran

  12. Where is the “main stream” media wall-to-wall coverage on this story as compared to the problems that arose during the Bush years when they could not place enough damnation and blame on Bush and his administration? Such B.S.

  13. Obama is getting good at that apologizing. Seems to have a knack for it.
    I was wondering if he could apologize to America for 9% unemployment, $4 gallon gas prices, 3 years in Afghanistan, 3 years in Iraq, some $5 Trillion dollars in debt, 23 million more Americans on food stamps, $4 Billion or so being thrown away on “green jobs” (check out Solyndra and related thefts), over $760 Billion spent rescuing rich bankers, the bonuses those rich bankers paid themselves, and of course blaming everything he can, and then some, on Bush.
    Guess he isn’t that good at apologizing.

  14. no apology when troops burned bibles in afghani language or protests burn quran, muslim scumbags raise hell, just like danish cartoons, sharia law to kill christians, but you can’t be one. We’ve been wussified to be cowardly for muslim aggressors, apology from OBAMA…..RFLM@0.

  15. What are “severe” apologies??? Don’t think I have ever had to give a “severe” apology…doesn’t sound like a nice thing! But I know that ya’ll are trying to get your butt out of a sling right now…so I shouldn’t judge your words too harshly, I guess. But it sure sounds like more spin from the WH! We have done this before…don’t we learn?

  16. KK, what’s up fellow patriot? Salute from the mighty Boa!

    O’Bozo has assured them that he will see to it that the “perpetrators” are tracked down and punished for this “heinous act”.

    Wonder if he’ll make even half the effort to find the b*#@ard who shot our soldiers, and bring HIM to justice……

    This is just another excuse to riot, not unlike the gangsta crowd always does. They make a big deal out of “harming” the koran. Remember when the preacher wanted to come to Dearborn and burn one? Remember the riots in Europe over the cartoon of mohammad? Yet, these satanic morons blow EACH OTHER up, every day. They bomb each others MOSQUES. One would safely presume that a few korans get destroyed when this happens.

    It is unfortunate that we see a very negative trend here. This clown commits act after act, insulting Americans, trashing the Constitution, etc, and the reaction is ALWAYS the same. Some moaning and whining on internet blogs, and then it is over. Remember when he recently shot down the first amendment? All the supposed anger? “We’re all Catholics now!”, etc. And then gone. In fact, 8 out of 9 polls show O’Bozo leading all GOP candidates. In several other polls, he has risen above the magic “50 percent” line. Some 45 percent of Catholics voted for him before. No doubt he will gladly sacrifice a couple of points in order to impose his will over the Catholic church. We’ll see if he gets 45 percent again. While the mighty Boa doubts it will be much less than 42 percent of Catholics, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it actually go above 45. Solyndra, “Fast and Furious”, NDAA legislation, the 10 million dollar vacations, “date night”, on and on it goes. Yet, it is always the same. Some initial anger and then poof…..

    People continue to suffer from delusions in thinking that a sham election will at least remove him. As the mighty Boa has warned again and again, he is prepared to steal or suspend the election. It appears more and more that neither of these actions will be required as the GOP appears ready to hand it to him. And the always apathetic public lacks the fortitude required to challenge O’Bozo’s dictatorship. This public can’t even disband the occupy bums.

    1. How right you are!!! BTW, Zero said he has another 5 years ahead of being ruler….is there something that changed..thought it was only 4 years.

    2. dude, you didn’t even mention the Teddy Bear incident. remember? a British schoolteacher in Sudan, I think, brought a stuffed teddy bear into her kindergarten class. she asked the kids what they wanted to name it…and they said “Mohamed,” because apparently many of THEM were named Mohamed.

      remember what happened? riots! the teacher was jailed, and Britain had to negotiate for her release. because some little Muslim kids wanted to name a stuffed bear Mohamed.

      you know–I do agree with Obama on one thing. I want every goshdarn American troop out of that Afghan hellhole TODAY. why are we dying for them?

  17. Send them my regards! I wish we had a President with the NUTZ to bomb every dam one of them to HE11 where they and every otherstinking raghead should be!

  18. I’m not surprised. Been reading a lot of Reagan today…

    Excerpt from “A Time for Choosing”

    “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”

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  20. I am so sick of the Severe Apologies our president seems to feel ok about handing out like candy. They hate us, they want to kill us and they are killing us and he sends out an apology to them for burning a freaken book. What about the 2 marines that just got murdered and the ones wounded. Anything about that OBAMA. I am appauled at what you do to this country.

  21. islam is not a religion, it’s an excuse to butcher anyone they feel like butchering. And they do… women, babies, little girls, innocents of all kinds, at every freaking opportunity.

    obama is not the ‘leader’ of anything except the MSM, as he has proven on more than one occasion.

    Apologizing & bowing to muslims is in his blood, and he does do that well. So, I ask, why doesn’t he go run for election in Afghanastan, or Iran or Syria? Because for one thing, he’d have to put Michelle under a burka, and chain her to the house. His little girls would be married off to the head somebody or other in the area and treated the same way. AFTER they were mutilated so they aren’t really woman any more.

    Apologizing will bring more outrage, and more killings. It’s their way of life, and THEY LOVE IT! They live for it. Why can’t people get that through their heads. Our troops have to tip toe around as it is, without obama stabbing them in the back every chance he gets. He’s a disgrace and should have been removed from office many months ago.

    Our option? If a MAN was in charge, we would have leveled the sh&t hole ten yrs ago, AND cut off all funding. As it is, we’ll have to wait until Jan 2013, and then level the sh&t hole.

  22. Obama is pathetic. My base line for what qualities a candidate needs to get my vote was once based on policy and character. My new baseline is “Do they love America”,,,,,,if they pass that test they are head and shoulders above Barry Hussan Obama.

  23. Americans, real ones, should be indignant. We have seen for decades the violence beget by radical Islam and very few American Presidents have done what was necessary (one of course did). But leave partisanship out and look at the logical side… why would any group of people ‘apologize’ to such beasts except to “continue to make America weak” or “appear weak.” Only one President has done this, continues to do this. He continually works to destroy the ‘fundamental’ foundations of America. People who want him deposed in Nov must remember to vote for ‘anyone’ but him and to be severe in making NO apologies to anyone for voting “other” than O. And if you have family and friends who vote for a continuance of this presidency, then shun them, never let their shadow cross your doorway and be serious about it. We have not experienced the type of pain that will be sure to befall us with ‘four more years’ and I can assure you he will make no apologies to the Patriots who he tramples underfoot!

  24. So the President of a post-Enlightenment country apologizes to a bunch of Dark Ages BARBARIANS because their book of frickin garbage can shithole mythology gets burned (disclaimer: once it was burning I’d have pissed on it to put it out). What does he say when a church gets burned? Crickets. When Coptic Christians are murdered? Nada. There NEVER has been a more anti-American, anti-Western president. He needs to go. The sooner the better. He does NOT represent the American people.

  25. wonder if Obama would have the same concern if the Holy Bible was the one being burned ? Which in islamic countries happens all the time….acces to a bible in saudi arabia is forbidden …even in privite

  26. Severe apologies? Got news for you Carney…our troops are already in harm’s way. How about the Afghans apologize for sucking up to the Taliban while our troops are still there? How about them apologizing for killing our troops? How about them apoligizing for taking our money then turn around and kill our troops? I think those cave dwellers have many more reasons to apologize to us than we them. I say it’s time the Afghans take on all of the risk. Maybe they’d like to get the Russians back in there. I’m sure they have some unfinished business they’d love to take care of.

  27. Dhimmitude can only be understood in the context of jihad, because it originates from this ideology. Infidels who submit without fighting to the Islamic armies, are granted a pledge of security. They are protected from the jihad laws against infidels which command killing, slavery, ransom or deportation for the enemies. Peace and security for non-Muslims are recognized only after their submission. Protection status is provided through the Islamization of conquered lands.

    1. Jeff, let’s not forget things such as dhimmies can have churches, but cannot build new ones and cannot repair the ones that they have. It’s not a “get out of islam free” card.

  28. Funny, Palin demands an Afghan apology for the killing of our troops and Obama sends severe apologies for burning a book.

    What the hell is wrong with those in charge?

    1. agreed.

      We have lost a step. Our military should be so tweaked and anxious to finish the job over there that any of those nut-job rag-head bastards would never get two shots off before 12 bullets made in the USA blasted into his brain-pan.

      Our training bra response to this puts all our service people at further risk. Carney and Obama should be tried for treason, yet again for their destructive response.

      When are we going to be the United States of America again??

  29. Catholics & Christians have sensitivities about issues but Odumo doesn’t care about that. How about an apology for making Georgetown cover the crucifix for Obama’s photo op. When Bibles are burned he doesn’t get excited. When the Afghanis burn our flag there is no apology.

  30. Carney is a little boy in a man’s job; just like his boss. Obama is continually puting our troops in harms way either out of ignorance or intentionally. When is Congress going to act to stop this mental incompentant?.

  31. Here are 2 words you’ll never hear in your life; American Sensibilities. Didn’t we hear muslim sensibilities as a term to describe why we couldn’t show Bin Laden’s head when he died? The same sensibilities we had to protect when, a few months later, we saw 6 year old boys taking smiling photos with an upside down Quadaffi as he’s dangling by his toes in a meat locker.

    Give me a g.d break, already. Enough of this liberal pandering b.s. When do they offer it to their OWN citizens who happen to not vote (D)?

  32. OK, apologizes are expressed over burning of the Koran. But NOW, what about President OBama stand up & be the President we all expect & demand an apology from the Afghans for killing our soldiers just this week!!!!!!!!

    We’re ALL waiting Mr. President…!!!

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