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Obama Sings Again

Having just finished crooning Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” Obama was at it again last night at a White House celebration of the blues, trading turns with BB King singing “Sweet Home, Chicago.”

I assume this was not quite as spontaneous as it looks. And I assume we’ll be seeing a lot more of the singing Obama as the campaign progresses

54 thoughts on “Obama Sings Again”

  1. Sweet “HOME” Chicago ? I thought Hawaii is his “HOME” ? That is, to justify his Christmas vacation taxpayer’s expenses because he has the right “to go home” for the holidays. I’m so confused.

  2. Can’t listen to this imposter debase the office of president any longer. It is my pledge to rear leader to work my tail off to fulfill his desire to return to his sweet home of Chicago next January. Doubt Hawaii was ever his vacation home before he had the opportunity to get a free ride from the American taxpayer.

    1. Star, I wouldn´t be too surprised if he did a recording soon to rise money for his campaign. Blues and lullabyes perhaps, why not call it ” Songs for my daughters” ? Of course he would win a Grammy !

  3. I absolutely agree, Keith, this was not a spontaneous event. As a matter of fact, I don´t think that Obama is ever spontaneous. He follows a script. The great actor Jan Voight said early on his presidency ( June 2009 ) that Obama “is just an actor”. And Jon Voight ought to know about that. There you have at least one Hollywood star who isn`t flattering his way into the White House.

  4. I guess he thinks the White House is a night club.
    Evidently Obama has found his true calling.
    Put a good band behind him, put him on tour, and watch him go.
    Oh wait,….that’s what he has been doing, isn’t it ?

    This egotistical maniac is a disgrace to this Country.
    I don’t know about you folks, but I am sick of him and his racist wife sticking their finger in my eye.

      1. It is a crown weave. She demands to be treated like royalty and is legendary for her weaves in Houston. Won’t watch that tape but bet she went triple crown for an audience with the Won.

      1. Thanks. I wrote it with the assistance of my husband. It’s weird how I thought of it. I was reading the comments on Hot Air about Aspen and someone wrote “16 trips” and that causes me a “ton” of pain. I immediately thought of the song 16 Tons and that it could be re-worked but I didn’t want to do it. As usual, I woke up the next day and decided to do it afterall. There you have it.
        When I was around ten years old it was my favorite song to sing.

        1. You and your husband did a great job. Listening to your rendition brought back some great memories for me. I can remember singing that song while playing on our backyard swing set at about the same age. It has great rhythm and I knew it by heart.

  5. Nero fiddled while Rome burned….

    In this case, the Crooner-in-Chief is literally singing for his supper—-four more years of Kobe beef, lobster, burgers and fries….

    Mr. T is correct – we are doomed!!! This guy can charm a snake!

  6. Nothing is extemporaneous for the guilty or powerful. Obama’s economic tune never broke the top 100. Amazing how economic statistics are falling Obama’s way, except of course energy prices. It will take him more time to put in the fix for them. Mark Davis author of the book Obama would hate if he could read at that level, Demons of Democracy.

  7. I’m confused. A lavish 3 day vacation by Michelle has to be hushed up but a lavish party at the WH has to be broadcast everywhere. I know he wants to be seen as cool, but how does inviting high paid 1% performers into your living room connect with the voters? Am I just the wrong demographic?

    50 Ways to Leave Your Lover might also be an appropriate song.

  8. I can see it now — every woman in my Lib-filled city walking around with pink Vera Wang “I (heart) Obama” tote bags and cell phones with Al Green ring tones!

    It’s too bad that the geniuses behind this slick campaign marketing stunt aren’t working for the Republicans! Santorum and Gingrich have no sense of humor whatsoever….and Romney — well he is just too afraid to say much of anything.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so sick of watching the fisticuffs between the Repulican candidates – I am praying for an intervention. Jeb, Chris….anyone? A smile can go a long way!

    1. You should have seen our paper’s tiresome, predictable cartoon–gay sheriff Babeu wiggling into line with the other Republicans on the debate stage, which I gather is a “guilt” by assn gambit. I gave it one yawn.

  9. I smell the beginnings of a lounge act for some Vegas hotel here. Obama the Lounge Lizard, Appearing twice nightly in the Tiki Hut Room, Dark Tuesdays.

    (Now I’ve done it, I said Dark, clearly this is a subconscious racist view that has been exposed, not to worry I’ve reported myself to attackwatch for treatment.)

  10. with hits like “little donor boy’, “i’m dreaming of a blight christmas”, “cha ching bells”,”its beginning to smell a lot like Christmas”,”costly the snowman”,
    “gram ma got run over by a limo”,
    the birther favorite:a kenya child is born”
    & dont forget moochie’s hit: “all i want for Christmas is my two tons of meat”,

    this will be a true classic for the ages !

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