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Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 23, 2012

10:45 am || Departs White House
1:25 pm || Arrives Miami
1:45 pm || Tours the Industrial Assessment Center
2:25 pm || Delivers remarks at the University of Miami
4:20 pm || Speaks at a fundraiser; Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Fla.
7:00 pm || Departs Miami
8:15 pm || Arrives Orlando
8:55 pm || Speaks at a fundraiser
10:30 pm || Departs Orlando
12:25 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

25 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 23, 2012”

  1. Obama’s not going to the Miami Heat-NY Knicks game…?

    I can see the narcissist Obama showing up at the game just to get attention/media coverage…

  2. U of Miani….and we’ll hear how it’s everyone else’s fault that gas prices are going through the roof….and then go drink, party, and raise some cash from the rich and stupid.

    1. Oh, yeah–Syria, Iran, Hormuz, bad refiner villains, drooling mean oil companies, commodities markets, Bush of course, Jimmy Carter maybe, Joe at your gas station, who knows–hardly even need to listen to the blab-a-thon. Certainly and for sure, a wise leader with a grasp of complex world markets could do nothing.

  3. What you want to bet that while Barry is at the Industrial Assessment Center, he will mention how important it is that we spend even more tax $$$ propping up and paying back his doners via the green agenda.
    Will we hear why gasoline is spiking and going up possibly to record levels? Nope.

    Where’s Mooch?

  4. Doesn’t his crack fundraising team know how to throw together a golf tournament at one of the Florida locales? He’d like that for a change, especially in the nice weather.

    Of course we’d whine about it, but that’s what we’re here for :D

    Another fake speech in front of a heavily lib college crowd as an excuse to shovel more money in the war chest. Whine, whine…..

  5. Not even a morning breifing today? When was the last time he spoke with his cabinet? When was the last time he had a real press conference?

    I guess tomorrow’s schedule will be blank to make up for tonight’s late night? What a putz.

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  7. So……the “Grifter-In-Chief” is spending more of OUR money jetting off to Florida. WHY? To deliver some remarks? Oh, oh, of course. He MUST tour the Industrial Assessment Center. Why? And then he raises some money for himself before he spends more or OUR money & jets off to Orlando so he can raise some more money for himself. Then he comes back to DC. Sounds like a needless trip to me, at OUR expense, while he pockets the cash. Like I said, “GRIFTER-IN-CHIEF”.

    1. You make a good point–why tour these plants and places–to make Americans go there on vacation? No gas! Hello? I guess just for the air time for him him him. Another chance to bound around–fake smile–put on goggles…

        1. I will then, said the Little Red Hen… so this is what an IAC is…
          they perform in-depth evaluations of a facility by engineering faculty with upper class and graduate students from a participating university in the area. The IAC team performs a thorough examination of potential savings from:

          •energy efficiency improvements
          •waste minimization and pollution prevention
          •productivity improvement
          The IAC team conducts a remote survey of the plant, followed by a one or two-day site visit to take engineering measurements. The team performs a detailed process analysis to generate specific recommendations with estimates of costs, performance, and payback times. Within 60 days, the plant receives a confidential report detailing the analysis, findings, and recommendations. In two to six months, the IAC team calls the plant manager to verify what recommendations will be implemented.

          As a result of performing these assessments, upper class and graduate engineering students receive unique hands-on assessment training and gain knowledge of industrial process systems, plant systems, and energy systems, making them highly attractive to employers.The IAC program provides industry with a workforce of energy engineers with real-world training who will contribute to improving industrial efficiency throughout their careers.

          Universities apply to host an IAC and receive DOE funding to provide assessments. Periodically, universities may submit an application in response to a funding opportunity announcement and are selected based on the merits of their applications. See the DOE press release announcing the current 24 schools. More than $30 million is expected to be available to IACs from 2012-2016. The IAC program [formerly the Energy Analysis and Diagnostic Center (EADC) program] has offered assessments for over thirty years, beginning with 4 schools in 1976. Learn more about financial opportunities.

          I suppose a CYNICAL person (where can we find one?) would say this gets the DOE up in your business…

          1. Ugh…it’s just another taxpayer supported racket. Crony capitalism at it’s finest. Many unfortunate parents or working students have to pay outrageous tuition rates, while these big colleges always seem to have enough pocket change to donate to Washington so they can keep that old “iron triangle” Reagan talked about chugging along.

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