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Live Stream || CNN Arizona Republican Debate

I will live stream the debate here if it is available. Otherwise I will leave this post up so that everyone can comment as the debate moves along.

UPDATE: Sorry I was not able to live stream. It’s been a good debate, I hope you’ll share what you think.

23 thoughts on “Live Stream || CNN Arizona Republican Debate”

  1. Someone needs to ask why I must pay $10.93 for a GE energy saving bug-light bulb that contains mercury and probably won’t work anyway. I say pesticides deter bugs, not $10.93 light bulbs.

    1. Am I the last living dinosaur who believes that a real lady always a) covers her knees when seated and b) always wears some sort of stocking or tight? Class is as class does. She looks like she’s sitting courtside at a Lakers’ game with some two-bit Hollywood hack.

      1. No, you’re not the last living dinosaur. MO does not know how to act like a lady. She should wear stockings/hose and keep her dress smoothed down toward her knees when she sits. She should keep her legs together, ankles crossed or straight, angled toward one side. She should cross her knees only when her dress is long enough to cover them. I just can’t believe a woman of MO’s status would sit and show her thighs/arse like she does. Disgusting and total lack of dignity.

      2. yeah, a little bit. nobody wears stockings much anymore. and most skirts don’t go down to the knee.

        I’m not saying Moochelle has a lot of class; she doesn’t. but your standards for what a “lady” is are roughly circa 1855.

        1. I admit that the dreaded pantyhose are passe–but could this woman get a nice Washington-red business suit with a knee-length skirt and sit decently? She is an insult to fashion–and some of us still dote on fashion.

          1. my favorite picture pair is the one of Michelle Obama and Laura Bush each getting off AF1. Laura is dressed casually but nicely. Michelle is wearing cutoff jeans and looks like a hot mess.

            but frankly, I don’t care what she wears–I just wish she’d stop going on vacations on MY DIME.

  2. Hey! The CNN stream on my computer got cut off IN THE MIDDLE OF SANTORUM’S CLOSING REMARKS and went to a commercial.

    Anyone else have that happen?

  3. I thought Romney had a great nite. Gingrich sounded very smart, but really, his perfect job would be lecturing at Hillsdale College, not being president.

    Iran Paul was doing his “wacky Uncle Ron” thing…and then suddenly they asked him about Iran, and he said that “just one nuke” shouldn’t worry us all that much. he sounded exactly like George C. Scott in “Dr. Strangelove.” he’s an absolute lunatic and if he had any power he might be as dangerous as Obama is.

    and poor Rick Santorum! I think he’s as done. I hope.

    now, hopefully, we can stop trying to destroy each other and come together around Romney to take back the White House.

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