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The Obama Show, Starring the Obamas

Thought you might want to see this Saturday Night Live spoof. The Obamas do The Cosbys. I liked the opening sequence.

Interesting that they decided to include Sasha and Malia and risk some kind of White House approbation. But the Obamas have repeatedly put their children before the public, in a way that neither the Bushes nor the Clintons did their children. It benefits the Obamas politically to demonstrate that they have a wonderful family.

So the Obamas can expect the kids to show up in things like this and shouldn’t complain when they do.

33 thoughts on “The Obama Show, Starring the Obamas”

  1. Are you sure this isn’t a documentary?

    Love Ms. O shaking her ass for the nation in the intro — bad comedy is exactly what the Obamas are all about.

    Next Michelle Antoinette will have her own monthly magazine with herself on the cover — take that, Oprah!

    In fact, Michelle has become Oprah — on tv everywhere, lecturing others about weight while remaining fat, giving general life advice, trying to keep a just call me one of the girls image as she lives like a queen. She even has celeb chef Kass zooming around under her name spreading magic info about what he cooks. All that is missing is the exercise tape and I’m sure that’s coming: “Let’s Move! Fun with Meesh and Beyonce Doin’ the Dougie.”

  2. Aunt Esther would have been a more authentic character to portray the WH food Nazi!

    Speaking of “food Nazis’ — where is the media on one of the biggest stories of the century? The unelected wife of a sitting President is tampering with our food supply in ways that will make Communist China look like democracy! As a candy lover, I am incensed that this thugette has coerced the Mars corp. to shrink the size and calorie content of their products! How dare this woman dictate to 300M people who have exercised freedom of choice for over 250 years?? Who does she think she is — Hitler?

    She has declared WAR on school lunches in public schools – resulting in Billions of taxpayer $$$ ending up in school cateteria trash cans across the nation! She has sicced the food police on parents who pack lunches!!! What’s next – the three strikes and you’re out law???

    America is under siege – and SNL is turning it into a comedy act!

    1. As much as I love to vilify Mrs.O, I have to think that Mars was going to do this anyway. Have you noticed how many food packages are shrinking lately? They can’t possibly raise their prices high enough (yeah, no official inflation) so they have to downsize. I think Mars is just using this as a PR campaign. I’m hoping it backfires just like Olive Garden, but that’s another point entirely!

      As to everything else you mention, you are absolutely correct!

      1. It may have been in their plans, but they announced it as being part of an agreement with one of Moochy’s thug groups, I forget which one.

        So instead of being a company that is reducing the size of a product to protect profits, Mars comes across as a do-gooder company that only cares for your children’s health.

        Protective coloration for a purely economic move.

        1. My life-long enjoyment of Snickers bars have come to an end. No Mars candy product will ever find it’s way in my shopping cart ever again. For whatever reason they caved to the food nazi, they have sold out their customer base. Hope it was worth it to them.

  3. Is this parody or a prediction of what the NBC line-up will look like in 2013?

    @ Girly1 – “America is under siege – and SNL is turning it into a comedy act!” Actually, I am glad to see SNL do something like this. While the majority of its viewers are probably left leaning, it will get some to start thinking about the things you mentioned.

    Parody and satire have been used through out history as a way to poke at the bear and make people take notice. Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” is a classic example of such work. And I would rather see humor, parody, and satire used to point out the foibles of our leaders than the vile rhetoric that has become the norm in political discourse.

    Now SNL needs to do something on Mrs. O’s vacations, especially the recent ski trip. I can see them doing some sort of tie in with the Hawaii trip and Aspen. Michelle skiing down a slope while wearing a cocoanut bra, grass skirt, and lei around her neck saying something about how she forgot where she was at on vacation. (Loren Michaels if you use this, I expect some form of royalty or payment)

    1. Yeah, they need to do one where she falls down on the ski slope and causes an avalanche thousands of miles away. Or she dives into the ocean and causes a tsunami in Japan.
      The Dynamic Duo of Barack and Michelle have wreaked more havoc and consternation on the American way of life than any other public figures that I can think of. Anyone who holds themselves up as the arbiter of all that is good and right is arrogant and self-righteous and deserves to be vilified and made merciless fun of. While a lot of the rhetoric is vile as you say, that is to be expected in politics and it is not confined to this particular age of politics we are in. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
      These are dangerous people. They are serious about promoting and putting into place their odious agenda. Unfortunately, sometimes when they are called silly names or their personalities and acts are made into comedy, it dilutes the fact of their danger to our country.

      1. Veritas –

        I agree whole heartedly that these people (the Obamas) are dangerous to the nation and the world. And I also agree that the landscape of political discourse has not changed much in 200 years, whether here or abroad. The problem that I am having with this and the past election (08) is how divisive and just plain hateful the conversation in this country has become.

        Perhaps it is due to my getting older and to an extent more mellow (unfortunately) but I have always found that you don’t have to attack the man, per se, in a battle of ideas, you attack the ideas. But after reading some comments here, not the regulars, and on many other sites I am just amazed at how personal and hateful some of the dialogue has become, especially from the left, but there are some on the right also. As I said in another post, I think it is due to the anonymity of the internet. What once would have NEVER been said to someone’s face is now bandied about without fear of any repercussions.

        We need, and must fight against the onslaught that the left, the Islamophiles, the MSM, and the global money manipulators are attempting to perpetrate. If we lose the fight, we lose the country, and I do not want to see that.

        Paul wrote that we fight not against flesh and blood, but against princes and principalities. I would reword that to say we fight not against a man, but against his ideas and ideals. All I wish is that the derogatory name calling and hateful speech would stop. But, we have descended into a school yard fight with a bully. The best way to beat a bully is to stand up to him, and show that you are not afraid. We don’t need to resort to resort to character assassination, but we do need to fight.

        1. True, true, true. I was having some very serious moments this morning and then got a great chuckle out of Joe Biden’s ” Road Island” visit. It really is hard not to laugh at the sheer lunacy of the people that are “governing” us poor dopes.

  4. Help! Sense of humor gone! First, those are pathetic imitations of both the Cosbys and the Obamas….And the reality show we like to call Life In America Today is far more horrible–and funny–than even SNL can make it.

    1. I agree…it wasn’t edgy; witty; or funny. It’s not the “Cosby Show” it’s “Michelle Knows Best.”

      (sorry, didn’t read your post prior to going on my rant below)

        1. I like the story about Bill Cosby asking a student he was supposedly spending time in his limo during a college appearance, how it felt for her to sit with someone who makes more money in one hour than she will in her lifetime.

  5. Of all the FirstLadies “special projects” (or what they did to keep from being bored to death), MrsO’s is the only one where a FirstLady doesn’t participate in the actual project. MrsO doesn’t prepare or cook meals for her family, nor does she pack a school lunch for her children.

    OT: the Kia ad promoted a special feature of a power driven folding side mirror. I didn’t know that drivers folded their side mirrors and that it was a difficult chore. ??

  6. Ahhh, I thought this would “biting”‘ satire; knocking Duh Won down a peg…but alas, a weak portrayal of an equally weak real life man…supposed to “lead the free world” but can’t quite get the nerve to eat a sandwich. Instead of parody we get “Michelle Knows Best.”

    I guess the “humor” is the wooden “token” white Secret Service Agent, and a cameo by Joe Jamal-Biden (trying to hook up with his forbidden BFF Cockroach–maybe the Roach has a BMI too bight for Michelle’s approval?)

    I really don’t see the Obamas as Cosbys as edgy humor. Now I can see a version of the Jefferson starring the Obots. I mean who else sees Val Jarrett cast as Florence, the know it all–in total charge–maid; Joe Biden as the standard, whimpy white guy neighbor; Mrs. Robinson as Mother Jefferson!

    1. I think your idea of a Jefferson parody would much more entertaining than this was. They may have a hard time finding someone to play Weezy because Mooch couldn’t make the cut. Weezy was way more personable and principled.

      1. I agree on this–actually Geo Jefferson was a good character–he had his own biases and was open about them, he was bossy and funny but hard-working and labored for his money. He was human–and he had Weezy to slap him back into line.

  7. @Shofar….”Actually, I am glad to see SNL do something like this. While the majority of its viewers are probably left leaning, it will get some to start thinking about the things you mentioned.”

    The only problem I had with this skit is, as Denise VB said, they portrayed the MOOCH as being way too nice. And, I might add, way too attractive, lol!

  8. Interesting, indeed – Blondie. I knew about her position on the Board of Treehouse before the election, but never once did I hear a word about it in the MSM. She resigned her position 8 days after her husband said he would never shop at Walmart! She also left with 2900 stock options at a strike price of $29.00. If she still has the stock options, they are worth $57 today – a tidy profit for the Welfare Queen!

    I often wonder if her obsessive alliance with the food industry is also a double-edged sword – with a financial payoff down the road! She doesn’t lift a finger unless there is something in it for herself!

  9. Funny, I have said from the beginning that people who never did a little homework on Obama – even by flipping through his books – before voting for him thought they were voting for the Huxtables, not realizing they were voting for Huey Newton.

  10. The sad thing about this is, that after this ersatz president and Aunt Esther are turned out of the White Crib in November we will have to listen to their pontificating and political mischief for the next 50 years. Like mold in your bathroom, you never really get rid of used Democrat Presidents.

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