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Obama Raffle Hits Rock-Bottom Entry Fee of $1

The price for a meal with President Obama has declined to $1.

In an email to supporters today signed by “Barack” and sent by the Obama 2012 campaign in his name, the president says that for just a single buck, recipients of the message can be entered into a raffle to have dinner with Obama along with three other backers.

Here’s an excerpt:

Tomorrow night, we’ll pick the first of four supporters who will sit down with me for dinner.

I’m hopiong you’ll take me up on the invitation . . .

Donate $1 or more today and be automatically entered to win.

The campaign had insisted on receiving $5 from participants in an earlier presidential raffle. The next raffle cost donors only $3 to enter. But the latest contest now appears to be open to the very last remaining members of the 99 percent who might have previously resisted joining the contest.

42 thoughts on “Obama Raffle Hits Rock-Bottom Entry Fee of $1”

  1. They are going to be dining at McDonalds. Meal selections will be offered from the Dollar Menu offerings. Unlike Obama, it is one tasty bargain!

  2. I’d send a dollar if he includes PMNetanyahu as a guest. I’d like to express my support for Israel in person.
    Of course, Bibi might be a little busy right now, so MrO might include one of those tony entertainers from Hollywood that seem to find time to visit the White House or TV cooking star, PaulaDeen, just to make my trip worthwhile.

  3. Do these people really believe the raffle is necessary to increase donations? To influence a vote by raffle, bribe, coercion, or other trick is morally wrong! Do these people have any idea how bad ths looks? I would be embarrassed I put my name in such a pool by contribution. Even if they paid me to go and Obama wouldn’t be there, I would not donate to a candidate that said I just also won a chance for dinner with him. I have to donate? I already have, I am a taxpayer. These are not the US political parties that were around 40 years ago when I first voted. Sad.

    1. They are leftists, they do not care how bad something looks, they have no shame. If they just ignore it or put some sort of idiotic spin on it, they are good to go.

    2. It bumps the total tally of “modest” donors to his campaign. We laugh b/c this appears cheap and crass, but he has plans to make it work for him in swaying voters.

    1. For a buck, he’ll have your home address, phone number, email, ISP, whew. May as well give him your house.

      It’s obivious he’s harvesting fundraising names and addresses, which he’ll happily share with the Dems in all the states and districts. Also, punching up his number of “grassroots” supporters so he can brag about what a regular guy he is :D

  4. This doesn’t surprise me. He hires flunkies in his administration who have no common sense and are stuck at the age of adolescence. Maybe they don’t realize they are debasing the office of the presidency with their buck a shot deal. The “Road” Island calendar entry is telling of this administration’s level of intellect. All that college education and nobody knows how to spell Rhode Island. Guess they never took any geography courses.

  5. “But the latest contest now appears to be open to the very last remaining members of the 99 percent who might have previously resisted joining the contest.” When I read that line, all I could think of was the Borg of Star Trek NG fame.

    “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”

    And how apropos, as the Borg believed in the collective vs the individual. Perhaps we now have discovered the true source of leftist politics – The Borg.

    May America “Dif-tor heh smusma!”

  6. to all who call him various “names”. this man is not stupid. he has implemented his playbook to destroy our America…and he’s winning.
    just about everthing that comes out of his mouth is a lie. example…he did not block Keystone pipeline, the repubs did. look at how his justice dept is going after those who oppose him. check out the current report on how the IRS is making a Tea Party organ run thru hoops to gain tax exempt status…something that never occured for Media matters.
    Americans love this man. Why?

    1. Because Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory, MSNBC (all), the View dames, and an increasing number on Fox tell them to — and most people do not look into this at all or care. They go: Republicans bad…grunt, grunt. Including my Gannett paper–with its incessant badly drawn cartoons on how stupid Republicans are. And some on this list who like to savage various Rep candidates, why I don’t know.

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  11. I actually feel a bit screwed by the above cited letter. I only got an email offer at $2 to have dinner with the President. I might have taken him up at $1.

    However, I have a little bit different spin on the “dinner offer.” I happen to think that it’s encouraging evidence that our President is finally developing a crude understanding of economics. See the story at Pundit Pete posted last week.

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