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Obama Forgets Biden’s Name

During an event on the payroll tax this morning at the White House, President Obama appeared to momentarily forget the name of his vice president.

The lapse occurs right at the beginning of the video below. As you’ll see, he hesitates for just a moment between “vice president” and “Biden.” The vice president appears to recognize the slip and laughs it off.

Now, imagine the reaction if Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush did this . . .

23 Responses to Obama Forgets Biden’s Name

  1. “Bush Tax Cuts” –bad
    “Obama Tax Cuts” –good.

    How about our elected officials quit playing shell games with taxes for their own political gains and stop spending money that isn’t theirs?

  2. Thank God the faux pas is in the first 30 seconds of the video!!
    I have usually reached my threshold of pain by this time with this clown..

  3. I remember the results of a poll that showed most Americans have no idea who VPBiden is or what he does. MrO must have been one of those polled.

  4. I can’t listen. Without the promptor he’s even worse.

    Who are all the props behind him? Lovely hot pink turban on the one guy. Also, his shirt color is terible on him.

    • It is just for appearance sake. These stage characters all fit his idea of diversity. Remember when his people went out and bought white coats for all the “doctors” in the audience of one of his health care propaganda speeches…

      • Must’ve doubled his meds due to the rigors of campaigning…
        What a mess he is ! Better not forget moochie’s name (maybe he has with
        the little time they spend due to her trips and all)