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Korans Destroyed by U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

U.S. troops “improperly disposed” of Korans in Afghanistan, with a number having been burned, according to reports starting to come out of the country.

Get ready for some problems. A few thousand Afghanis are already protesting outside Bagram Air Base. I think it’s possible President Obama will have to appear to make a statement.

Here’s the commander of U.S. troops in Afganistan, who has already made a statement himself.

A little disconcerting watching a U.S. military leader trying to placate people so they don’t start screaming to the heavens and tearing things apart, but understandably necessary.

19 thoughts on “Korans Destroyed by U.S. Troops in Afghanistan”

  1. As opposed to the Holy Bibles that were burned in Afghanistan by US troops, with no apologies to Christians in Afghanistan (who have to live in hiding and worship in secret because Christianity is outlawed), with no investigations, with no promises it will never happen again?

    It is time to shake the dust from our feet and leave that wretched country to whatever fate its backward tribes seem determined to make for their descendants. If Afghanistan’s women have not yet taken up arms to protect themselves and their children, to demand their own rights and decency for their children, after all this time there is nothing more we can do for them.

    May God have mercy on those who want better.

  2. lets see, they may slice your head off for owning a Bible and following Christ.or they may take you prisoner & torture you before slicing your head off..or they may kill your whole family and torture you, drag you through the streets and THEN slice your head off !!
    Burn a koran? NOW you’ve broken allahs law !
    We need to start calling it as it is, this is a brutal religion built on fear, hate
    and cold blooded murder…. the lame stream media & our pc contolled govt wont dare speak a word of it. In fact, they chose to coddle this wretched thuggery which turns children into suicide bombers and keeps millions living in the stone age… and our men & women are dying as a result…

  3. While I understand that Gen Allen needed to make a statement out of political correctness, I am waiting for the other shoe to be thrown.

    The Islamaphiles and Islamic apologist here in the West will jump on this as another example of “raging Islamophobia.” A mistake may have been made, and there should be an investigation as how this happened, but it will be used to incite violence against our troops, and may in fact incite violence across the globe against “Western Imperialism.”

    When will the west learn that Islam is not a religion as we have traditionally known and defined one, but a political ideology that is based on the idea of a world ruled by Islamic standards? Do people like Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar, and others who want to come to the defense of Islam not realize that if Islam and Sharia law were to exist in the west, especially in the US, they would not only loose their careers (if O’Donnell even has one) and probably their lives?

    The left and Islamic apologist can try and paint Islam as a religion of peace, but anyone who has even scratched the surface of the history of this relio-political system can see that it is not. Where Jesus taught tolerance, the Koran teaches violence. Where the Torah laid out the history of and the Mitzvahs for the Jewish people the Koran subjugates people and commands it followers to “kill the infidel” or make him pay the jizya.

    While there have been many atrocities committed in the name of Christ, they pale to the murder and mayhem that Mohammad’s followers have done to those they have conquered, and to their own. The Torah gave man a law by which to live, and Jesus taught to conquer through the Holy Spirit; the pedophile of Mecca and Medina spread his teachings through the sword.

    I pray for our troops still in south west and south central Asia, for this incident will only further inflame the radical populace of the region, and put our men and women in greater jeopardy. We never went into that region to win as a military should, so lets get out.

  4. Once Osama Bin Laden evaded capture, the only reason to remain in Afghanistan was to distract radical Islamicist in Pakistan while implementing social and economic reforms that culminated in General Mushariff relinquishing power to a democratically elected, secular government. Now that President Obama is so determined to humiliate and undermine the credibility of Pakistan’s civilian government in an apparent effort to provoke the Islamicist dominated military into launching a coup to seize control of the country and it’s 100-200 nuclear weapons, continuing the war serves no useful purpose. It is time to abandon the goal of imposing civilization. US troops should systematically destroy the bridges, roads and most of all the irrigation systems as the withdraw, being particularly diligent to spray the poppy fields with a genetically engineered virus that will put that country out of the drug business permanently.

  5. People…sensible, honest interpreters of the world around them are beginning to push back against the PC…particularly as it is applied in double and triple standard and the pretzel logic of “Islam is the Religion of Peace(tm)”

    The concessions to footbaths; five prayer breaks a day; cabbies forbidding everything from service pets to wine bottles in their cans; mixed in with the nearly daily reports of “honor killings/beatings/acid disfigurements” because “she shamed us!” are adding up. Quickly. And hovering around all this is a book OUR soldiers have to touch…literally only with gloves…by the insistance of our own PC’d “leaders.”

    Islamophobia, like RAAAACIST!!! has been played too many times. A small bonfire of burned books could be the ignition of a much, much bigger firestorm.

    1. Ooooops…didn’t get to my “real” point. Keith your assessment that the _resident may have to make a statement to calm the Muslim sensibilities gives me great HOPE. The bowing to Saudi kings, Madrassa schooled, “my Muslim…I mean Christian faith” Obama explaining how US soldiers (risking their lives in the defense of the US) ARE SORRY to have “mistreated” a book, ought to be a priceless sound bite this election year.

  6. Wasn’t there a dust up recently over Bill O’Reilly’s books being burned by the troops? I think it’s because for every book he sells, he sends a copy to the troops. (That’s a lotta books) They explained it as a necessity when they run out of room and have to move somewhere else.

    Of course, the Left cheered them anyhow, because it was O’Reilly.

  7. At home our men are forced to wear pregnancy outfits just to show them what it is like to be a woman. In Afghanistan, they are bound to rules of engagement that make winning this war virtually impossible. Even their so-called commander in chief is negotiating with the same people who are killing them in battle. This is like Déjà vu of Vietnam. Time to bring our troops home from that wasteland. They don’t have the support and backing of their supposed leaders.

  8. This is only the beginning. This administration has bent over backwards and forwards (bowing) for this religion. If we get four more years, America will be forever damaged.

  9. Exactly how did the media learn about this accidental burning? Who is making “the reports coming out of the country”? Where exactly were these books burned? This all seems pretty fishy without knowing the answers to those questions.

  10. MT for re-redistribution

    I’m pretty sure they would kill us all if they could. And I’m also pretty sure that makes them our enemies. And I’m pretty sure it’s stupid to go out of our way to not piss off our enemies that already want to kill us all.

  11. The fetishistic handling of the koran by American troops is making me sick. They carry it around while wearing clean white gloves, they deliver with respectful faces to prisoners in cells, and they apologize when a few copies are burnt.

    And we protect the poppy fields in Afghanistan so the drugs can be sent to our shores to poison our citizens.

    Somehow these madnesses seem to be similiar.

    All korans/qurans and every mosque in the world should be burned and destroyed.
    islam needs to be extracted from America and terminated from the world.

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