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Video || Raw Footage of Michelle Obama Skiing

White House Dossier has obtained exclusive footage out of Aspen of Michelle Obama skiing. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Not bad! Michelle really hasn’t skied much, which is one reason I thought she was overdoing it by flying to Aspen. But now I understand.

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  1. Well, NOW she has a good reason to lobby the Olympics committee to bring the Winter Games to Chicago-she could be the first First Lady to participate. I can see the headlines now!:D

  2. Wow! I’m so impressed by MrsO’s ability to ski, throw a football, whack a tennis ball and hula hoop that I’m going to vote for MrO in November.

    1. Be impressed ! Someone in her posse bet her 5 maine lobsters, 2 new york strip steaks ,2 baked potatoes, biscuits, gravy and 3 Paula Dean sweet potato pies that she couldn’t jump it… as you can see, she quickly overcame her fears and enjoyed her dinner afterward !
      I don’t know which is more impressive… the jump or the consumption?

    1. Not to mention–did you see the hideous color of that ski jacket–certain she wouldn’t be caught dead in that unless it had some fancy schmancy designer label on it!!!

        1. Don’t forget those $25.00 rags from Target! She sports those a lot lately. Just one of us peons, dontcha know!

          I loved the contents of her Target buggy when she was “surprised” by a photog: Dog treats and a jug of Lysol. Was she telling us that she cleans the White House toilets herself? Impressive!

  3. Good one Keith. What a woman. Olympic skier, Guinness World Record holder in jumping jacks, and living the life of the rich and famous by sticking it to the taxpayer with 16 exotic vacations since the occupation of our WH. Enjoy it while you can queenie.

  4. Ski equipment from Goodwill = $47.85; Ski clothing from Target = 106.98; Air fare, lodging, fancy meals, ski lift passes, secret service detail = Priceless…to her — $850,977 charged to the tax payer’s MasterCard.

  5. Keith…like Foster Friesse would say “what a gal!”

    Soon our Me!Chelle Antoinette will be BFFs with Sean White:) take that Val Jarrett!

    Kudos Keith…you broke this…and it use going mainstream. The DemApologistas are even having troubles ‘splaining this one. Santorum or Gingrich need to USE this “.005% percenter” behavior as a contrast to the “fairness and redistribution” preached by the Obama’s.

    1. “Keith…like Foster Friesse would say “what a gal!”

      Check out her form–she didn’t keep her knees together like Mr. Friesse suggests!!!

  6. Thanks so for the Monday morning laugh, Keith!

    The actual shots of her ‘skiing’ demonstrate just how much of a beginner she is…she’s looking down at the skis, rather than checking out the tree in the middle of the run (RIP Sonny Bono).

  7. I heard she fell off the ski lift.

    And I saw the photos that have been tilted so that it looks as if she is on a steeper slope (tilt them back so the trees are vertical and you’ll see her true level of accomplishment on skis).

    Now, I think it’s good to try new things, but there was no need for her to fly to Aspen. There are slopes near Washington, D.C., and no one can tell me the Princesses Obama had an overwhelming need to be in Aspen this President’s Day weekend.

  8. Taking a big jump…named after a large marine animal–some connection…but in Slate (which I hate) we learn:

    Just FYI. Also, I am getting a lot of anti-Romney emails and when I block an address, it comes the next day in another stolen or cloned address. Just keep the delete key working, I guess.

  9. Off topic but just heard about one of Romney’s campaign speeches in Michigan over the weekend. He’s having a hard time defining his policies and what he stands for.

    I love this state… I love the lakes… I love cars… I love American cars and long may they rule the world… As Michael Barry says he sounds like a CEO trying to make small talk with his workers.

    1. He can be cringe-worthy. Definitely trying too hard and can’t seem to be himself, a boring guy. He actually might make a good president, though. It seems too late to get another candidate and Santorium has issues, too.

      Romney, personally, is a nice guy who has quietly done many admirable things in his life. Don’t mention the dog. lol. Even that has been distorted.
      I wouldn’t underestimate his toughness. He’s shown it in the campaign.

      1. He does seem to be a very nice man with a lovely family, but his policies aren’t bold enough to make the drastic changes this country needs to turn us away from the brink. The first two issues in his 59-point plan are (1) maintain current income tax rates, and (2) maintain current tax rates on interest, dividends, and capital gains. Too milquetoast and just managing the decline, in my opinion. None of our candidates are flawless, but I’m going with Santorum. He is a man of principle, and he speaks my language. Watched his Ohio speech over the weekend and he said the most important aspect of this election is freedom. That is music to my ears.

        As far as being tough, I have my doubts whether Romney will be as hard on Obama as he has been on his fellow Republicans. The establishment won’t let him.

      2. I agree with this, Granny. Romney could be making more money or doing more volunteer work, but instead he has scrapped around these states setting up a campaign for yrs–unheralded. To me, this is fire in the belly, to use another cliche. Maybe this is anecdotal, but the Mormons around here are hardworking, tend to make a lot of money and are conservative–I don’t see Romney passing it out like Tic Tacs. Stewart cracked that under those jeans, he probably had his regular pants. I don’t think he is comfy being all small talky–but most of these guys are not. Maybe Clinton, but most of the others are not.

  10. I havent seen FLOTUS Michelle’s “ski vacation” reported anywhere in the ‘media’…

    Any reason this is not being mentioned/reported anywhere?

    (or is the ‘media’ such Obama sycophants they do everything they can to support Obama)

    1. That one–what you said…Speak nothing against thy hero. Although did you see Jon Stewart on Letterman? I know he would crawl over broken glass to vote for Obama again, but he still depicted him as remote and not liking Americans much. Stewart said something like Obama sighs before every news conference–you people again… He even compared unfavorably him in a back-handed way to Bush…

      1. So, who is paying for the Crown family’s stay in the hotel?

        Who are the girffriends traveling with MoochMORE? She just always has to have a pack around her.

        Two ski instructors for three adults?
        Three ski instructors for two children?

  11. Be careful, Keith. the Obama campaign sicced the Aspen photographer on me over using his photos which I found on Politico and the Daily Mail UK. Luckily, he threatened me on the video so I took it down before You Tube did. I had done a parody of her Aspen trip which had only been up a few hours..

    I know the photographer wasn’t personally watching You Tube videos. It was his first ever comment on You Tube in 5 years. I’m honored to be considered that important, WH idiots!

    1. Wondered why your video was taken down Granny Jan. I did get to see it before you pulled it and it was fantastic. If I remember correctly you used the theme music from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Maybe you could re-post it with a note saying something like photo embargoed by Obama regime or something similar.

    2. Be careful GJ! The Obots are maliciously rotten and totally without humor. I find their censorship and suppression techniques to be like a game of Whack-A-Mole. The more they pound down…the more others of “us” pop up all about:). That they are “seeking you out” means you are gathering a following and your message threatens their plans. Well done!!!

    3. GJ, I am so sorry to’ve missed your newest video! If it was half a sgood as the others then I know I missed a great parody. What a sad time for our country when you can’t even make fun of someone without being threatened. I agree – that photographer did not act independently.

    4. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve even heard of anyone doing that. Whether they did this particular thing or not, I’m sure we can expect the WH to collude – directly or through its allies – in as much suppression of information it doesn’t like as possible.

  12. Love the video, Keith! Now she can turn in the hula hoop and potato sack for a pair of ski poles! What a champ!

    Congratulations, Granny Jan! As long as the First Amendment is still intact, let me just say ‘Keep up the good work’!!! Sorry the little men in black chose to confiscate your Aspen parody…but it just goes to show you have really touched a nerve with the MOOCH! What is this world coming to when a gal can’t have a little fun at the expense of the Royals!

    Speaking of the Royals, I bet the Crown household is counting the hours until Queenie and her entourage board AF Two back to the palace! It can’t be easy listenin’ to MOOchelle droppin’ those ‘g’s for three days!

    1. The Crowns escaped to a local luxury hotel which they probably own and left MO and her entourage free run on their “chalet”. Srdem linked to the Daily caller article with its insider information.
      Incidentally, my sister is the best friend of Paula Hanaway Crown’s cousin. Paula’s a middle class girl from my hometown of Marblehead who married very well. It’s ironic how Michelle Obama said negative things about white Irish catholics in Chicago like the Daleys as Paula is Irish catholic or she was once.

  13. Was Buttermilk closed to the public for the entire holiday week-end? It’s okay for the Royals to disrupt the entire town with their circus-like entourage—but it’s not okay for Mom, Dad, Malia and Sasha to attend regular Sunday morning church services in D.C. for fear of disrupting the congregation! What hypocrisy!

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        I’m sure the taxpayers are paying the ski resort to compensate for their loss of revenue due to turning away skiers. Probably buying skiers free passes for their next trip too to make up for the inconvenience. More hidden costs we are paying for.

        Boy I sure get a happy feeling knowing that the first lady is taking dozens of vacations on my dime. I know I can’t afford one, so I must live vicariously through her. Thank God for Michelle Obama.

        BTW, church is for the ignorant masses, not the royalty.

  14. Interesting story, Granny Jan. Attacking the Irish Catholics in Chicago was not a smart move — I can understand why Bill Daley extricated himself from the situation at the WH! The Obamas, if the truth be known, hate everyone except their own.

    I hope the Crown family has a good cleaning crew! God only knows what they are going to find under the beds and under the sofa cushions! The Obamas have no respect for the WH….imagine the damage they could to to a private home!

  15. Where is El Presidente today? Don’t see his busy schedule up. I guess because its his special day,he’s off? He is a Federal employee after all and campaigning is tiring.

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  17. I was really hoping someone had caught the image of her falling off the ski- lift. On MOTUS’ site, a poster said the locals laughed their heads off and said she looked like an idiot. I’d pay to see that video.

  18. This is MoochMORE putting herself first, as she says. Suppose Barry doesn’t get re-elected? Then MoochMORE would have been deprived of this VIP trip to Aspen on the taxpayers’ dime. This way, whether or not he’s re-elected, she’ll always have the memories.

    I wonder if MoochMORE suspects that Barry will lose. Either that or she knows we won’t be having elections.

  19. Very random comment. Well I liked Ike before he was President this was when he was Supreme Allied Commander in WW 2. Mamie made the group of wives of the high grade officers serving with her husband adhere to a few
    ‘guidelines’. While the war was on she said no dining out, parties trips or
    frivolous spending. They would meet at Mamie’s to plan and do things for the
    wounded their families and other volunteer efforts. Low key but Mamie seemed like a meek First Lady but I guess she got her drive and dedication
    from her upbringing and her husband. Just a nice story to think we have had and will again have steel willed wonderful women like Mamie.
    Happy President’s Day! To all who served us well!
    Ike was a Kansas man:-)

    1. Mamie had a born-wealthy father and immigrant mother.
      She appreciated her privilege and took public service seriously.
      The antithesis of Michelle Obama in every conceivable way.

      1. Thanks for the reply I just thought of her the other she seemed so mild
        and quiet but she was a formitable woman and great lady. A real First
        Lady as were others especially of that generation.

    1. hope they dont follow the clintonian practice of packing more than they should.. seems like they were told to return items lifted from the WH
      premises after moving out… any one remember that?

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  21. I’m tired of all the half-truths this organization puts our about Senator Hatch. The leader of Freedomworks for America is very hypocritical when accusing Senator Hatch of too much spending! He’s worse than most of them! Almost all of the accusations put out against Senator Hatch have been successfully refuted yet, the absurd headlines and accusations continue. If he is not re-elected and made Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Senator Olympia Snow will be put in. She is now infamous as the Republican who crossed the line and voted for Obama Care! I don’t want someone like that taking care of my tax dollars in the Senate!!!

  22. Keith, Keith, Keith, I’ve just read 2 articles about Mrs Obummer and I’m beginning to think you’re a major supporter of her! How did the tables turn? I’m surprised, to say the least

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