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Michelle Obama Decides to Ski Aspen

Michelle Obama has embarked on a skiing vacation with her daughters in Aspen, Colorado, according to the Aspen Daily News.

The first lady, who just returned last month from 17 days of relaxation in Hawaii, is skiing in Colorado on Presidents’ Day Weekend for the second year in a row. Last year she went to Vail.

Michelle’s decision to ski out West again instead of hitting slopes closer to Washington would seem an inopportune choice for a first lady who is helping her husband campaign on issues of “fairness.”

The Obama campaign has set itself up as the defender of the poor and the middle class against the “One Percent,” a theme which clashes with the image a first lady who is taking frequent and exclusive vacations.

Just last August, she sojourned on Martha’s Vineyard, and the month before she travelled to southern Africa for a trip that mixed official business with tourist outings like an African safari. In July 2010, she took an exorbitant excursion to the southern coast of Spain, flying out with friends and family on a large jet that often serves as Air Force 2 and then staying at a ritzy hotel.

What’s more, as the government struggles to cut the deficit, the symbolism of a first lady jetting out to Aspen with a security entourage at taxpayers’ expense to ski would seem to send the wrong message about cutting back on spending.

For her last two Hawaii vacations, Michelle left separately from her husband at extra cost to taxpayers in order to ensure she got the full vacation while the president was forced to remain in Washington a few extra days to finish work with Congress.

President Obama last summer called for “an attitude of shared sacrifice” to solve the nation’s deficit woes.

Michelle this weekend is reportedly staying at the Aspen home of a wealthy Obama backer from Chicago. She held a fundraiser at the same residence last July.

809 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Decides to Ski Aspen”

    1. There’s several local resorts within an hour or two of the WH. I’m sure the reason is not to “disrupt” them. But the real reason, is why hob-nob with the 99% when you can hang with the 1% !

      If Obama’s re-elected, you better believe it’ll be the Swiss Alps for our next ski vacay with the rest of the Royals :D

          1. exactly right. I believe the correct analogy would be to the Fueher and Ava Braun, not the king and queen. Queen Elizabweth has far more class than this pair.

      1. I he’s re-elected we won’t be reading comments such as yours. Or much else, for that matter, other than administration-approved propaganda.

        1. Ya got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Think about all the things, beside health care, you will have to beg for or get approved for or not allowed to see or do!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. If the voters of this country re-hire this fraud, this country is done for. I really find it hard to believe they will do this–I pray not. America really is the worlds last best hope. We have a small chance of coming back.

            As long as I’m here I’ll ask a question. Now that Sheriff Beabeau (AZ tough guy) has been outed by the Left–Does that mean it’s okay to finally out the Obama? Seems everyone I know “knows” this, but nobody in the media dare go near it. Rush toyed with it one day, but backed off.

            If this was just a random hunk of gossip, I wouldn’t care…But come on: Reggie Love, Bill Frist (yes, Bill Frist, quite the love affair), Kal Penn (flown in from Hollyweird for his lovin), Larry Sinclair, the two murdered guys at Rev. Wrights church (part of the famous down low club) and every old white guy that went to Man’s Country in the late ’90’s. Barry really, really likes those old white guys. He’s remembered because he never reciprocated.

            So, what do you all think? If it’s okay to out Sheriff Babeau the evillllllllllllllllllllllllllll conservative–can we finally out Mr. Best Husband in the World?

        1. Hey Dreams – that Nazi website for “reporting” about people saying negative things about The Community Divider In Chief (oops there I go now!) is hilarious, isn’t it?

          I can only imagine the howls from the liberal main stream media had Bush done something similar. Libs are so hypocritically disgusting.

          1. Let’s not forget the tumultuous brouhaha that arose in the media when it was discovered that Richard Nixon kept an “enemy’s list.” Obama has simply taken the same concept and brought it technologically up to date.

          2. This is a free country. Barry O is an elected official. I think he and his Obamabots forget that alot of the time. I wish if they thought he and the FLOTUS deserved so many vacations that the liberals and their lackeys would pay for them and not the taxpayers. Enough already.

          3. Sorry, but I’m too far behind from paying from all of Bush’s vacations to Texas. You remember how he spent about two YEARS of his Presidency outside of Washington, right? Yeah, didn’t think so. You wingnuts have short attention spans.

          4. GWB went to his Texas ranch, where he actually did WORK – like clearing brush- , something that the Obamas are completely unfamiliar with. Not even in the same league, partner. But feel free to keep drinking that honey and changed koolaid. The only hope I’m harboring is for a change in 2012.

          5. NYCTim,
            You are seriously comparing the outrageous junkets of the Obamas to Bush?! You are either totally stoned or totally stupid!? As Independents we have abandoned you Left Wing Lemmings for the 2012 elections. …..feel free to consider the ignorance of people like you as one of the primary reasons.

        2. @Dreams, not a bad idea, if the “Truth teams” see the truth, maybe they’ll convert to the side of common sense and see how wasteful the pres is.

      1. Michelle Obama is spending the night 4 blocks from my house here in Aspen.

        What the occupy & the tea party movements have in common is the message of: “Enough!” Or:
        Dear 1%/big govt, treat us little people with dignity.

        … I’d like to walk 4 blocks over from my house to my neighbor billionaire Paula Crown’s house [owner Aspen Ski Co/JP Morgan Chase…..] with a big fat Texas white trash sign on my pickup & park it in front of her drive like they do in real democracies down in South America that says:

        …Dear Michelle,
        Hope u r having fun skiing @ my neighbor’s “rustic” Petit Trianon. Are u talking art? [ROFL: Paula is on the Presidential Arts Committee & banned @ 1 time or another from Aspen Skico property: a song, a singer, a local newspaper and a whistleblower.] Or weapons? [not so ROFL: The Crowns’ big $ is General Dynamics, a merchant of death that sells to both sides.]

        btw, what’s the name of that song Skico banned?

        I’m gonna B frank. We’ve figured u elites out. Games up. We r the 99%. Enough.

        [google Chris Hedges 4 more on this.] If you take a morning walk on Monday, I’d suggest u take a left on Tiehack and go 3 blocks 2 my house & see the sculpture we [all 27 of us N occupy aspen–hey we grew!], made last week. It has lots of references to the Revolution, both American &…. French. We even made a guillotine and hung a barbie from the 3rd floor window. your host, our local Marie Antoinette tried to get the last sculpture removed—it was public art in a public place—really LOL —the City sent me a letter asking me to remove it. It gets funnier. The City copied two VP’s & a CEO from SKico on it.

        Can u say company town?

        but then your husband signed a law that allows him to send Americans 2 Guantanamo without trial without warrant without limits on time….& I love my community here in Aspen so I resort to the power of the net. besides, the hardware store gossip was that the X-tra visitors in town looked like Chicago thugs. not the crown royals —the secret service.

        my european friends remark: u americans r only free 2 do what they tell u. ironically, the aspen art museum summed it up nicely in a recent exhibition on Crown owned property: AMERIKA

    2. You right-wingers are just ticked off that some Lefties enjoy some of the same things you enjoy and can afford. Do you think Aspen and Vail should be reserved only for so-called conservatives?

      1. I’d say absolutely not. Although it might be a good idea to visit Venezuela or Cuba so you can see how well Obama’s political philosophy worked out for the people. You are just a useful idiot to the ruling class. If they should succeed in stealing our freedom and liberty we will all be in the same leaky boat, while they continue their lives of the rich and famous.

      2. Does farmer imply simpleton?. The point you are missing is that the Obamas are calling for sacrifice and fairness while continuing to go on fancy jaunts and failing to lead by example. It’s the “let them eat cake” mentality. It’s not a matter of affordability, you idiot. It’s a question of setting an example so people can see everyone – including Odumbo and Moochelle – are sharing in the sacrifice. If they had any principles about them they would recognize those and go on more modest vacations. But nothing is too fancy for Odumbo and Moochelle, her of the rhinoceros posterior. So now that I have completely insulted them, feel free to report me to Attack Watch…I would consider it a badge of honor.

  1. Well it’s just as costly and snooty. Besides there are more of her type of
    people there uneducated Hollywood types who adore the Obama’s. This is
    prime ski season and if I had to shell out what it cost for three days and have
    it ruined by that attention seeking woman I would be mad. Rest assured she
    will have more high $ restaurants to eat and eat and drink and drink. Did I
    forget skiing that was intentional. She’s most likely never seen Colorado or a pair of ski’s before we were footing the bill!

      1. You think folks are scared of attack watch. That is just a punk organization that has nothing but a bunch of idiots working for them.
        You can report them all you want, there is nothing they can do.

  2. The Crown family earned their money through defense contractor General Dynamics. They control 25% of Aspen owning property and The Aspen Sking Co. Someone who works with them just bought a 31 million dollar home in Aspen.
    James Crown earned his money the old-fashioned way. He inherited it. He attended Hampshire College in Amherst where I live. It’s for very rich but not necessarily bright kids who are listening to a different drummer.

    1. That seems to be how a good many of his supporters “earned” their wealth. Trust fund babies who never had to perform an honest day’s work in their life.

      1. “Hey, uh, are you, uh, talking about me and my, uh, family? Look, uh, Chappaquiddick is over and done with, I’m now among the, uh, dearly departed, so, uh, quit dragging me into these, uh, unkind insults.”

      1. Do tell all the juicy details bettyann… Poor dear, it is tough trying to act like you have some grace and coordination when you are built like a lumber jack.

  3. “Silly you, Barack and I support the middle class and the poor, but surely you don’t think we should try to live like them. Afterall, we were mandated to tell them how to live. We did go to Harvard you know.” *

    –Michelle Obama

    *A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

    1. We have not had a vacation since Obama has been in office, had to put off buying a car, and monthly expenses continue to grow. If this is the new “norm” me no likey. I’m thankful we can still pay our bills, but I’m sick and tired of watching my lifestyle go down. Have a good time Mooch, surely there will be some lovely commercials of your lavish spending while thumbing your nose at all of us..

      1. “Dear Moe, you must know that, courtesy of Barack’s crony capitalism, you can receive a subsidy towards a new Chevy Volt. We’ll even throw-in the exploding battery feature for free. Of course I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those things being of American royalty and all, but I hope this helps you while you’re spreading your wealth.”

        “Ta Ta, gotta go now. Aspen calls.” *

        –Michelle Obama

        *A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

      2. Agree. My car has 163k on it and we’re taking the vacation at Sunshine Mountain this week. Mind you Sunshine Mountain is run by the same people who manage our summer retreats…at Veranda Beach. Booking for either of these exclusive resorts is easy. First go out back under your veranda… Stay as long as you like. If you prefer the mountains and all those activities…simply find the highest elevation in your yard. Stay as long as you like.

      3. This is pathetic. My husband and I haven’t had a vacation since 1995 the year he retired from the military after 22 years. We’ve spent all these years working our asses off, only to have Obi-wan run this country down in 3 short years. Everything is more expensive & getting worse. We’re struggling too as the husband has been unemployed for over a year. If not for his retirement, we’d be in deep doodoo. Obama doesn’t give 2 craps about the middle class, he just wants to take more from us and give it to those that want to lay on their backs all day making baby after baby, that WE THE PEOPLE have to support. Not to mention their drinking & drugging, spending on fancy leather coats & shoes, cars & dubs, jewelry & having their fingernails done…how bout’ those weaves! That’s who Obama wants to give more too? They’re already getting too much. No, if “the poor” want help, they better start helping themselves. How selfish of Obama to dump on the middle class, the backbone of this country! I swear, him & the Moocher are spending like there’s no tomorrow to get back at the the rich & the whites, but he’s screwing the middle class! Juse listen to him, it’s so obvious. The Obamas should be ashamed of themselves, they look like greedy kids in a toy store going into frenzy mode. Americans need to make the right choice this year or we’re going to kissing China & Russia’s asses for sure. We need a STRONG President that won’t bow to anyone or cut down his fellow Americans while apoligizing for the past. Not to mention taking an expensive vacation every month. The money’s going to run out sometime.

        1. As a fellow Vet, I know what the sacrifices and hard work were. Obama has been anti-Military, anti-Religion, anti-American, anti-Capitalism, pro Islam, pro Socialism, pro Communist, and especially pro Obama. This has been the worst President and Presidential era in history. I agree with the others. We’re near bankruptcy and destruction after only three years of this jerks effort.

          1. Boy – I totally agree with tnmccoy.
            The worst president ever! If he gets in for a second term – we are ALL-goners. This administration has to be stopped NOW! He and Soros are taking everything we (our fore fathers) have worked for and then some. He does the talk but doesn’t do the walk.

    1. Wondering why she wasn’t invited ? When I read the guest list for the memorial, it read like the WH log book for all the times they were wined and dined at the WH. Hmmmm? MO showed them ;)

          1. No thank you Jack, I am hetero. You may want to proposition Bumbling Barry Oblamo though, since he is bi sexual and traded BJs to Larry Sinclair for cocaine, and Reggie Love was his best budd and body man.

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  5. If she were smart, she’d go to the Poconos. Pennsylvania’s not only closer to home, it’s not a sure thing for her husband this year.

    1. Yes, but then she would have to deny herself the finest of ski vacations. And she deserves the finest of all things.

      Skiing in Pennsylvania? That’s where the middle class skis and she doesn’t mix very well with people of other classes. Michelle & Barry are inveterate snobs.

      Plus, she’s doesn’t really need to worry. Or so she thinks — there are plenty of halfwits (like Cynthia) to count on for votes.

    1. How many seats on Air Force Two? Secret Service, support aircraft, per diem – another 2 million down the drain – but hey – Mooch is Happy and that is all that counts – right?

    1. 100 Million Americans are unemployed hungry cold and broke and the Obamas spend Millions every 2 weeks on 100 million dollar vacations.
      Shame on them!

    2. Envious of a two-bit Acornite who’s destroying our Country? I hardly think so. No, what you see is justifiable anger at the Loons in the White House.

  6. This is the only place reporting this ski vacation. The MSM only reports how much MO cares about our children’s health, the poor and wealth inequality……. except hers of course.

  7. In a related Story, the Chinese have agreed to pay for Michelle Obama’s ski trip to Aspen with additional loan guarantees to the United States.

    1. I heard that the Chinese have also agreed to help the Russians take over those “oil-rich” Alaskan islands that Obama has magnanimously decided to turn over to the Russkis.

  8. Many people, including the writer of this article, don’t understand that these people don’t care if what’s written about them is good or bad as long as it’s written. The best thing you could do for Manchelle is ignore her as she is basically no one, just another coattail riding woman like Hillary, no real experience or qualifications at doing anything.
    Has anyone ever seen the 0bammy marriage certificate?

    1. Good point. Moreover, what pressing ‘official business’, either real or imagined, does the USA have w/Africa?

      She was over there w/a bunch of friends and family on a Roots adventure and the cover was that she was to ‘officially’demand that starving Africans not to eat so much. She also made Desmond Tutu do pushups w/her. And we paid for it all. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse than Hillary, along comes Michelle.

        1. You are seriously ill. Your mouth and lack of basic intelligence put you in the lower 1% of the nation, a spot that includes both Obamas and most of the Democrat Party.

    2. Well, consider this possibility. Ever since the liberals in the U.S. launched their anti-apartheid crusade and forced the white leadership out of South Africa, the economy there has been in the tank. (We won’t go into the crime stats, including all the white-owned property seizures.) It might qualify as “official business” for MO to visit South Africa and help shield the world from knowledge of these depressing developments. Assuming the world cares, that is.

    1. No worries. She has the industrial containment system undergarments. If they give way though there will be a massive explosion followed by an avalanche.

  9. The Obama’s truly are magical. I don’t for the life of me understand how with his weak leadership he still has so many supporting him. And it’s not just those receiving entitlements. He has the well to do-guilt ridden party’s support also. They feel so guilty about the wealth they’ve amassed in the last 10-25 years that they will follow him blindly. So Michelle jetting off to ski for the weekend in Aspen, which would probably cost a “normal” person upwards of $5000 or more for 3 people, is nothing. That’s pocket change.

    1. I don’t get it either . . . just puzzling how anyone can support him. I know that there is a huge chunk of our electorate who just are not smart. They are a bunch of followers. He still remains the “flavor of the day” with the help of the MSM.

      1. I agree that some of the Electorate are MOrons.
        But the 55% that actually pay taxes are too busy working two jobs, raising a family as best they can, paying bills and keeping up their homes, to have time to research what is going on.
        And the only time they have to know what is going, is when the Network news comes on right before dinner.
        And do you see this article subject being reported there?
        And they won’t pay attention until the day before the election, IF then.
        I know, I know, they should be better informed.
        But, they are not, and the Marxist in the White House, and his MSM water bearers, is counting on that,.

    2. She is paying for the trip by charging admirers to have their picture taken with her. It’s all she’s got. Talk about vain. Her roots are very shallow.

    3. Whoa – $5000? You are forgetting all of the entourage, the plane flight — all the secret service and all the disrupted vacations of the other people at or even near the ‘resort’

  10. Re: Obama’s message of “shared sacrifice”. I guess Michelle didn’t get the memo. It is disgraceful how they are taking advantage of the taxpayers. What I can’t understand is the mainstream media and other people who support them. Can’t they see the forest for the trees? I don’t get the attraction.

  11. “An attitude of shared sacrifice” ? These two people are the BIGGEST hypocrites EVER to step foot in the white house! The amazing part is that no one in the MSM or the GOP is calling them out on this!

    1. This is always how the demands for shared sacrifice are fullfilled: You share and we (the utopian ‘leaders’) get the lion’s share.

      The no longer free press is down with that plan.

      1. That’s absolutely correct. Look at the former Soviet Union. The populace lived like peasants, lining up for hours in the hope of getting to buy a single slice of rotten meat every two weeks. But the Politburo lived like emperors (which, of course, they were). One of the more memorable scenes when the USSR fell was the sight of all those suddenly deposed Communist officials frantically cramming their televisions and other luxuries into their cars before taking off.

        1. It is as it ever was. Liberty is fragile, and I’m afraid it’s been slowly eroded in this country for a long, long time. The Russians went from one Czar to another — although the first Czars had the good sense not to murder the intelligentsia. They still don’t appreciate freedom. Sadly, neither do many Americans.

          For us, thanks to self-serving manipulators and other malcontents like FDR , etc., (who never believed in Constitutionally protected inalienable, God given equality of human worth, but instead of forced governmentally endowed ‘equality’ — and this, for vote$) the process has been much more subtle but the results will be as equally devastating as any totalitarian utopia. Obama must be defeated by a true blue Conservative.

  12. as they say, give some a credit card and they will buy and crazy..she does not have to worry about the cost, we the tax payer will picks up the typical of some..always collecting what they did not earn…and demanding uncle sam to whats new..didnt the voter realize this..OH! excuse me..the dead voter know not much….

  13. I live 60 miles from the slopes and haven’t been there once this year..working my butt off trying to keep with HER husbands ENFORCED inflation.

      1. There have been a couple of really disgusting racist comments posted here, and still, I believe you are correct. The Obamas (as well as the rest of the Left) keep blacks on their virtual plantation in exchange for votes. And ski trips.

      2. Do you know her? Of course not. But no matter how much you hate on her, she has said she is the First Lady and will everything to help even the people driven by hatred for her.

        1. Cynthia
          At the moment it is still a free country and no one is forcing you to visit this site. Feel free to leave ( and I am not talking to myself sweets, I am talking to YOU ; )

          1. I don’t think i have ever been subject to hearing any woman I would ever have any respect for use the phrase “circle jerk.” Stay classy, Cynthia.

          2. GJ – It’s obvious Cynthia doesn’t want to have a discussion, or has the skill and manners to defend the ski trip, which is indefensible, imo.

            It’s typical of Obama supporters, not to defend their Messiah, but to attack his/her critics. It’s just easier for them ;)

        2. Cynthia, How old are you? ‘You’re talking to yourself”. I hear this kind of talk from teenage kids in the ghetto. Are you still waiting for Obama to pay for more of your bills?

      1. Do the new Democrats have a trademark on those words and have they registered them as a political, all threatening weapon yet? So sad to see people disagree in such a hateful way. Both sides have the right to disagree- please do it in a civil way.

    1. Racist? No. Hateful? No. What we see is someone that first and foremost was “never proud of her country until now.” She is as much an ego maniac as her husband is. She has the largest entourage of any First Lady at anytime in history. She and her husband have talked about how the country is struggling. Yet, they put it in your face with these trips and are totally tone deaf as to how this appears. She, like her husband believe in spreading the wealth, as long as it doesn’t affect them. Do you want proof? Look at their charitable contributions before thy run for the Presidency. This is just skimming the surface of what causes an intelligent person to feel they are being taken advantage of by the First Lady. Maybe, and I suspect this is the case, Cynthia, you pay no Federal Income Tax, and therefore it is no skin off your nose?

        1. The charge of racism means nothing any longer. Baaawaaak Obaaamaaa has cried wolf too many times. The only racism I see in the last four years comes out of the mouths of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Lee, Waters, etc.

        2. Poor, poor Cynthia…. She sees racism under her bed and in the attic… Hey Cynthia, don’t look in the closet… There may be racism hiding in there….

      1. Right on, however no use arguing with dumbed down Americans or paid bloggers! One billion goes a long way! That’s about what it’s going to take to get him reelected. Can’t run on distructive record. As for Muchell, she’s just proving she doesn’t give a damn what we think. Remember she and her husband want to be king and queen of this nation. Very obvious how they spend our money. Sure theyre for the poor and middle class. Again, you would have to be dumb to fall for that smoke and mirriors.

      2. Justavet, first and foremost, thank you for your service to this country. As for Cynthia, you’ve hit the nail on the head that she is part of that 47% on a free ride, compliments of this administration’s divisive destruction of our nation and shredding of our Constitution — principles for which YOU put your own life on the line!! That 47% of our country benefitting as a result of Obamanation are the same 47% who FAVOR this abominable path we’re on and will be paid, driven, and handled at the polls come election day to keep their freebies coming. There is only ONE way to end this abuse and destruction, and that’s to make sure the 53% of us who disapprove outvote the hypocrisy in November!

      3. JaV, Now that she can spend America’s money vacationing like Marie Antoinette, she’s sooo proud, eh? I’ve never been ashamed of my country until the Trojan Horse saboteur/dictator and her showed up.

        “During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell ‘1984’

    2. why must it all boil down to racism? She does have a fat ass!! She is a hypocrite! And I am sick and tired of the lame stream media ignoring all the crap. She goes shopping in Target????? yeah, right. And he went shopping before Christmas, yeah, right. Can you say “PHOTO OP”? whoever believes that crap, stand on your head and stack B-B’s.

      1. It doesn’t “all boil down to racism.”———-That’s just the Democrats’/progressives’/liberals’/leftists’ last refuge when they’ve exhausted any potentially reasonable or logical comment to make.————Given the frequency the DPLLs use “racist” and the quickness with which they use it, yep, it demonstrates they typically have nothing of value to add.

      2. I am not racist – I don’t care the color – I just want America
        treated with respect. If you get what’s going on, Obama and
        crew are not so quietly destroying America. With speed.
        Other than these posts, go to and leave your
        opinion. Call the whitehouse comment line: 202 456 1111 Call your congressmen. Write letters to the editors. Do something. Get
        educated about trampling our Consititution. The media is biased
        so read, digest, check facts, THINK before you vote. Please.
        Save our country.

        1. Many many of us do not care about color, but that’s what libs do. They have been taught to use the race card. It was planned to be that way when Obama got elected. They have got the blacks and all minorities convinced that we only want Obama out of there because he is black. OMG….he is white too. Obama is dividing the US. He has got so many people blinded to the point they can’t see they will go down with all the rest. He wants to be a dictator and has no feelings for anyone but himself. Just like Hitler. Hitler wasn’t black, and the people felt the same way about him as we do Obama. Don’t let him go as far as Hitler did. There is a sense of doom already with Obama still in there. Most people know what is going to happen if he is reelected…now if we could just wake the other sheeple up.

    3. “[H]ate filled and racist”? If you have ever taken the time to read this site regularly, you would realize that this is not a hate filled or racist site. There have been many occasions where Keith has given Obama props for some of the things he has done. Keith has also attempted to hold the President’s feet to the fire for his many missteps.

      As to the comments and commentators on this blog, the VAST majority of regulars are not haters of the man, but despise what he stands for politically and ideologically. And there is a huge difference. I would venture to say that it matters not one whit what color Obama is, it is his policies and his autocratic style of rule that we object too. He claims to speak for the common man, yet he allows his wife to live and act like the European royalty of old.

      Most of us here want a President that believes in the “Red, White, and Blue” not black vs. white or rich vs. poor. We want a President that believes in the spirit of America, one of individualism not collectivism. We want a President that hold to the greatness of America, and does not apologize to the world for all that we have done FOR the rest of the world. We want a President that is proud of his country and does not bow before others. We want a President that recognizes evil and is willing and has the backbone to act to stop evil. We want a President that cares for America’s prosperity more than he does a new world order.

      Hate filled? Racist? No! We believe that America is on the wrong track, and deadheading into oblivion. Unless the switch is thrown soon, the great experiment of America will crash into the station and be destroyed.

      A woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government the Constitution was bringing into existence. Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” We here want to keep the republic!

      1. @ Shofar – Amen. Sorry for repeat post, but I didn’t want Cynthia thinking I was cheering her on. @ Cynthia, you are an idiot, so blinded by either ideology or envy that you cannot see a goldbricker when one smacks you with a ski pole. Michelle Obama is a petty woman bent on spending as much of other people’s money as she can, probably to ‘compensate’ for the slavery her ancestors had to endure. It wasn’t Barack that found Rev Wright, it was Michelle, and she took his mush hook, line, and sinker.

      2. Hi Shofar! Quite the lot of unpleasantness the noobies drag along in their postings?

        The mentions (aside from our host, Keith’s excellent reporting–with the Matt Drudge hat tip) are few and far between. When “THIS” all becomes known to the “99%” and it will–too many disgruntled “support staff” and “aides” to NOT spread the knowledge of the Obama’s Oppulance–how will history then treat this pair? Methinks contemptuously at best. Our economy burns and Mrs. Nero skiis!

    4. That is what you liberals do best. When you can not come up with a valid argument or have a civil debate, you pull out the race card and hate card, even when nothing is being said about race and hate. I take that back, I do hate and despise what Obama and the rest of the liberals are doing to my country. By the way, Cynthia baby, it’s site not sight.

    5. Dems can’t win on policy and Dems can’t win on their record.

      All they have left is slander, name-calling, race-card-playing, class conflict, vitriol, fantasy, fabrication, projection, elitism, arrogance, and hatred.

      With the addition of the DNC’s “enforcement” units (OWS and labor union thugs), Dems have increased their commission of violence.

      November can’t come soon enough.

    6. Cynthia: your problem, and that of other folks like you, is that you are so filled with guilt for your own racist views that you can’t comprehend that people might have legitimate gripes about this woman spending our money for her own selfish pleasure while she and her husband seek to remain in the White House by playing class warfare. Would you be so self-righteous and judgmental if this post were about Laura Bush or any other First Lady?

      1. Something is wrong with the site today — my “yawn” comment was in reply to one of Cynthia’s little offerings, yet it appeared as a stand-alone comment and thus looked as if it was a comment on the blog post.

        I certainly do not “yawn” at the idea of MoochMORE wasting our money on her vaycay and attention addictions.

        I do yawn at trolls. One thing we can deduce from Cynthia’s posts is that the trolls are paid by the post and not by the word. She is brief, if vapid, at least.

        1. @ Anonna
          You are correct, there is something amiss with the reply. I have noticed many posts that seem to be out of place with regards to the comments.

          And I agree with you when you say that the trolls are out. This post made it to Drudge, and that always bring the trolls out from under the bridge. I find it humorous that none of the “O” Team can make a coherent argument for Obama, but can only flame those that hold to what America is, or at least was.

          The regulars here are trying to fight the good fight (sorry for the cliche Keith), and trying to educate each other and those that come across this little endeavor whether by accident or design.

          As Ben Franklin said at the signing of the Declaration, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    7. I suppose it’s racist of me to notice you don’t know how to spell site. And I also suppose you wouldn’t have a clue what I’m referring to if I mention Pat Nixon’s cloth coat.

      Everything is not about race, Cynthia, except for those who want it to be.

    8. Michelle is living high on the hog at Taxpayer’s expense. She has a life style more akin to royalty than that of an American first lady. She’s a high maintenance diva. If these facts have anything to do with racism, that’s your problem.

    9. Since President Obumbler has screwed up the economy so badly all I can afford to do is talk about our so called ‘betters’. Otherwise I might be out and about spending money on something other then beans and rice.

    10. Cynthia, 262 days and there’s nothing you or Obama can do about it. Opposition against her and her husband has nothing to do with race – and everything to do with a Socialist agenda, rock star and “it’s not my fault” mentality.

      While I didn’t vote for him I’ll be the first to say Obama had the greatest opportunity to Lead this great nation into the future and he absolutely squandered it because he DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LEADERSHIP. At the end of his tenure in Office he still will not be qualified, I wouldn’t hire him to run a cheap hotel.

      They say as you get older time seems to pass more quickly, well right now the next 262 days cannot pass fast enough.

    11. Hahahaha, if you say so…. I find it interesting that when people like yourself cannot defend the actions of these self serving hypocrites living in the White House your knee jerk reaction is to play the race card… FYI – Playing the race card is racist…

    12. This coming from the fruit cakes that made movies killing our Prez Bush, tossing shoes in Washington DC at a makeshift Bush; calling Bush a liar prez who started the war by issuing orders for planes to go into the WTC….following his daughters around to get pictures of them (while at college)……you are freaks who wouldn’t understand critical thinking if it bit you in the ass… need to go back to Jon Stewart and stay there because that’s where the “real” progressives get their news…for a comedian with 18 writers because he’s stupid and can’t write for himself….graduated with extra credit, the only way he could graduate… the way, which Prez said he’d been to all 57 states…which Prez said a kid with asthma should use a breathalyzer…..which Prez hasn’t released his school records..and btw, Gore’s school grades were way below Bush’s…..just so you know….you idiot!

    13. why is anyone racist? Because we criticize her? Is it now against the law to criticize a black person because it’s racist?
      get over yourself, her color has nothing to do with it.
      That race card is getting mighty dog eared.

    14. What a surprise, being called a racist because I do not tout the BHO and Clan agenda. I’m shocked lol Don’t worry however come November I am going to do my part (again) to see that we don’t have this same problem for the next 4 years. Cheers

    15. Hate filled? Really when most have not had a vacation in years, Cynthia I would say get the heck out of your bubble girl! Either you have no idea what or how America is suffering OR you are the 1% Obama supporter.

    16. OK, you tell everyone why we shouldn’t be. This is the FIRST black family ever to preside in the Whitehouse. Our Whitehouse. Not their, Whitehouse! Feet on all of the tables, desks. Showing absolutely no respect for the place or the office. They have proven to act like a poor black family. Taking advantage as if we owe it to them! I am fed up! I am pissed!

    17. This has nothing to do with racism Cynthia.
      Do you think this is RIGHT?
      Open your eyes! This is an egregious abuse of the office.

    18. Disagreeing with you is not hate. You’re nothing more than a typical koolaid drinking drone that thinks she knows something. Go crawl back into your hole.

    19. Racist is now a meaningless term; we don’t buy it anymore. We rightfully resent a FLOTUS who lords it over us while she preaches moderation to us peasants. If you don’t see that then your IQ is no bigger than my shoe size. People with class don’t flaunt their wealth while millions are unemployed due to the failed policies of this president. But then we realize that it is all about pay back, bite the hands that feeds you. Affirmative action eventually breeds resentment in those that benefit from it.

    20. Cynthia, you have proven over and over again that you have no idea what racism is. It is best that you keep your thoughts to yourself instead of proving to the world how ignorant you are.

    21. Why be so insensitive and hurtful and mean spirited ! We are anxious about the movie Obama and the misses will make in Kenya hunting hippos with spears and a flash mob.

  14. Please give Mrs. Obama a break. She has a full time job visiting parts of America of which she may not be proud. She just needs to reassure herself the she is as proud of Aspen as she is of Oahu. In fact, she is twice as proud of Oahu since she visited twice. She is also proud of Spain and Africa.

          1. FVoTUS MO also said she hopes to be proud of the French Riviera, Cote d’Azur, Cannes, Switzerland and Monaco before her husband leaves office.

  15. Didn’t you just get back from 17 days in Hawaii? All I got to say is “enjoy it while you can” and a thank you to the US Tax Payer might be nice…

  16. Good thing Barack got elected President. How could he ever have afforded all of Michell’s stress relieving trips. The burden of worrying about the rest of us is certainly getting her down.

  17. Good for her! I, on the other hand, am unemployed since 11.11.11, so there will be no vacation for me for at least the next two years. It’s so stressful I feel like I have the flu all the time. But I hope the First Lady has nice powder to ski on!

    Hmm, Hmm, Hmm. Barack Hussein Obama!

    1. Vin, you’re most likely far more deserving of a vacation than than the destructive Obamas—no wait, let’s send them on a permanent vacation. Then see how many trips are made to Spain, Oahu, and Aspen.

      1. Do you fly on a jumbo jet paid for by taxpayers to do so? Have a massive entourage paid for by taxpayers to include perdiem for food and lodging? Does it cost over a Million Dollars to take your kids to ski? Eat your peas peasant.

        1. Only the ignorant demand to be spoken down to, and I don’t make a practice of giving in to that demand, Cynthia. Palanquin is recognizable English. Less recognizable would be one of the original terms, palkhi.
          Go listen to Obama w/his “wantchas” and “wouldas” if you prefer to be treated as an ignoramous.

          1. Oh I am getting a visual MO of being carried by hunky ski bums
            on her chair to the slopes to stand and have her picture taken holding skis then carried back for après ski Vodka. No skiing was

          2. Daisy:
            Thanks for my word-of-the-day. I pretty much figured it out by your usage & while I write much better than 90% of what I read on the net, (my mother was an English Teacher), I have no trouble from time-to-time looking a word up I don’t know.

            Decided to read “Dreams of my Father” before it is relegated to the back of the library (all puns intended) & I found 3 words I had to look up; certainly conflicts with his “wantchas & “wouldas.” So WHO actually wrote it? This from the man who never met a gerund that he liked?

          3. Daisy, be nice to Cynthia. She thinks palanquin is that guy who used to dress in black and distribute business cards with the message:”Have Gun, Will Travel.”

  18. Must be nice to be a lib and live this way…any conservative flotus would have been totally savaged by the msm had they done the things she does.

      1. The real problem would be if the Loony Ron Paul goes for a third party run. Most of his votes will come from the Republican column—and he’ll only end up with a small percentage. He shouldn’t even be in the Republican Party. Classify him as an Independent, and keep him out of the Party politics. We’d all be better off.

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  20. Yep, if it was me I would be teed off if she interfered with my ski holiday by the accommodations made for her. I was once at a ski area where the vice president and his wife were vacationing. Not only did they close trails, they closed a whole lodge for 2 hours around 1 in the afternoon so they could have lunch. It is just what you were looking forward to after traveling for hours and spending $300 a day on lodging, lift tickets, meals and rental cars (and that was 10 years ago).

    And, as I commented regarding this subject in the recent article of Mr. Koffler’s, which was so prophetic of this trip, “let her go, it will be the last one on our dime.”

  21. I would love to know how much this is costing us. All they have to pay is the cost of first class tickets for MO and the kids which is a pittance of the real cost. Since they are staying at someone’s home, that means they don’t pay for a hotel. However . . . we pay for everything else. I bet IF they ski the lift tickets were comped.

    Didn’t they just spend $4M for a 2 week vacation?

    This weekend vacation must cost several hundred thousand.

    1. Silly you….they dont fly commercial. AF 2 plus armored cars, secert service and however many minions it takes to cram her fat a$$ into ski pants, comb her wighats and baby sit the two Wee Wons while she partays.

      1. Janna, no they don’t fly commercially, but the commercial flight price is the amount Michelle is supposed to reimburse taxpayers for personal trips. Of course, it doesn’t come close to actually paying for the entire trip.

        1. What AZ Granny said . . . when using AF1 or AF2 for personal reasons they have to pay the equivalent of first class tickets. It is just a drop in the bucket, though.

    2. She and the kids might be staying at someone’s house this weekend, with some Secret Service, BUT we the taxpayers are footing the bill for her advance team and security who have been out there all week staying in hotels.

    1. If she breaks a leg, she risks being told by the Obamacare overseers that all she’ll get is that “pain pill.” I’m right about that, aren’t I? Aren’t I?

      1. No George, that’s what WE get. Right now I’m fighting my Medicare Advantage Ins. to pay for more than 1 day in hospital for a knee replacement; they’d make it out-patient surgery if they could get away with it.

        Congress & the “Royals” do not have the same medical coverage in the new healthcare bill as the rest of the peons. Check it out!

        1. hummm – who would that carrier be – please enlighten us — I found nothing but a bewildering array of med advantage info — went with a Regence plan as best for me

      2. Nope — you are absolutely WRONG — in her position as your (our) extreme better – she will have the VERY FINEST med care available — IN THE WORLD — where ever that my be — as in exported jobs — get it — the elites will still get the best you know

  22. I can’t help but wonder what the attraction is for Mrs. Obama to want to go to Colorado to ski. Other than being able to hob-nob with the Hollywierd crowd, many of whom never even finished high school, yet offer opinions on how the world should be run, there are perfectly wonderful ski location out east.

    Take a road trip up I-91 and you have dozens of resorts. There is Lake Placid, NY, twice home of the winter Olympics. Jamestown, NY, home of Lucille Ball, Nick Carter, and Roger Goodell and some fantastic skiing. Plus they have a great old fashioned diner there in town.

    Other than not having the “In crowd” to sit around with and sip Irish coffee, the east coast ski resorts are just as challenging and fun as the west. Granted you won’t have the powder you have out west, but you have less hassles and commoner crowds. The idea of a “vacation” is to relax and get away from the headaches and hassles, not be thrown into the middle of them. Then again, how much of this is truly a vacation for her and the girls, versus being able to be seen with the hoity-toity instead of the hoi polloi.

        1. Same as Bill and Hillary. My friends brother was in the Secret Service in the Clinton WH. He couldn’t believe what a sham marriage they had. As soon as the cameras were off, the two went their separate ways.

  23. This confirms what I have been hearing, that the Administration (and any Czars, and Departments who are complicit in this activity) has been diligently absorbing every dollar from every available program, and spending it as fast as they can. The debt ceiling will be reached by September 2012 , and they are doing things, like buying any available land in Western USA to put it under Federal ownership, out of reach of civilians. With so much instability in our budget, and unemployment by U6 calculations being as high as 16% , why is the Administration spending it’s tax revenue on land, foreign aid to the Islamic Spring turmoil, and of course another year of $10 million dollars in vacations for the First Family who sees themselves as Royalty. How dare them wasting our tax revenue, and their sham trying to pit the working class against the bad rich, when they are supported by those rich, and socialize as old friends. What a bunch of suckers the Working class are. Now the contraceptive diversion comes up, to divert our attention off jobs, economy, and they try to demonize by the harm to women.
    All the Administration has to do is have contraceptive vouchers, (like food stamps) for those women who use them, and they can have a voucher to bring to a drug store. Why are me causing a war between the people and the churches, unless it is to divide us , and have us fight, and leave the real issues ,to be forgotten for the election.

      1. What makes any of you think there is going to be an election? If he can get us stirred up enough to have a little street action that will be his excuse to declare martial law and skip the elections. He is working hard on establishing a dictatorship.

        1. Given the weak Republican field I don’t see Barry-O canceling elections this time. There’s nothing to indicate he won’t get four more years. He needs that to finalize his socialist empire.

          But hold onto your hat come 2016.

    1. All true, true, true. This is just another diversion. Yes, they own too much land, much over oil supplies, and now they will own all the foreclosed houses and will control the prices of food and gas and eliminate our oil supply! So what is left??

  24. Michelle Obama’s a complete and utter vulgarian. Add that to the resentment she walks around w/for having to be First Lady of a country she and her husband detest and you get vengeful pay back vacays every month or so.

    1. Yes, remember how upset she was to discover that “First Lady” brought no salary with it?

      This is how she’s getting the salary that she feels should have been put in her pocket every month. I can see her doing the calculations to make certain that she extracts the proper number of dollars from the tax coffers. I suppose she gives herself raises and bonuses, too.

      All part of “putting herself first” as she has revealed as her everyday mode of operation.

  25. Wouldn’t you imagine that the FLOTUS is exhausted from her heavy responsibility of traveling the United States and instructing her lesser, and yes, ignorant Citizens on how to live their lives? Oh, and how little we seem to appreciate her efforts on our behalf. But like the old time country preacher once said: “Don’t get angry over the sinner’s mindless pursuit of pleasure. It may be the only heaven they will ever know.” So, enjoy it to your fullest, Miss M.

  26. Enjoy while u can M O next year even with all d $ u ll have never will back or be welcome at those places. By d way a nice snowy place u pick to fled undercover so nobody can spot you.

  27. Wake up you Obama supporters. These people don’t give a rats rear about you. They want to keep and grow their power over you. If you want to live in misery, with the government controlling every aspect of your lives, keep voting the way you do. Some day your descendants will curse you for your stupid choices you are making today.

  28. So how many millions of taxpayer dollars for military jets,secret service,support staff,hotels,etc is this one going to cost us,or is she actually going to pay [yeah] for it.Maybe she will just give a “nutritional speech” somewhere so she can call it gov’t business.What gives her any authority to do anything but be the president’s wife,not the robber of the treasury ?

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