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Obama Raises $29.1 Million in January

The Obama campaign announced by Twitter today that it raised $29.1 million in January alone for itself and Democratic organizations. The amount is a significant sum that would put it ahead of its fundraising pace fore previous quarters.

Obama raised a large chunk of the money at 15 fundraisers he held in January, a torrid pace that shows no sign of letting up in February. Despite the campaign’s efforts to portray the fundraising as a largely grass roots operation, many of the fundraisers were intimate affairs at which donors were asked to contribute up to $45,000 each.

24 thoughts on “Obama Raises $29.1 Million in January”

  1. That comes out to $1.94 million per fund raiser. Nice work when you don’t have to worry about overhead and other costs. And each event lasts what, 1-2 hours? Where do I sign up for this kind of job?

  2. So basically he is a part-time president getting the full-time pay and perks.
    That is preferable to having him put his so-called focus into the job and actually getting bad things done that do harm to our economy and society.
    Keep raising money, douchebag, hopefully it will be wasted come November.

    1. that is such a lie. a bold faced lie. Those creepy libs with money,they know they do not deserve is where he gets it. go hollywood!

      I just read where that woman who left CSI, (don’t watch anymore) was making 335,000 per episode and worked one day a week. Nice job if you can get it.

  3. Good for him and the Dems. The Repubs are gathering impressive sums, too.
    How does it affect us ‘small people’ ? It means that come September we will be buried in campaign mailers and forced to watch confusing, conflicting political ads on our TV’s until the second week in November.
    Hooray for TIVO and DVR’s.

    1. Also–I am not too good at math (stereotype, I know), but isn’t this kinda far from a billion? But overall, I see the Steffie and Media Matters cabal are cranked up and — look, stock market zooming, unempl numbers down, happy days are here again… Our cartoon was of trhe Reps all sinking underwater–a rising tide sinks all Republicans, our cartoonist is SUCH a sparkling wit. So–there is your scenario. We still have empty stores, I still can’t get enough assignments, my mags have gone out of biz, others have cut rates, on and on–but not to worry, this is all dandy. Someone posted on my FB wall that the mean Republicans didn’t want people to have free birth control–DO YOU HAVE FREE BIRTH CONTROL NOW? Who says? This is all ridiculous.

  4. In all honesty, we’d be more inclined to vote for someone who “DOESN’T” have a large war chest vs. someone who does.

    First, the more $$$, the more we have to see/hear all those annoying commercials!

    Second, the more $$$, the more likely the candidate will listen to/align themselves with/represent the donors over average folks like us!

        1. There are still clueless people, we just need to keep trying to inform them. I don’t do Facebook, but what I would say in response to your friend who thinks free birth control is Shangri-La… By accepting the premise that government can mandate a private insurance company to provide free services, your friend cedes her freedom of conscience, her economic liberty, and her individual autonomy. If a government can mandate free birth control, it can mandate us to take it. How much longer before they institute China’s one child rule which mandates forced birth control and abortion?

          1. Yeah, yeah…I know, Susan…My point is this is not a stupid person–“my friend.” She just doesn’t follow this…the problem is that MOST people don’t follow this or just get snatches here and there and go, YEAH! That’s horrible…

          2. Actually the way Facebook works people you never heard of can end up on your wall–this was one…But people I do know also do not follow this–in fact, I don’t personally know anyone who does–just you virtual pals.

  5. Just wondering how much Queenie feels she is ‘entitled’ to skim off the top of Obama’s stash! As an active campaigner, she must feel entitled to monetary compensation! Taking it a step farther, her entire family is probably on the payroll!

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