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Obama is in Hot Soup

While out in San Francisco Thursday collecting cash from donors to his campaign, President Obama stopped for takeout dim sum at one of the few places left in the city serving shark’s fin soup, prompting outrage.

Just last month, Obama signed into law the The Shark Conservation Act, which prevents harvesting of most sharks for their fins and bans cutting off fins at sea.

Obama had no idea idea the delicacy was on the menu, according to the White House, and certainly didn’t order any.

Shark fin is banned by state law in California, but restaurants can still sell fins that have already been sliced off their previous owners. But most have stopped serving the soup.

So the restaurant, Great Eastern, can legally sell shark fin soup, as long as it’s not fresh. I doubt, however, that anybody is carbon testing the fins Great Eastern sells to determine their age.

One local news outlet, SFweekly, asserts that the only crime definitively committed here is that Obama got second rate dim sum, apparently passing up better places for a name restaurant.

So the advance people who researched Obama’s trip failed him twice. Heads most roll.

20 Responses to Obama is in Hot Soup

  1. Dem. Susie Tompkins Buell said she’s not donating to O reelection bit then the butt grabbing deal and the shark’s soup … you know, the flower child’s city wink, wink. Maybe that’s why he needed the shark’s soup after all.
    If you’re going to San Francisco,
    be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…

  2. AP. While collecting cash from donors, His Majesty accidently eats unapproved food.

    ( I’ll bet Lady M orders sharksfin soup in the White House just for the hell of it.)

  3. We are subjected to this fool every day. No other president in history has ingratiated himself into everything. I was thrilled to watch the re-opening show at the Grand Old Opry after the 2010 floods until it was ruined by playing a video of him. He ruins everything.

  4. “We’ll do better than that. I will, me, Believer, will keep an eye on this superswine. That frees James with his computer know-how to do a little snooping around in the public records of Sunkist-by-the-Sea. See if we can’t track down his property holdings. “