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Obama’s Birth Control Rule May Destroy Him

I’ve got a piece running in Politico today that I hope you’ll take a look at. Most of the talk has been about how the regulation in the new health law requiring Catholic institutions to cover birth control will hurt Obama with Catholic voters.

But the issue is really a shock to all voters, who will begin to recognize the potential of a second Obama administration to foist the government into their lives. And it will also be of concern to a select group of Catholic voters – the six who sit on the Supreme Court who will decide whether the insurance mandate is Constitutional.

Here’s an excerpt:

Obama’s edict, a curtailment of freedom that can result from his type of regulatory regime and statist interventions, could ultimately threaten his entire reelection.

The birth control rule is not an anomaly in the health care law that somehow sprang out of the measure and ignited a firestorm. It flows naturally from the legislation itself. The law is unique in that it commands individuals to engage in a specific behavior – getting health insurance coverage — and punishes those who refuse.

That is a concern not only to Catholics, but to every voter who thought the law was just about guaranteeing health care for all. Suddenly, there is a level of government intrusion many may not have considered. And it raises questions for everyone about how much of an impact a second Obama term would have on people’s private behavior.

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Once the federal government “mandates” that each American have health care, the same government must then define the scope of the coverage (i.e., the specific types of insurance coverage and health care services) to be mandated. The decision to include abortifacients and contraceptive products as part of what is “mandated” is a natural consequence of the law itself when combined with the Obama Administration’s pro-abortion position. This is a problem for ALL employers, including religious institutions and small businesses owned by people opposed to abortion, that see this as a requirement that they provide to their employees services they view as fundamentally immoral. Whether it actually translates into votes in for Obama in the coming election (from pro-abortion Catholics) is irrelevant to people of conscience being forced by government to violate their religious principles. This is what we get when the federal government takes over our healthcare system.

    • Agree James. By expanding his edict of free birth control products for all, he is violating my values and principles by forcing me to fund this coverage through payment of my insurance premium. What’s next? Free abortions on demand, to include late term abortion?

    • But it doesn’t stop at contraceptives. If enough people scream about not having access to accupuncture will that be included next? Or mental health services? or Chiropractic? Or Voodoo medicine? Where does it stop? Anything could be considered as preventative and the insurance companies will have to cover it.

      If I’m a single male, why should my coverage include maternity? Or pediatrics? It’s like getting car insurance coverage for a sports car when you own an old clunker.

      We need to concentrate on the bigger picture, rather than just the contraceptives. I think that’s what’s happeing here, they want to set a precedent for “free” coverage. Get us used to the idea that government will get us more of what we want without us having to pay for it (I know, we really all pay for it) so they can increase their demands on the insurance companies. Or have employers drop their private plans in favor of the exchanges. This is all headed towards a nationalized single payer system.

      • Bingo. They are trying to drive private health insurance companies out of business. The only insurance companies that will survive are those who sell out to the statists. The government wants to control the insurance companies just like they now control the car companies and the banks. We’re all going to be covered under Obamacare, except congress and their staffers, the unions and chosen few who got waivers, the Muslims, Christian Scientists, Amish, and American Indians who are all exempt.

    • The great mystery of Barack Hussein Obama’s “college years” continues… how did he get in? what class did he take? what did he study/write papers about? what was his GPA? why have no classmates come forward to talk about how ‘great’ Obama was in college/law school?
      Of course NO ONE in the “mainstream media” even dared ask to these questions in 2008 about Obama…

  2. Again–and I guess no one else here is alarmed about this aspect–I was most shocked to learn that somehow women had the right to free birth control. Who says? I never saw this in the summaries of the bill.

      • Star, they have us headed straight toward Social Democracy:

        Contemporary Social democracy, beginning in the Post-War era, is defined as a political movement that seeks to reform capitalism to align it with the ethical ideals of social justice while retaining the capitalist mode of production rather than creating an alternative socialist economic system. Contemporary Social democratic policies include support for a welfare state, Keynesian macro-economic policies, and collective bargaining arrangements to balance the power of capital and labor.Examples of contemporary social democracy include the Nordic model and social market economy.

        • Yes Just2old, it was a fine model in my little homogenous ( now many immigrants) country for many years but in 1970 the model showed it´s flaws. The welfare programs expanded, many industries were nationalized, regulations and taxation reached punitive levels to pay for it all. So Swedens competitiveness took a real beating.Wealthy founders of companies ( Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA for example) had to move abroad to protect their companies.Slowly, during the 1990s, even the socialist politicians started to turn around and curtain public sector, reform pensionsystems and taxsystems. Since 2006 we have a moderate coalition regime with a very clear pro working-agenda. Tax reforms aim to reward middle- and low income groups.Private providers of health- and education are allowed. I won´t bore you with more details I just want to emphasize that socialism has to be handled with great care and watchfulness.

    • I’m worried about that as well. It’s established precedent that just because you have a right to do something, it does not mean someone else must foot the bill for you to do it. This is a move to a new precedent that if you have the right to do something then someone must pay to allow you to do it. It’s a very dangerous path to walk down.

  3. Keith,

    I have a serious question…
    Is the President really given the ability to change the nuances of the Obamacare bill at any time? Can he really select one set of circumstances one day, change it the next at his whim? Doesn’t this sound like more than just a decision against religious liberty and instead a decision against liberty. If he can change his mind and the law with a whim, then he can change it about anything. Can’t he or the next President? When do they tell us that it is preventive health for us to wear underwear on the outside of our pants?

    • Also–I understand this already went through rulemaking–publication in the Fed Register, comment period, revisions, etc–do we have to subscribe to the Fed Reg now to protect ourselves or have an input? This oh, yes, you will get birth control free thing was not in the bill summaries and I assume plenty of other dopey stuff wasn’t either. What are men entitled to? Or is this entitlement FOR men–so they don’t have to support kids? This is whack, all this.

      • If they are going to supply free birth control for people, can they make it retroactive 25 years and I get a refund on what I spent on my vasectomy? I mean, I was taking responsibility for what I did long before responsibility was was in vogue.

        Oh, wait, responsibility is NOT in vogue any longer. NEVER MIND!

    • Yes. The bill contains 1,039 authorizations for the HHS Secretary to determine what constitutes an acceptable act or practice. Since the HHS Sec. reports directly to the President, then he can tell her what to change. The law leaves it entirely up to the discretion of those empowered to make changes as they see fit.

    • They may have gone to far this time and “nuanced” themselves out of office. It is almost like Obama knows that he isn’t going to get a second term so he is going to do everything he can do now and hope that the next President doesn’t undo it. Not going to happen that way because just the way Obama “nuanced” these regulations the next President can un-“nuance” them.

    • It’s a good question. As William is saying, large laws like this often have many regulations, or “rules’ that have to be written related to its implementation. This gives the executive branch enormous power to set policy.

  4. You have written a true account of the dangers inherent in Obamacare that infringe on our personal liberties. The Supremes should strike down the entire law as unconstitutional.

    Just as an aside of the “free” mandate; only the employer’s private insurance companies must provide the birth control products as “free’ to their clients.
    The manufacturers of the products still get paid, the physicians still collect their fees for prescribing the products, and no mention of “free” products for those who don’t have private insurance.

  5. Excellent article Keith. I’m just amazed at the leftists that commented on your article, defending Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution. They must be comfortable in their bondage as long as it is a fellow leftist tying the ropes. It is like they live for the moment and don’t realize the power and God-given rights they are ceding to the statists currently in power. Their children and grandchildren will curse them for selling their freedom and liberty for a handful of birth control pills.

  6. There was an excellent article regarding that BS number that 98% of catholic women use birth control (other that NFP) – and I would argue with those nimrods over at the article, but I don’t care to register.

  7. I think The One and the Bots thought that since most people use birth control they would jump at the chance to get it “free” and not care about that dull old religious liberty thing.

    But there is a difference between me as a Catholic deciding not to follow the Church’s teachings and the federal government telling my Church what to do. The One and Bots did not foresee that this might mean something to me.

    How scarey that King Barry can change the rules day by day — and our Congress passed a bill that lets him do it.

    And why is birth control free? And why is it suddenly “preventative care?” So pregnancy is a disease? And nothing is free unless you are not putting any money into the system — so “free” is meaningful only to those on the public dole.

    Why not free physical therapy if something has to be free? I have insurance, am undergoing physical therapy and am watching it eat up my savings — plenty expensive stuff — and I should pay for it while Jim and Jill copulate to their hearts content for free? At least what I am suffering through IS a medical condition!

  8. Amen. People need to realize it is not about the “majority of catholic women are using birth control” that the left is taking up as its mantra. It is about the federal government telling a religious organization that they cannot control their deeply held religious beliefs and mandates. It is about the government telling people that they have to purchase something they may not want or need. It is about government going down the list of rights guaranteed by our constitution and knocking them off one by one. Little Barry thought he was too clever by half when he offered the compromise that was not a compromise, but merely smoke and mirrors. What is needed is his brand of government to be exorcised from America. Little Barry was throwing America a tiny little bone for the voters and taxpayers to gnaw on in the high hopes and expectations that we would be too stupid to notice or that we would think that he is such an upstanding human being that how could it be wrong if The Emporer says it is so? Down with The Emperor.

  9. As long as Holder and basically the Supreme Court are his hit squad we
    haven’t got a chance. Seems he does what he wants on any given day. He is
    so deluded with power he makes the despots in other countries green with envy.
    Here is the most powerful country in the world being ruled on a whim. No
    checks or balances too many secrets we really know nothing about him and he
    has power no other President has before. His paranoia and having American’s snitch on one another is an abomination. We look like we are run by the KGB!
    We are about to have no rights except what Obama wants on any given day.
    He must not be elected again!

  10. You know, I’ve been thinking about this and think I know what is going on. The Obamacare System is creating those pools of coverage. They will need massive participation in the pools for them to work. So the system is setup for businesses to drop coverage and pay a 2K per year fine, which is much less than what they pay per employee, heck, some are costing them 2k a month. so now he goes after the religious organizations to force them to drop coverage for employees. They will pay the 2k per employee fine, the employees will all be forced into the insurance pool. this is a slick move if he can get away with it.


      • I agree Star. The only way the system is going to work financially is if there is large participation in the government pools. If only those who can’t get insurance or refuse to are in the pool, they will be paying out billions more than they take in. So they are setting up the system to force 60 to 70 percent of the population into the plan. Once in, you won’t get out and you will be told by the government what treatments and such they will allow. It’s a bad deal. Going to make sure I get a complete tune up before all this kicks in so I can avoid the doctors; or find the ones that will take cash payments.

  11. Dragged myself over to Politico — good article. Kudos. Obama takes on God. Hubris. And tone deaf also — Obama’s Valentine’s celebration message to a suffering nation — Go Big! Well, Michelle will reap the benefits of that public message at least. Jerk.

  12. I think they may have hoped that Catholics as a whole would publicly split from the Church’s position — take up an open opposition to the teaching about birth control — big surprise for them when it didn’t happen, I bet!

    What a blow to the Church it would have been if masses of members turned publicly on the leadership and demanded essentially that the Pope’s authority be ignored, or Pope Barry in America be installed.

    Again, I bet they are very surprised at what has happened. I”m still looking for the goodie in this for islam — just can’t shed the idea that Barry & Such have more than one string to their bow.

  13. I also think some of this is the Dem’s way of acknowledging that a portion of their group live reckless, careless lives. So, it’s necessary for schools to offer two or three meals a day to children not because some parents are so feckless that they can’t cook a meal or budget their money to buy food, it’s because nutrition is a right or Michelle Obama is concerned for something.

    Ditto contraception. Baby Momma can’t organize her life to put aside $ for contraception and Baby Daddy thinks it’s her problem bec the gov’t will raise the child in any case. So if contraception is free, maybe the part of the Dem party who are not being good parents might parade forth to pick up that free b.c.

    And it’s all accomplished without Michelle or Barack or any Democratic personage having to mention self-discipline, delayed gratification, thoughtful creation of families, budgeting, commitment, etc. That might hurt some people’s feelings.

  14. So now the federal government can control: our healthcare, what we do in our bedrooms, what we can plant and eat, our methods of communications, our energy usage, our ability to move about, how we worship, and considering our flushing capacity and t.p. quality – how we use a washroom. And if we squawk about it, the military can arrest us and put us in detention camps just because “someone” says we’re terrorists. After all, we’ve been under surveillance either by security camera, electronic monitoring, and eventually, drones. Goodbye, America.

  15. So this is what Obamacare leads to. Are we sure we want this? NO WAY!
    Why not just leave us alone. Let us choose what we want. We don’t want someting crammed down our throats.

  16. . Brilliant piece of editorial content Mr. Koffler. Keep reminding folks of what government can force on us to make our lives miserable.

    Barack ist der König der Welt!

  17. Now that CO2 is said to cause obesity, we should probably expect the President to mandate that revenues to combat Global Warming need to come from the health care industry.

    It would be hard to make this stuff up.