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Come and Get Your Five Dollar Frisking

Under President Obama’s new budget you would, if the thing passes, be required to pay more for your own humiliation.

According to the Daily Mail, the president wants to raise by $5 the price for the TSA to check out your bad, X-rayed-into-nakedness self and run their hands up and down your precious body.

And this we learn on Valentine’s Day. From the report:

Ideas quietly floated and then discarded during congressional budget negotiations last summer re-emerged in the fiscal 2013 transportation and homeland security portions of the White House budget sent to Congress that outlines $4 trillion in deficit reduction.

Under the proposal, ticket fees that help pay for passenger and bag security screening at more than 400 U.S. airports would double to a mandatory minimum of $5 per one-way trip.

The fee would jump 50 cents per year beginning in 2014, raising the total to $7.50 in 2018.

Passenger security screening? I think we know what that means.

Remember when Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class? Well he never said fees. Instead of taxing you, he’s going to fee you up.


The money raised will help with the cost of hands-on security, airport improvements, and sexy underwear for airport employees.

H/T to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit for finding this.

20 Responses to Come and Get Your Five Dollar Frisking

  1. Keith, isn’t the TSA a perfect metaphor for the Obama administration? First they violate you, then they shake you down. A Barack and a hard place.

  2. Great…Not only do they make me feel like a refugee being herded through a gestapo checkpoint, now I have to pay them to harass me? That’s why I haven’t been on a plane since they started with the molestations and naked radiation chambers.

  3. “fee you up”

    that is going to keep me laughing for a long time. Wish I had thought of it.

    Wee Wee gonna fee you up

    Classic line, Keith.

  4. This ‘new fee’ started in Colorado a few years ago for vehicle plates and renewals. In CO new/any increase in taxes are suppose to be voted on and no one in CO would vote for any new taxes soooooo…….heres a ‘fee.”

  5. My children in NYC and Seattle have been told…you come here…I will not pay for more embarrassment.
    I have two replaced knees and one hip…the humiliation I have been through is over…Pay for this?

    • No, the “elites” get escorted through, unless you’re a republican elite like Rand Paul: he gets shaken-down just like the rest of us serfdom.