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Quote of the Day || February 13, 2012

“Thank God my three day Let’s Move tour is over. Somebody get me an egg cream!”

– Michelle Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

24 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || February 13, 2012”

  1. Push up constests w/ Ellen and Jimmy Fallon, sack races, tug of war, jumping jacks, bicep flexing, sprints, -haven’t seen her arm wrestle anyone but I do remember The Beverly Hillbillies. Arm wrestling Hollywood bachelors and taking care of “critters” was all Ellie Mae did. I wish that was all that was on Mrs. O’s plate. But arm twisting the National Restaurant Asso. to serve smaller portions, dictating school menus that not only kids will not eat -it’s spawned a black market in food they will eat (maybe entrepreneurship in our youth isn’t dead) and last week she got her hands on the dietary throat of our military diet -“eat your veggies”.

    I love vegetables. I hate hypocrites:

  2. I love it a $39 dollar Target dress when she was at the home of some fat folk a
    $698 dress (sleeveless) for a ritzy crowd! Those folks at the WH are so delusional it’s almost funny….but not! Funny they are the stupid ones a 2yr
    old could see through this BS.

  3. I think MoochMORE has found the right formula for her talents. She flies all over, which doesn’t require any brains, but makes it look as if something is happening, she hops around with adoring kids, which is about her skill level physically and kids are easy to program for adoration, then she puts on a big girl suit and repeats her facile lectures on nutrition and exericse, which makes her think that she is a notable intellect.

    A world of pure delusion and very satisfying to Herself, I suspect. And I bet there are many people in Washington who are glad to see the back of her as she jets off on her Circus Clown Dream Tours.

      1. I agree that MoochMORE is building a platform for her post-WH life and that means buying the adoration of the young and their parents. What better way than to have 10,000 of them gathered to be a tiny dot each in a crowd, but remember forever seeing the FLOTUS?

        In fact, I think Michelle Antoinette’s reported attitude of “I’ll do what you ask for the campaign, but the minute it’s done, don’t call me, don’t look at me” is the attitude of a woman who doesn’t really care if BO wins or not. She’ll have her celeb life all in place, dancing, prancing and getting that adulation.

        1. I’m not so sure aboout her celebrity status after the white house.
          I think she will be one of our Illinois Senators. Never mind, that would be work. or sort of like work.
          But celebs are fickle, and she really does not have anything to offer them after the white house gig is over Maybe she wants to be the next Oprah, but I think Oprah worked pretty hard to make it big, so probably you can scratch that one too.

          1. She is black. That buys her attention in certain circles. Those who think now that being FLOTUS is a sort of queenly situation will continue to court her after the big fall. She’ll be on BET and all the other media of color outlets.

  4. If anyone can dig up any evidence that the MOOCH was anything but an angry woman who was fed up with the fact that her lazy husband was not bringing in the big bucks before they hit the lottery —- I will eat my hat!

    During the ’08 election, the only story we heard about MOOshelle’s love of children was the fact that she led the charge to keep all of the low-income minority kids out of the U of C Medical Center! She routed them all to county hospitals!

    This woman is the Queen of Mean – not the Queen of Hearts!

  5. Putting political reasons aside; MrsO has put school children on a forced diet without consideration of their physical or mental needs. Children need all those fat-laden calories, and comfort food served in school makes them feel better at being separated from their families.

    Children in the Northern tier states are not jumping around outside in the winter, children in the inner cities don’t have anywhere safe to dance outside. and children in the Southern tier states just don’t go outside in the summer.

    Her program is bogus and won’t change a single child’s life, but it will benefit the SEIU and the union’s agendas.

    1. You are absolutely right srdem. When you hear them say it is ‘for the children’, you can rest assured these collectivists are looking out for their own best interests.

  6. Did anyone mention the fact that HRH’s $7B healthy foods initiative ended up in school cafeteria trash cans across the nation? She blames it on ‘undeveloped pallettes’!

      1. You need to catch up with the MoochMore. Lobster dripping butter, or kobe steak. Chicken is so beneath her Royal Thighness. Now eat your chicken and peas, peasants.

    1. No parent wants their child to be overweight but as far as I know MO is
      not a DR or a nutritionist or dietitian so she should keep her trap shut,
      And forgive me but I imagine the youngest daughter’s BMI is not in
      the thin range. We can eat what we want and unless it’s an illegal drug
      ingest what we want. There are many reasons adults and children are
      overweight and they eat a healthy diet. And MO when was the last time you tried to feed organic foods to your family on very little money?
      She should get a job in Hollywood and leave us alone!

        1. Also I did and most kids do go through phases in weight up/down and we all lived through it pretty well. Let them learn give them the
          facts and as they grow older perhaps they will have learned a thing
          or two and make their own dietary choices. Michelle Obama would
          not tell a child of mine what to eat. Were I rich if she was at my school I would have pizza and KFC delivered while she was speaking:)

  7. Not likely an egg cream. Perhaps a bushel of lobster, a 4 pack of butter, 3 kobe steaks, and a liter of vodka to chase it down. And perhaps even a line of Barry’s pure cocaine to lift her back out of the stupor.

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