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Obama Schedule || Monday, February 13, 2012

9:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Delivers remarks on his FY 2013 budget; Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, Va.
1:45 pm || Awards the 2011 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Meda; East Room

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 2:30 pm

34 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, February 13, 2012”

  1. wow another big day for Obozo working hard to make sure the country has plenty of jobs ,would someone please ask this guy what in the hell does he do all day long I know NOTHING

  2. The campaigner-in-chief hitting up our young college students again. Hawking a budget that increases spending and fails to address entitlement reform. It’s not a serious budget but rather another campaign talking point. FAIL

  3. Obama gives out more awards to his friends than Hollywood.

    Jack Lew on the Sunday morning talks shows told a talking point lie on the number of votes that are need to pass a budget. The hosts of the show were as ignorant as they hope the public is. The Obamas are trying to spin that Republicans are in control of all of congress and are obstructionist. Has there ever been a more cynical use of a lie before?

    1. Saw his interview with Chris Wallace where he tried to claim zero’s “blueprint” is consistent with American values. Of course this Marxist’s idea of American values where “everybody has a fair shot, pays their fair share, and plays by the same rules” is far different from mine. That ain’t my America where some temporary politician determines our outcome.

    2. He got some Pinocchios over at the WaPo, too…Can we agree–this guy is ding-ding-ding on the Annoying Spokesliar Scale? Anyhow–isn’t he a gatekeeper or sort of appointment keeper or something–why is he even speaking for this crowd?

      1. hes affaird to address a real crowd of people who have really been hit hard hes a Coward little kids and college kids his level of socialist propoganda

        1. They said that his State of the Union speech was written on an eighth grade level.
          College kids are just above that these days.
          He feels comfortable in that environment, and he’s not going to get any hard questions.

    1. Yes, you would think college kids would be smart enough to know his spending will be their Waterloo, but since the dems have dumbed down education so successfully, they will just sit and applaud when they get texted and told to do so.

      1. College students are the one group of people who are still falling for his “FY” BS! There may be others who do, but by and large, that 18-22 age group is still in his pocket. I’m shocked by the college kids I teach who don’t seem to comprehend what this will do to their future.

  4. I am still shuddering over that annoying Lew person. Soooo patronizing—oh, don’t worry about it…we don’t need “austerity” (or judgment?)–we have it under control…you will do what we say, you will do what we say….free birth control…you are getting very sleepy….. What happened to the guy with glasses married to the news babe? No–not the Jayster–the other one…

  5. Community College ? Isn’t that where the poor kids stuck in union run ‘public schools ‘ have to go to learn to read and rite and do their sums after they gradiate . One of the few, and growing fewer audiences, where he can speechify and not have folks laugh in his face .Or worse .

      1. but jaytrain has a point. Even when I went to college in the 80’s, they had remedial classes in English and Math for kids who could not even do the basics required in 100 level math & english college courses.
        This was Illinois State University, a big-time TEACHERS college, and most of those kids from Chicago on a free ride could barely read. (I hated when we had group assignments and a couple of us had to do all the work.)

        1. Yes, kids getting into college may not be prepared–but I was referring to disdain for community colleges, which in many cases are all kids can afford, and even they are not cheap. I think we are going to see a different model evolve–many if not most students don’t actually graduate in 4 yrs or at all. I think we are going to train up or certificate for certain jobs, then the next one, then the next one. I used to lecture on the economy in DC–and we told kids they would have seven careers, not just seven jobs, in their lifetime. Now–it may be seven jobs at one time! Kidding on that, sort of, but it is morphing.

          1. You[‘re right Star…and Northern Virginia CC is a well respected and run school. If you get your associates from there, they have a program that garrantees your acceptance at any of the state run universities (i.e. U of VA, VA Tech, James Madison, George Mason, etc).

            I think the One’s campaign staff picked this one becuase Annandale, VA has a large Korean population….it’s voting time!

  6. I would love to have the president’s official schedule. Woke up at 5:30 this AM to make it into the office by 7:45pm. Won’t get home until almost 6pm tonight.

    1. We should be a little easier on Czippy ~ he had his morning briefing at 9:45 rather than the normal 10am one, so he had to get up a little earlier. I understand that 5:30 wake-up call ~ unfortunately, I have a 2 hour drive 3 days a week to get to my work, and return home around 8:30 if I’m lucky. Still, I am most thankful to have even a part-time job in this economy.

    1. also the military young men and ladies who cannot really say to much this man will go to Union rallies the thugs of the country most are so so bad I know I was in one and they are brain washed dummies,over payed thugs

  7. Obozo does his budget cut in front of community college students not harf working every day Americand what a sham this guy is its always kids,kids ,kids were are the adults Mr Obozo

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