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Will Michelle Go Skiing in Vail This Year??

Last year, over Presidents’ Day weekend, Michelle Obama jetted across the country to take her daughters for three days of skiing in Vail, Colorado.

There was plenty of snow in the beautiful Virginia mountains outside of DC, but Michelle opted for the delicate, powdery stuff on the slopes of Rockies, along with the luxurious accommodations and sophisticated haute cuisine that only a place like Vail can offer. She stayed at an inn where the rooms started at $605 a night. She hit the best restaurant on the hill, feasting on buffalo ribs.

But this is an election year, and the Obamas are running against the one percent. It hardly makes political sense for Michelle to be wasting taxpayers’ money on swank vacations – yes, you picked up the airfare for the Boeing C-32 military jet she used to get out to Vail, the costs of the security detail, etc. – and hobnobbing with the rich while the 99 percent tries to make their heating bills.

On the other hand . . .

Political considerations and optics have hardly slowed Mrs. Obama down before. Just this past December, she flew out to Hawaii without President Obama – who was left at home to deal with Congress – at extra expense to taxpayers so that she wouldn’t miss a day of sun. The president eventually followed once he’d wrapped up work.

Then there was, of course, the legendary jet set jaunt to Spain in the summer of 2010, which was all vaca except for a lunch with King Juan Carlos thrown in on her last day to offer at least a trivial veneer of official business. A year later she got a little smarter, enduring a few more official first lady events during a trip to southern Africa, on which she nevertheless brought her mother and her brother’s kids and bounded out on an expensive safari.

And let’s not forget making up for missed opportunities. Obama family mini-vacations in 2011 to Williamsburg, Va. and to Montana were each nixed because the president had to work.

They made it to Martha’s Vineyard in August, thank goodness.

I am sure the last thing a campaign waging class warfare wants to see is Michelle hobnobbing with the enemy. But if the first lady wants it, and Valerie Jarrett agrees, a ski trip out West will be hard for relative peons like White House political guru David Plouffe and Obama 2012 Campaign Manager Jim Messina to stop.

49 thoughts on “Will Michelle Go Skiing in Vail This Year??”

  1. A million $$$ week-end at Vail is just slumming it for Queenie – pocket change! After the election, it’s going to be $20M ski trips to Mont Blanc! Wait and see!!!

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  3. Hasn’t she been on a tax payer funded vacation the last few days starting in Des Moines and ending at Disney in FL, promoting her propaganda laced “Let’s Move”–move your own fat behind and leave our children alone!! NOBAMA 2012!!! (and that goes for Mooochelle too!)

  4. I know there are photos of Michelle and the girls posing in skiwear and standing in snow but have we ever seen actual pictures of their schussing down a slope?

  5. Americans can only pray for their country. It must have a complete change of leadership and direction. Putting skis on one of the most visible hypocrites isn’t going to help the rest of us.

  6. Keith, I’ve skied the east coast, and you really can’t expect the FLOTUS to ski on the icy, pebbly slopes of Virginia or New England. That would take away from all the fun of a ski vacation.

    The Rockies are the only place she could ski and be able to enjoy the sheer exhilaration of schussing down a black diamond and hitting mogul after mogul. Killington is great, but come on, Vail has it so beat. And as far a cuisine, venison is wonderful, but it really doesn’t stand up to BBQ buffalo ribs. Give the poor city girl a break.

    (NOTE: Heavy sarcasm in above comment – no flaming please!)

  7. Oh, let’s hope so….I’d love to see her lecture the rich and famous about eating more veggies and salads and leaving off the expensive cuts of beef and budget-killing bottles of booze!

  8. Sure she will, or she’ll do something equally extravagant. The Obama’s don’t want the White House any longer. This must be the case. Barry is trying so hard to tick off every constituency that it’s difficult to come to any other conclusion.

  9. The 99 percent, if they are so inclined, can ski pretty economically in PA. Were a swing state! Me!Chelle the girls (and entourage) can come to Seven Springs. Then go down to MD or WV for a few more runs on the slopes. Promote the Rust Belt ski industry…

    Yeah I crack me up too!

  10. She’ll go. Haven’t you seen the recent MSM articles about how important it is to her and Buh-ROCK to get the Princesses Obama out of the White House so they can have normal fun, like staying in pricey hotels, bopping around on private beaches, resting in rented mansions, and skiing in expensive togs down the slopes of Vail.

    And let’s not forget that this woman who said that she finds it convenient to put herself first now suddenly says that it’s all about CONTINUING to put the Princesses FIRST. How she does this with all her celeb hobnobbing and travel, I don’t know, but I’m sure a Mommy-Daughtery trip to Vail will be the ticket.

    After all, Michelle Obama is the Mighty ChowDown Jumping Bean!

  11. It will be interesting to see what happens, but with the past history of things, I would put the money on SOME sort of vacation. At the moment, the administration doesn’t seem to be long on being politically astute.

  12. She’s been working hard selling the make believe image, so wouldn’t doubt her carrot stick is another star-studded vacation on the taxpayers dime.

  13. I will bet the farm on the fact that Queenie has never been on a ski slope or held a tennis racquet in her hand until she won the lottery. I will also bet the farm that Barry never had a golf club in his hand before he landed in the WH!!

    It’s a little known fact that the MOOCH is so obsessed with tennis – she invites her new best friends, the Williams sisters, for tennis play days at the WH.

    Life at the WH for these two welfare giants is nothing but fun and games – at our expense. Little by little, the MOOCH is spilling the beans about how she puts herself first….and sneaks out of the WH to visit friends, shop, etc.
    How many trips to Chicago and elsewhere are we paying for? Who are we paying to fly into DC for play dates? And then there’s Granny and the kids!

    The idea of another 4 years for these two most undeserving grifters is unfathonable….but it looks like a fait accompli! Sickening!

    1. Yuck, 4 more years, only ill-informed people would agree with this despot’s administration. Sad but true we are in store for a big fall from grace.

    1. You are so right! She can’t miss this chance to pretend to look somber while glowing at the thought that little MoochMORE is in the middle of celebrityville!

  14. We probably wouldn’t mind so much IF :
    1. America wasn’t suffering from high unemployment, inflation and a misery index that’s hitting almost all of us.
    2. The Obamas had a history of lavish vacations, pilgrimages to Africa and a penchant for flying off to vacations spots every month.
    3. Most important; our President hadn’t called upon us to sacrifice, to be more mindful of fossil fuels, and we knew for certain that the Obamas were paying for the trips out of their own pockets.

      1. Which is why their claims regarding how happy they will be to “pay their fair” share even more ludicrous. They’ve never had this amount of money outside of his run-up to being president.

        It’s not as if he has a history of happily paying his taxes and not sheltering his money elsewhere.

        It will be interesting to see what they do with their money once he’s out of office an no longer has access to all the perks.

  15. I used to go to Vail when it was new way back in the seventies. Then as it grew it got more costly and got a very different clientele the very rich 1% types.
    Last time I was there it was so bad I think Vail would look down their collective
    nose jobs at the Obama’s not outwardly but you can bet there are lot’s of jokes
    behind closed doors. Trust me she does not fit in with the Vail crowd so she
    will probably go.

    1. Didn’t she think that being first lady was a paid position? Now that she knows it isn’t, all the more she probably believes she deserves it.

  16. Thank U Mr. Koffler!

    She is one “trip” of a 1st Lady! (as we’d say back in the day). U have it so right; I loved your comments on Valerie Jarret, a lady with a most “exotic” background. We need to talk much more about this power behind the throne. I find it very werid that she is with Obamas 24/7. She is even present on all of the President’s so-called Private Vactions w/his wife & family. What on earth is going on here? If I were a 1st Lady in a happy marriage, I sure would not want my husband’s Aides coming along on my vacations. Those rare stretches of time that allow more privacy for 1st family.

    As for Michelle’s MarieA lifestyle, she may not go to Vail this yr; after hearing so many complaints, even from her husband’s closest staffers. Instead she just might pack her bags for the Swiss Alps, the resort town of Val d’Isare has lots of appeal for her. It’s rumoured to be the new Resort of her friends William & Katie. Actor Samuel L Jackson need not concern himself with his people’s support of this President. Michelle’s fans, especially, will be happy to inform all nay-sayers, that Michelle don’t have to answer to ANYBODY! She not being paid by you.

    How sad it is, that African Americans feel they have to accept any and all behaviors/decisions of this Administration. Samuel Jackson’s words will be heard by many Americans, no doubt, this zealouness on the part of Black Voters, will have a very sad backlash for them.

    I do enjoy WH Dossier, Mr. Koffler. This was one of your very best blogs and I look forward to more follow-up on 1st Lady as well as Ms. Jarrett.

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