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Obama’s Big Non-Concession on Birth Control

As far as I can tell, and I admit it’s an early read, the administration’s “compromise” on its policy of forcing Catholic Institutions to provide free birth control is meaningless. Because while it may disconnect the institution’s money from the requirement, it does not disconnect the institution from it.

Here’s what Obama did in his announcement today at the White House.

The original Obama administration regulation said that Catholic institutions, like Catholic hospitals and others similar concerns, must provide health insurance for their employees that covers birth control for free. Today, Obama said that the Catholic institutions no longer have to pay to provide a plan that offers this coverage, but that the insurers the instituions are using will be forced to reach out separately to employees and offer it the birth control coverage directly to them at no charge.

The employees could then effectively contract directly with the insurer to get the contraceptives for free.

Here’s the problem. It’s all still part of the package being offered by the institution. Catholic groups must still offer a plan that gives employees a chance to get free birth control coverage. The employees get it as a result of their insurance from their Catholic employer, even if they are dealing directly with the insurer. They don’t get it if they work for an employer who does not provide insurance.

Let me put it this way. Say the Obama administration originally mandated that you must invite a drug dealer into your home and required that you must pay him to provide your family with free heroin. But then say he changed the mandate and said, okay, you still have to invite the drug dealer into your home, but instead of you paying him, your individual family members can freely choose to have him give them free heroin.

You see? You’re still being forced to have a drug dealer in your home handing out heroin.

Obama is not providing a concession. He’s providing a fig leaf. The Catholic Bishops will never take it, nor should they.

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  1. All this is going to do is result in “birth control” being removed from the ledger, but the institutions paying for it anyway. At least in 1534, Henry VIII had the common courtesy to have Parliament pass the Act of Supremacy declaring him head of the churches in England.

  2. What is scary is that the Catholic Church may well roll over on this one rather than fight the White House. Margaret Sanger is happy in Hell this day.

  3. The spin has already begun that O is the great,sensitive mediator. It is all smoke and mirrors, he is grinning that way because he knew he was pulling a fast one. The entire thing was not about contraception – free or otherwise- but about religious freedom per our Constitution. Obama is laughing because he knows nothing changed. Too bad most Americans won’t understand that.

      1. I think you are giving the WH too much credit by saying that “deep down” they believe we are stupid. Considering the frequency BHO lies or misrepresents the truth, I think it’s right on the surface.

  4. I don’t know, but what was that? According to this Obama (and he is acting as if he owns the insurance companies, which he is not) can force the insurance companies to pay for something out of their own pockets. It is like telling the manufactures that they have to manufacture something for free if they want to be in the manufacturing business, or to the service provider to provide a service for free if they are to be doing business as services provider.

    Not very good when the government arbitrarily makes decisions involving someone’s else money by forcing them to pay for other people’s needs. What’s going to be next?, the bartender to be paying for his costumer’s drinks, the barber to be giving free haircuts and so on? I’m sorry but this is as closer to communism as communism itself.

  5. all this from a man who has never even run a lemonade stand, met a payroll, negotiated for insurance premiums. I think he thinks obama money is real and never-ending.

  6. Along the lines of your analogy, if Obama can force private insurance companies to provide birth control, abortion drugs, and sterilization procedures for free, he can also force American citizens to partake of those services. We are spiraling into despotism.

      1. Free sterilizations have a bad name… Sterilization is one of the most popular means of birth control–and the most effective. If you want one, fine–it’s surgery and is under your plan with some copay or coinsurance or under a deductible. Pills are under your drug plan with some copay.

        1. Remember when I posted a while ago about how my Medicare HMO wanted to send a doctor to my house to “assess my wellness”? They were going to pay ME $15 to let the doctor come. This stuff is getting way skewed. If I have a pain or think a checkup is in order–I will call them!

  7. Anyone who supports or votes for Obama in November is either a socialist or just plain stupid. Or possibly both. If the bony bastard gets re-elected this little trampling of first amendment rights will be nothing compared to the deluge that will come. The democrat party has shown it’s true colors and now marches into full-fledged socialism with no turning back. Republicans had better start calling them out on it and make it a visible issue in the summer and fall.

  8. This is a sad day for America.
    Our President, who swore to uphold the constitution, complains about it’s limitations on the powers delegated to him.
    He uses the force of the federal government to coerce a certain religion to abandon one of their core beliefs in direct violation of the First Amendment. When attacked by opponents of this action, he feints a reversal of his policy.

    Our elected leaders in Congress and in our State houses were mostly silent about this infringement of our rights. If it were not for the courage shown by the religious leaders of many faiths, this outrage would stand.
    We are alone in this fight to retain our freedoms, our elected officials are either comprimised or too timid to speak up on our behalf.
    Our only sword of right is our vote.

  9. Did you know that if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water he will jump out? But, if you put him in a pot of cool water and gradually increase the temperature he will sit in that hot, boiling water until he boils to death.
    This is what the Left has been doing, gradually turning up the heat, slowly bringing the water to a boil… The question then becomes are we going to sit in it until we lose every freedom or are we going to jump out of the pot?

  10. Great article and great comments here.
    Granny Jan/Janice, I really Iiked your link, oh, the wonderful dialogue in ” The last of the Mohicans”.
    British officer: You call yourself a patriot and a loyal subject to the crown ?
    Hawkeye: I do not call myself subject to much at all.
    Great American spirit there ! And also here, in your comments!
    This morning I read in my morningpaper that a man from Uzbekistan ( Ulugbek Kodirov), who was illegally in the US on a student visa, confessed to planning to kill Obama. I hadn´t heard about it before so I found myself speculating about this being part of the Obama reelection campaign, these plans could evoke sympathy for the president ( perhaps not from all though….). Well, I realize that this is conspiracy thinking going too far but so cynical am I about this administrations scheming that I at the moment didn´t think it was too far out suspecting them of using a a lunatic from a far away country for their purposes.

    1. I personally do not think anything is beyond them to do if it suits their purposes.
      Each time The Communist does or says something that one would think is counter to his re-election chances, it reinforces the uncomfortable conviction I have that there is a plan in their arsenal for suspending elections due to some catastrophic event, and keeping The Emperor on his throne. The whole thing with Israel possibly attacking Iran in the spring and the US getting involved, could be one of those events. Or, as you say, it could be something that these cretins manufacture to create a monumental crisis.
      They will not go down without a fight…and neither will we.

  11. I guess that oath he took was meaningless because this man ignores it side
    steps it and frankly if it were a flag he’d burn it the God complex he has gets
    worse by the day. He has always thought we are stupid because he was elected that is proof positive. Between Michelle turning our house into a
    place for her to have her ‘look at me I’m so great’. Now it’s a gym and fashion
    runway. Anyone who believed yesterday’s line of BS is stupid it was just a shell game. And what worries me is all the free time and events closed to the press way too much unknown about what he does behind closed and locked doors. This Catholic won’t let him get away with this nor will others. In fact I
    think by insulting the church and the people he may have dug himself a bigger

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  13. Comrade Valerie Jarrett let the cat out of the bag on MTP with Tom Brokaw – one week after the election:

    “Given the daunting challenge we face, it’s important that President-Elect Obama is prepared to take Power and begin to Rule day one.”

    We have seen enough of Obama’s despotism in the last 3 years to warrant his being declared ‘UNFIT TO SERVE’ ! Megalomania is a serious mental disease – he should be examined by a team of psychiatrists to declare his competency or lack thereof!

    He is at the ‘flaunting/taunting’ stage now – imagine what another 4 years will do to this country!

    1. He is unfit to serve he continually ignores the Constitution that he was
      to protect and defend he’s bound and determined to destroy it and us
      along with it he is a dictator and not fit to serve. If ever there should be
      an empeachment he is the one!

  14. Time for the Church hierarchy to show some stones and go nuclear ; Excommunication . The Pelosis and Bidens who espouse and enable a grave sin are themselves guilty of a grave sin . Publicly and forthrightly refuse them Communion as the heretics they are .

    1. I’ve been saying that for a long time now it’s time to Excommunicte them
      immediately. Although exorcism seems just about right how they can
      do what they are doing and march up the aisle and take communion
      is beyond belief.

      1. Lizzy: There is no excommunication from a church that was established by men. The church referred to in all the brouhaha about birth control is not and does not teach nor practice the true doctrines or beliefs of the Catholic Church.

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  16. For too long churches and their local pastors have been silent, while secular government shapes public policy, thereby molding (bad) morality to accommodate the ever encroaching downward trend of fallen human nature. In short, Christianity, as represented by modern churches, its leadership and flocks, has shirked their responsibilities, failing to be the “salt of the earth” and “exposing the deeds of darkness,” as commanded by Holy Scripture, the same Scripture they profess to trumpet. [Matthew 5:13,14 and Ephesians 5:11]

    For too many decades, Christian churches and their leadership have allowed themselves to be mum on moral issues while liberal politicians exercise their raw influence by abusing the public trust given them by election. Rather than carefully appropriating hard earned taxpayers’ money, irresponsible and unworthy politicians misuse those entrusted monies for their selfish and politically targeted interests, among which have been to feed the insatiable immoral desires of destructive culture bashing endeavors, such as Planned Parenthood’s subtle agenda of abortion genocide. And, all this, on the taxpayers’ dime, contrary to citizen individual consciences:

    “Abortion genocide:”

    Many others and I are most concerned about our nation’s preservation, according to the Declaration of Independence principles of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We could list other areas of government attempted political molestation where First Amendment rights are under assault. For instance – the whole area of the taxpayer funded Educational Industry, where government collusion with bully (type) unions, have mandated the godless instruction of evolution and the exclusion of opposing views.

    1. Pastor emeritus, I appreciate your support of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, however, the Catholic Church has never taught that people have religious freedom. It has taught that Christianity is the only true religion and all men in all ages have the duty and responsibility to accept God’s revealed truth.

      If the idea that people do have religious freedom were true, it would mean Christianity is a lie, that God is a liar, and that one is forbidden to practice the Christian faith which demands the faithful are to go forth and proclaim the Gospel and bring all men into the one, true faith in order to live eternally with God.

  17. Every Catholic and every federal income tax payer already subsidies birth control as every federal employee health insurance plan covers it.

    My leftcoast state, Washington, has introduced a bill this session that mandates all insurance carriers doing business in the state will provide coverage for VOLUNTARY abortions if they cover maternity care. So even if the federal government doesn’t force those objecting to paying for contraception or abortion, the states will.

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