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Obama to Appear at White House at 12:15 pm

President Obama will speak today at 12:15 pm ET at the White House, likely to announce changes to his policy requiring Catholic institutions to provide free birth control to employees. I will try to live stream it for you.

Update: sorry, I’m not able to live steam this event. No Carney briefing today.

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  1. The title says it all ‘ Obama to Appear at White House at 12:15 pm’ is that
    not where he should be everyday instead of fundraising? Almost like an Elvis
    sighting! Unless he exempts Catholics entirely nothing changes he already
    opened the gates of hell and we aren’t going to stand for him playing God!

      • William, you stated one of my fears, that he’ll reverse this until after the election. But if he backs down, then he’ll further anger his liberal base.

        Lizzy, remember the “Where’s Waldo” books? If someone were to write a “Where’s Obama” book, he’d be found on the golf course, in restaurants, at parties, but never at work in the White House.

        • And isn’t this our greatest concern should he be re-elected: that his zig to the center during the campaign season will zag way back to the far, far away left with lightning, blink-of-an-eye alacrity. With the specter of reelection no longer hanging over his pointy little head, he’ll be free to inflict his radical agenda on us with impunity.. Some nights, I wake up screaming….

  2. The curtain has been pulled aside and there is nothing he could say that would erase the shocking vision of a President who would trample on our constitution.

  3. I would have bet that he wouldn’t address this until after Rush was off the air today! Oh well….like many who have posted here, he’s doing what is expedient for right now. I’m sure he figured he could toss out the new edict earlier this week and if he didn’t get much flack from religious groups, he was good to go, and if he did, he could simply rescind the previous statement. You know it’s bad when Joe “JOBS is a three letter word” Biden advised against this particular move, and Czippy went ahead with it.

  4. Speculation is that the (p)resident is seriously out of touch and had no clue this would start such a firestorm. I think it was a way to manipulate the bitter clingers ( I am one ) then pacify us by rescinding the mandate, thereby proving that he, once again dons the white hat and rides to the rescue ( he killed bin laden remember ).
    Do people actually buy this b*llsh!t ??

  5. I doubt there’s a speech Obama has given that I’ve gritted my teeth more than this one!!!!! Putting the onus on the healthcare companies is the chicken way out, not to mention that the healthcare companies are going to pass along that financial burden to you and me. Plain and simply, Obama saw he was losing the catholic voting block and changed his position for that reason only. And did you hear him say, “I’m a Christian” in this speech??? I am sitting revolted at his words.

    • This is one hand giveth and the other taketh away. Employers will have to pay for the insurance policies, that are now required to cover this. How is this any different?

  6. Just how stupid does he think we are? So just change the method of payment.
    Why should the insurance company have to pay he still gets his way but just
    passed the buck to all of us we will all pay. Now he will go party hat in hand
    with the 1% while we get screwed again no pun intended. That was a 2 Valium
    speech. He should pay for that he caused the need!

  7. On 15 June 1215, King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta which prohibited the king from arbitrarily imposing his will on freemen. In October 1215, King John ignored the document and began a war against the very people on whom he had sworn to not impose his will.

    On 17 September 1787, freemen in the newly formed United States ratified a document that prohibited any man from arbitrarily imposing his will on another. On 10 February 2012, President Obama ignored the document and began a political war against the very people on whom he had sworn not to impose his will.

    Well, at least we beat the English by about two and a quarter centuries.

    • Does that mean we’re reliving history? If so, we’re right about at 1776 in my guesstimation. Obama’s edicts are way past any oppressive act King George visited on our ancestors. It just took his implementation of Obamacare to make others see how far we have fallen.

      • If you pay attention, history always winds up repeating. Or, to quote Ecclesiastes, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

        • There is but one thing new William.. that is the number of suckers born who follow the mind-numbing evil known as far left extreme socialism.. willing to blindly follow & worship political,elitist, liars such as obambo & others…
          ..mere zombies who reject history & sound reasoning to digest the garbage fed to them starting at an ever younger age…
          woe to them…

  8. So, who gets to pay for this now?? Remember how Obozocare was supposed to save money?? What a total joke this clown is. Watch everyones insurance rates go up, and up, and up!!

    Under the changes, religious employers will not have to cover birth control for their employees. Instead, the government will demand that insurance companies be directly responsible for providing free contraception.

    • Great so now we all have to pay for people’s birth control. I don’t know one person who has ever complained that they can’t afford their bc pills.
      Why is contraception more imperative to someones health than say insulin or chemotherapy. Why don’t we pay for everything?!! Who decides one medication or one procedure is more importan than another. Is that governments job?!

  9. This all translates to electioneering for the womens’ vote! 91% of women (Catholic and otherwise) use contraceptives and the Messiah is going to make sure they are FREE….at least until after the election!

    He mis-calculated the fury of the Catholic church but, hey…no problemo! Just force the ins. companies to pay – and watch all of our rates skyrocket!

    I agree with Blondie – I have never heard of any woman complaining about the cost of b/c pills! $15-50/month is not going to break the bank!

    Once again, Obama has created a firestorm!

    • How much do condoms cost? Wouldn’t that be a cheap,easily accessable alternative?
      And since when is the Pill healthy? Don’t they read the side effects?

    • It is not just the pill we will be paying for unfortunately. We must also pay for the morning after abortion pill and sterilization procedures. That is against my religious beliefs but I will be forced to pay for others to receive these procedures. This is no compromise, this is a way to steal freedom away from us all.

  10. I am blind in one eye due to Glaucoma my eye drop is expensive. I tried the generic one as insurance would not pay for brand name that I have used for years. The generic one hurt my eye for some reason. So now I pay $110 a
    month to get the brand name one as I only have one eye I’d like to keep it.
    So I pay to keep my eye but everyone else pays for women’s BC and other
    services. Will they pay for my seeing eye dog should I go blind? Obscene I
    think women are able to pay for their own BC I can’t get another eye and there
    are many more illnesses that are far more important.

    • Lizzy,sorry about your eye situation,but thats precisely my point. Why isn’t your prescription free. Who gave Obama the power to determine what meds are essential to a women’s health? What about everyone else.
      The good news is,the issue still isn’t going away. I hope the Bishops keep up the fight.

      • I don’t ask for it to be free just after trying the generic one I was willing
        to pay what I did before $6.50 I am not asking for charity but please not
        for myself but many others isn’t ones eyesight a bit more important than
        BC? Cover up one of you’re eye’s and blur the other Obama then see
        how fun golf is then? Also Glaucoma is painful so see how you like that

        • I get my drops off eBay…Some people go to Mexico. Canada. But the govt should pay for BC? I don’t get it. I am a day late on this controversy…so Catholic hospitals etc had to offer insurance that had these procedures and drugs–or pay for them directly? I am confused…

      • My question, too: Who gave Obama the power/right to make these decisions? Where in the Constitution does it say the president has this power? I thought our Congress was the governing body!

    • Lizzy, I raise puppies to be seeing eye dogs. There is no cost to those who need these fabulous dogs. I would suggest you look into possibly getting one now. The young woman who got our last dog still has a lot of sight but she felt that she would be better off getting a dog now so that ‘if’ her sight gets worse she is fully prepared for it. When she speaks to others who are visually impaired that is always her first suggestion to them. Good luck hun.

      • I am concerned because I live with my 89 year old mom and we have no family. Lot’s to worry about besides the idiot we have as president.
        He understands nothing of real life and real people. See I got more help from you than the government we the people are the best!

        • As a uni-eye person, I can relate, Lizzy–we have talked about this before. I agree–these pols with fully equipped hospitals next door to their offices do not have a CLUE–I am sure the president and his badly dressed, jumping and leaping spouse have never even seen an EOB. They have peeps for those details.

  11. As I said on another board. Is he trying to put Planned Parenthood out of business? I thought they were suppose to supply these services. /snarc off