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Obama’s Catastrophic Dithering on Iran

There are serious consequences to electing president who thinks the world is comprised of people who ultimately think just like us, who believes evil people want only the best for their children too.

Jimmy Carter, for example. He finally came to the realization that there might be something wrong with the Soviet Union after the Politburo ordered Afghanistan invaded.

In 2009, President Obama entered office vowing to test the reasonableness of unreasonable people in places like Tehran, Caracas, and the borderland between Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are now, in the case of Iran, harvesting some very bad fruits of such naïveté.

By failing to confront Tehran with brutal sanctions early on, by steering clear of support for Iranian protestors who might have mucked up his Mullah outreach, Obama lost invaluable time. Now that he is finally taken harsh measures with the regime,  it may be too late, because in this case timing is everything.

The Israelis are now calculating that the Iranians may be close to burying their nukes in impregnable caves, so close that there might no be enough time to let the sanctions work. The Israelis simply can’t afford to wait too long and, as the Ahmadinabomb is ultimately an existential threat to us too, neither can we.

The problem here is clear. Obama dithered for too long, hoping the Iranian monsters would come around to his charm and his kowtows, and now there might not be time to see if tough sanctions work.

Weakness begets war. Strength prevents it. Obama offered what barbarians understand as a stance of weakness. The Iranians gave him the middle finger. Or threw a shoe at him. Or whatever they do over there to show disrespect.

I’d like to think Obama will recognize when the sanctions jig is up. But he will probably let the Israelis attack Iran, and then criticize them for not giving it a little more time.

Many will be killed because we acted as if we had the luxury of trying out tactics that never work with bad guys. And because we elected a leader who is learning on the job what bad guys are like.

20 Responses to Obama’s Catastrophic Dithering on Iran

  1. Keith’s interpretation of events unfolding around us is right on. This blogger has some familarity with Iran and it language, a small segment of that society wants Israel and America swept from the face of the Earth. Fortunately we can still exchange thoughts on sites such as this, until Obama shuts the political internet down. In the event you have a chance please view my youtube video, President’s Competence Questioned. MD

  2. Good analysis, if I can, let me add something to it.

    Think of the situation from the Iranian position. Saddam tried to develop the bomb and today he is dead. Libya was developing the bomb, then capitulated to the Bush administration and then Obama helped overthrow Momar and he ended up dead. Meanwhile, we don’t screw with North Korea.

    So what is the lesson learned in all this? Develop the bomb, it’s the only way to protect yourself.

    Obama’s efforts to help overthrow Libya guaranteed that in no way shape or form will Iran drop their nuclear program; they view having the bombs as necessary for their survival.

    So, it’s off to another war we go and this one is going to be seriously ugly because Russia will be fighting with Iran, Pakistan will join in, India will then probably get involved and then China will be joining. Read the intelligence on what is going on at the India/China border. We are about to embark into WWIII and the alies are scared of the thought of the US having Obama as commander in chief. Even the French don’t think he has the stomach for a real fight.

  3. sadly true, Keith. we missed a golden opportunity in 2009, when Neda was killed in the streets and there really was a chance for regime change.

    I’m just glad Obama wasn’t president when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

  4. Excellent article Keith. He has made so many errors in judgment with foreign policy that it leads me to believe that he isn’t just naive or over his head. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing and that these events are happening just as he and his fellow travelers have planned.

  5. If you want to read what “might” happen, read a series by Joel C. Rosenberg. The first book is “The Twelfth Imam” and the second is “The Tehran Initiative”. The second feels like it could have been written from today’s headlines.

  6. “The Iranians gave him the middle finger. Or threw a shoe at him. Or whatever they do over there to show disrespect.”

    Or a $4.00 pink U.S. drone toy replica (probably made in China).

    • Yeah, really. What an insult. It is probably proudly displayed on the Resoulute Desk ’cause Barack thinks it’s a tribute of some sort.

  7. His Messiah complex makes it impossible for him to see what’s right in front of his face nobody fears us anymore thanks to this inept child leading our country
    into great danger. They don’t fear us because he shows his hand repeatedly
    we won’t do anything he is not cabable to make a decision without 15 people
    who know nothing telling him what he wants to hear just wait appeasement
    is a dangerous game played with the demented fools with nuclear bombs and
    itchy trigger fingers. I doubt he will change blame Bush or hope someone else will clean up the mess this experimental child has made. We can’t afford for
    him to ‘deserve’ another term we might not live to endure it very scary.

    • We have also learned he gets his options in multiple choice checkboxes instead of briefing notebooks…Predigested…everythjing but pre-decided–but by whom? Valjar? Wifey? Panetta? Hillary?

  8. Obama will do nothing, Dithering is his standard operating procedure. Usually he takes no position or speaks in generalities and lets others do all the heavy lifting. Leadership from behind. When the Israelis do strike the empty suit will be wagging his bony little finger and lecturing Bebe on diplomacy and sanctions.