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Obama Schedule || Friday, February 10, 2012

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:40 pm || Signs H.R. 3801 with former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
3:30 pm || Attends a fundraiser; The Jefferson Hotel, Washington. Closed to the press.

Live stream of Carney briefing at TBD
All times Eastern

34 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, February 10, 2012

  1. It’s time for the Dems to quit the political trafficing on the tragedy in Tuscon and let MsGiffords concentrate on her health. She didn’t write this bill and probably doesn’t even understand what it says or means.

  2. Okay, this is more like it. Two days, two fundraisers. That makes three for the month so far.

    He averaged one scheduled fundraiser every 1.5 work days in January, so he needs to get on the ball. This is only one every 2.66 days.

    • a closed one to at that no press sounds a lttle sneaky are they coming in thru the back door Rev Wright,Bill Ayers Georgie Boy Soros,and other good friends and do not forget the Rev Al Sharpton,and buddies no pictures please mr Obozo

      • I just saw Obama out my office window, and now there’s a sniper scoping me from the Jefferson’s roof, so I came here to check the Presidents’ schedule, when I came across this gem. This comment sounds like it was written by an insane person. It has multiple spelling errors, lacks any kind of sentence structure, and is grammatically incorrect. Worst of all, it completely lacks any coherency or sound logic. I think this post, and the individual responsible for it, epitomize the greatest obstacle that faces any Democracy. They just let any hick vote – regardless of how dumb he is.

      • Also, if you think that Bill Ayers or Rev Wright influence elections through their financial contributions then you, like most voters, have a simplistic view of politics (and you’re the perfect voter from the candidates’ point-of-view). All campaign contributions, by law, have to be disclosed. The majority of Obama’s financing comes from academic institutions, high-tech industries like Google, and of course Wall Street – although Wall Street hedges its bets and contributes to both campaigns every election, but not equally. There’s probably a derivative for the exact contribution amount to each candidate (that was a joke). It’s the reason why Wall Street gets bailed out in times of crisis (and every tax season), and why SOPA will never get signed into law. Corporations rule politics. There’s no need to invent Bill Ayers conspiracy theories.

  3. Wow. I don’t know how be does it. He is going to burn out. The physical and mental strain of such a grueling schedule would fail the health of a man half his age…

    Is anyone in the media EVER going to question the TOTAL LACK OF OBAMA WORK ETHIC? What does he do until 10 a.m.? What does he do after lunch? Nap? Meditate? Get reprogrammed? Something is terribly off here.

  4. At $400,000 a year, plus all the perks, we sure aren’t getting our money’s worth now are we. Looks to me like he is working (if you can call it that) for a little over an hour Friday. Sometimes, especially lately, I wonder if he is doing some of the crazy things he does, so he WONT get relected? Maybe he is just too chicken to back out now that he is seeing the nationwide backlash against him? Is it possible that Barry thinks to himself, why not force some crazy legislation on the citizens of the US, so that they will pick another pres this November. Even members of his own staff told him it was a foolish plan with the contraceptive debacle of recent days.

    • Interesting observation, but I think it’s something else. He’s seems more egomanical than ever, almost crazed with power. I think he can’t take advice because he can’t believe he could be wrong. I also think his advisors are afraid to tell him the truth because he takes criticism too personally and gets in a funk.
      In otherwords, I believe he desperately wants another term because his ego demands it. We both can agree that there is something wrong with him.

      • Just the mere fact of him plugged in to a so-called church run by a maniacal racist should have raised all the warning flags to our electorate.
        But sadly it took 3yrs of his “kingdom of destruction” to turn the tide
        against him… the guy is just creepy !!!
        Good for us that his blind ego wont allow him to see it!

          • I’ve been watching old videos of him from the 1990s that have recently surfaced. He was the same but hadn’t developed his charm offensive. He was just an arrogant know it all. This is what his classmates said about him at Harvard Law, too.

            The phony grin and shmoozy small talk were added later probably by political consultants. You’re right, the real Obama is sullen. Still photos catch that all the time.

  5. He really does seem more crazed than ever, Granny Jan. I think it’s because he is now truly drunk with power – Caligula on steroids and maybe a little coccaine, too. He pulled off the greatest ‘con’ in Presidential history three years ago…and history is about to repeat itself. He is not merely the POTUS – he is God!

    Worse yet, the ‘potato sack’ wife is now getting in the act!!! Not to be undone by her megalomaniac husband, her staff arranged for her to have a roaring crowd of 10,000 school children pay homage to her yesterday in Iowa! Shades of the dearly departed Dear Leader in N. Korea!

    The ‘high-fives’ and fist bumps must be flying every night upstairs in the private quarters as the two masters of the universe congratulate themselves on single-handedly dismantling the Constitution and usurping absolute power…a herculean feat by all standards! All of this before they sit down to a sumptuous feast of lobster, caviar and champagne!

    In a sense, we are all Romans now – witnessing the Last Days of Pompeii! Fasten your seatbelts – the next 4 years are going to be a doozy! America will finally wake up – but it will be too late!

    • You have a way with words! You can see why I make videos. Writing doesn’t come easy to me.

      I’ll have to see the FLOTUS show. I read that we paid the kid’s transportation to her event. What riles me about her shows is that she has to be the center of attraction and the kids are just props.

    • Who’s not to say that Ban Ki-moon of the UN won’t suddenly resign or have an accident, and Obama puts his pitch in for the Sec. Gen of the UN.

      Granted, tradition is that someone from the US not be given the job, but to go from POTUS to “President of the World” is something that Obama and his team would dearly love.

      Wilson wanted to be President of the World back when he formed the League of Nations, but the Senate then was wise enough to remember the words of Washington during his farewell address and voted down US involvement in the League.

      Obama was touted as being a “post racial” president, in truth he is a “post national” president. The proof is in the comments he made in the early days of his administration regarding the exceptionalism of nations, and in the way he has been securing this nation from an invasion of illegal immigrants.

  6. Another play day for the child-in-chief. As noted he is drunk with power and
    mixed with his ego and God complex it’s a dangerous mix. Should he God
    forbid get 4 more years America is lost maybe forever I hope not. Wake up
    America we need to get our country back and erase the last administration
    as a very bad experiment never to be repeated.

  7. Granny Jan – you are indeed the Steven Spielberg of the blogosphere! A video is worth a trillion words!

    ‘FLOTUS DOES IOWA ‘ comes to mind, snark!

  8. wow another long hard day for Obozo and another fund raiser ,were is the media on asking this man about why his days our so short and starts so late we all know if this where the last President they would be all over it the liberal media is affaird and cowards to ask the truth unite and defeat this man before he ends up destroying America for the sake of future generations

    • Yes–I agree–don’t say –EVEN SAY–four more years…ack! It will take the next president 8 yrs or more to WALK BACK all this nonsense. I had a no good very bad day yesterday–and I lost the thread–which end of Michelle was the gunnysack on? Give me a fill.

  9. one question how much is Moochelles trip going to cost the hard working people of this country and are they using DNC funds probaly not,why do we tolarate this from this administration there must be some law to stop this bad behavior were is congress on these matters we do have the power in the house

  10. The title of H.R. 3801 is “Ultralight Aircraft Smuggling Prevention Act of 2012”. The purpose of the bill was to clarify the definition of an ultralight as an aircraft so that prosecutors could have a stronger hand in court when going after the drugs being smuggling in from Mexico.

    The vote in the House was 408 Aye, 0 Nay and 25 Abstain. .

  11. Anudder busy day for Barry.

    I am sure that he is getting frustrated as I do not think that he has gone golfing or played basketball in some time now. Is that an effort by the campain to limit his exposure as they know we are keeping count? It is time we see him attending a Georgetown Hoya basketball game shoving a hotdog in his food hole.

    Where’s Mooch? Oh, I forgot, she is having physical fitness contests with punny late night show host’s. Time for the Veil ski trip while there is still snow in the rockies.

    • He plays hoop every day at the White House gym,watches alot of ESPN and loves to nap ,hes so laser focused on creating jobs come on a 2 hour work day and a fund raiser in the middle of the work day,wow what a man (NOT)

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