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Quote of the Day || February 7, 2012

“Wow, Plouffe, the Catholics seem really mad. Do you think we should go ahead with our plan to require Orthodox Synagogues to serve pork chops?”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. That’s funny but it’s not far from the truth. My husband grew up in an Orthodox household and was in the army in the 60s and came face to face with ham in the mess hall. There weren’t any other choices. He still has nightmares.

    He was stationed down south and the funniest thing was all the southern boys who told him they had never met anyone Jewish before. He survived but then his reserve unit got called back on active duty in late 60s so he served again. He lived off barracks with a bunch of guys. He bought an old 54 Chevy which need a quart of oil a day to get around. He was a married by then…to me. I stayed in NH because no one really knew his eventual status.

    His unit had gone to Vietnam without him but that’s another story. Let’s say it’s wonderful that the army was so disorganised that they forgot about him. He worked in the psychologist’s office at Fort Knox and it seemed like they were going to keep him forever. His unit had returned after a year in Vietnam but he was still at Fort Knox. He did eventually get out. There were no casualties in his unit, thank God.

    • “Let’s say it’s wonderful that the army was so disorganised that they forgot about him.”

      Picking up your memories from there, I was hoping the army was more organized by the 60’s – guess not. My husband was stationed in Ft. Huachuca during the Korean War …[drum roll….] as a chaplains assistant-he’s Jewish. The priest was unable to find a replacement for him in spite of repeated requests through channels. Unable to assist the priest, he had a lot of free time.

      Not exactly a scene from the film, Pork Chop Hill.

  2. ” That’s the Catholics and Jews steamed. How about — for health and fitness reasons — we require the Baptists to dance and drink one glass of wine each day. Then, we will move on to the Church of Christ followers mandating that they have stringed orchestras for their services. And see if Lady Gaga can provide some consulting support.

  3. I converted to Catholicism at 29 and take it very seriously. I still can’t understand why Pelosi, Kerry, Sebelious and in the past the Kennedy’s were not and now haven’t been excommunicated they blatantly take communion
    and should not they aren’t true Catholics and it really tests my patience. Now they are all on the bandwagon for the war on the church. I don’t understand
    how their hypocrisy always gets a pass.

    • The reason they aren’t confronted is because of the $$$ and prestige…
      this catholic practice is as old as the hills.. the ultimate example was the “sale of indulgences”.. back when a certain derelict pope conjured up a creative way to satisfy his ego .. raising funds to build st. peters square.
      ( a little piece of history that is conveniently overlooked by the roman church)

      religion + government = brutal corruption

    • While this is true Girly1, many of us are Catholic in mind, body and spirit. As Yamamoto said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor ” we have awakened a sleeping giant”….I don’t think Odumbo and his minions have any idea what they have done nor the storm about to be unleashed.

      • I am a very devout Catholic I chose this as my religion it was not what I
        was raised as and I had to get my first marriage annulled from the
        Vatican. It was a long process and took a year 4 different Priest’s and
        witnesses. As I am unable to make it to confession the last hospital
        stay I was unable to take communion. Those I mentioned do it with no
        conscience but as a true believer they will reep what they have sewn.
        Thank goodness we are speaking up nd are being joined by other

        • I converted as a pre-teen but am married ( 38 years and counting ) to a Protestant. Wasn’t confirmed until my marriage was con-validated ( took me almost a year ) just two years ago. Maybe that is the difference….I do not take the faith for granted and I take it very seriously. That being said, I have mailed the contact for the RCC to all my friends, both Catholic and Protestant and they are all taking up the banner, so to speak. Contact your Senators and Representatives and speak out. Keith is right….we are only the first on their list…others will follow.
          Will post the link .

  4. Some “Cradle Catholics” are unchurched these days because of their heartbreaking disappointment regarding the priestly rape and abuse issues, and the scandalous footdragging by the hierarchy to avoid responsibility.
    So there are at least two issues here: the scandal and the fact that the hierarchy would rather shut churches and schools than admit the financial cost of the lawsuits..
    Still, I think the o is dead wrong, politically and constitutionally.

    • Sportin this is true. However, research any given denomination regarding rape and abuse and you will be astounded as to how many other Pastors and Ministers are guilty. One only hears about the RCC…deepest pocket and longest history. I suggest you research by denomination…the lists are staggering.

  5. It it is none of our business what goes on in anyone’s bedroom…why do have to have taxpayer provided supplies? No personal accountability equals no personal autonomy. It they can give you birth control they can INSIST you take it (or not). You know. For the collective good.

    • That is the trap and the reason why it is so very important that Obamacare be totally repealed. Once the government can force us to purchase a product as a condition of living, they control every aspect of our lives.

    • Yes there is a very expensive breast cancer drug they are reluct to pay
      for but more than willing to spend a very small amount for birth control
      and the morning after pill so they seem eager to end a life or stop one
      but not to save one.

  6. Keith,

    Not only was that funny, but in one sentence you summed up exactly the problem. The argument of the Catholic and other denominations have is not just birth control but there are things, like abortion, that are classified as birth control and being forced by the government to pay for such services is as antithesis to Catholics and Christian denominations as Hebrews being forced to eat pork would be. Home run with that liner.