As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with senior advisers
2:00 pm || Attends the Democratic Senate Caucus Retreat; Nationals Park, Washington
4:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton

Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm
All times Eastern

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 8, 2012

  1. There must be someone I have not alienated, some group of religious nuts I have not offended, some veterans I have not demeaned; some people who are so stupid as to think I am loyal to any racial group: I am proudly loyal to socialism; I will not be happy until the producers are completely crippled and can no longer produce income(of course that completely screws my system to tax the rich so the misery is distributed).
    Welcome to BHO’s Brave New World.

    • I’m sure he comes in some days and says “i’m not sure my ‘color’ is right – i need more gray, more black, more white, more religion, more double talk, more left, more right, more cool, more bullying” – whatever the campaign day requires.

  2. Why is there a briefing every day if Obama is not doing anything? I watched a few minutes of yesterdays and all Carney said was “Obama’s position has not changed” and “ask the campaign”. I’m beginning to think by “position” Carney is refering to Obama’s actual physical being. Like, he hasn’t moved off the couch in a few hours.

    • The briefing is probably poll analysis, and other things relevant to re-election strategy. The meeting with Senior Advisers is how to keep the advance the Chicago Thuggery governmental strategy. The meeting with the Cauc-ASS (as Levin says) could be interesting. Some of those stupid Dems in congress have lots of Catholics in their states/districts.
      I guess that will be backpedaled soon enough. Cannot figure out if that move was arrogance, stupidity, or a combo of both.

      • Mike,
        I agree. I think this was an overreach and they’re thinking that (for once) they pushed too hard. We’ll see. If they don’t budge then it’s purely zerO’s refusal to budge on his fundamental transformation.

  3. Another late afternoon meeting with Hilary, getting close to the time to announce the retirement of Joe (foot in mouth) Biden, and have HIlary as his VP. Probably the only chance this fool has to get re-elected. God, I sure hope not, for all of our sake.

  4. He’s on cruise control now. The Republican candidates have pretty much devoured each other….no need to rush out for more $$$. Mitt is suffering from ‘Hoof in Mouth’ disease which may prove to be terminal!

    It’s getting too painful to watch with nine months to go – his poll numbers are up to 51% – not a good sign for the GOP.

  5. wow another hard day ,propaganda is working well from the polls at 51% no way so many almost everyone we speak to cannot stand him where is this poll being taken any way must be in liberal towns usa, is Hillary still wearing the blue dress when she meets Obozo ,all kidding aside we must unite and stop the looney out of control non American ,he is slowly dragging us under be strong and talk to people show them what this clown has done to this great country

    • I heard him on the tube with Matt Lauer at 7:07AM on Monday only to find out the interview was recorded earlier (most likely before the SB on Sunday). That’s when he stated that the Constitution is an impediment to zerO getting done the things he wants to do (But wait! There’s more). As he said that Lauer leaned forward to feel the crease in his pants.

  6. remember its about staying strong and holding our grond unite do not fight and we will ewin in November for you GOP members if you continue to knock each other stop and I love Ron Paul but you need to bow out and suppoet Romney, also Newt you must do the same you are making a rip in the fabric of the Party please drop out now also no more fighting this is for us not you come together and unite and fight this lame duck ,lazy bum (OBOZO)

  7. Wow, another super busy day! Basically:

    Roll into the office at 10:30 am for about an hour of meetings.

    After lunch, leave for the Dem Caucus meeting.

    Then, at four, put another whole half hour in meeting with Hillary.

    Rough, rough schedule!

  8. 4:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton
    To discuss what? Syria, Iran, China, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Myanmar, or possibly even Mexico.. So late in the day, probably not. Just to have a cup of tea since we are now so European.