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Biden Plays the Race Card

Vice President Biden tried his hand at racial politics Monday, indirectly – but unmistakably – suggesting that use of the term “Food Stamp President” to describe Obama indicates Republicans are racist.

Biden, who spoke in Tallahassee, was referring to a term used routinely by Newt Gingrich, but he associated other Republicans presidential contenders with the remark.

From the pool report:

“For the first time, the Republicans are not – as we say, to use a football metaphor – they’re not hiding the ball. They’re saying exactly what they believe. For real – no, it’s good – it’s good because for the first time we can have an honest debate. These guys aren’t out there saying, ‘We’re compassionate conservatives, we want to fight to protect Medicare and Medicaid …’ They’re just being straight up, saying what they believe.”

“Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, I think they’re slightly different, and I mean this sincerely. I think it’s more about obstructionism for them. For them, their actions say what they really believe.”

“These are the same guys who are calling the president a ‘food stamp president’ – a thinly veiled, I don’t know what it is, but it’s inappropriate. It’s inappropriate.”

Biden in the last sentence is clearly pointing to the comments of other Gingrich critics who, unlike Biden, have finished the sentence, asserting that Gingirch’s remark is a thinly veiled derogatory reference to black people on food stamps. Gingrich has denied the comment has anything to do with race, saying he is pointing to the record numbers of people receiving food stamps during Obama’s presidency.

What’s more, Biden’s preceding comment about Republicans “saying exactly what they believe” would appear to be a play toward fears that Republicans are closet racists.

29 Responses to Biden Plays the Race Card

  1. They’ve played the race card so much that they’ve worn off all the spots!
    And by the way, the majority of our neighbors on food stamps are white.

    • I am white and I am on them. Only 12% of the population is African-American, so of course this won’t be the majority. This whole thing is stupid. I need the assistance, but this won’t make me vote for him or anything like that.

      • Exactly right! When are the white people who obama has forced on to food stamps due to his awful policies going to demand that they be included in the tally too! Talk about racism…it’s like whites don’t exist!

  2. Has it really come to this? a sitting President must rely on the pity of the electorate to win another 4 years?
    MrO claims that he “deserves” another 4 years, meaning that it wouldn’t be “fair” that he would be defeated in November. He claims he’s also getting better at his job, as if the first 4 years of being POTUS was equivalent to on-the-job training.

    Simply being bi-racial does not give anyone a pass at the competency test and MrO’s stewardship of our country has us heading toward the rocks of disaster.

  3. Let’s see we are racist, lazy, stupid ungrateful not to notice the wonder of
    Obama and the Queen of taxpayer welfare. And he deserves another term
    seems he’d rather get away from of us I know I wish to see the backside of
    both of them leaving on that helicopter in Jan 2013!

  4. When truth, logic and reason fail, there’s always the race card.
    Hopefully, we only have 348 days until Biden and his boss are out of office.

    • I do not think that the existence of poor white, especially rural poor ever enters their mind.
      And if it did, they would be reviled as clinging to guns and religion.

  5. Doesn’t the Democratic Party have a long history of racism….the KKK, pro-slavery, anti-civil rights ?

    Herman Cain was right, the Dems use the race card to keep the poor blacks on the plantation.

  6. Joe can be forgiven because he is just repeating what he is told to say. If he was speaking for himself he would have totally screwed it up.

  7. Joseph Biden is a pathological altruist. He is a member of people sensitive to others who most often do not want the empathy of people such as Biden, but find it thrust on them nonetheless. People such as Biden then feel good about their action(smugness) which has been accepted by the recipients(reliance), but that turns to a sense of entitlement(expectation), which becomes demand(need) and becomes resentment(hostility). People such as Biden do not understand and continue to alter the situation by increasing their largesse. In the end, neither side is satisfied, but each has lost all sense of ability to function

  8. For Biden to say that Republicans are “obstructionists” when the House has passed 30+ bi-partisan bills & sent them to the Dem-controlled Senate that has REFUSED to consider any of them is the height of hypocracy!

    Biden, along with other Dems, are part of the gigantic “mis-information campaign” and the DEAN Smear-Mean Machine determined to paint any Republican/Conservative candidate or DC leader as “uncaring, racists” to further divide the US and perpetuate the CLass War movement!

    Sadly, a ONCE great institution, The Press, is no longer in the business of keeping American citizens accurately INFORMED about the millions of “compassionate” American Republicans & other citizens who worked for many years to pass “HANDS-UP” Welfare Reform that immediately put millions of fellow Americans into on-the-job training with thousands of large and small companies participating, into education programs, into mentoring programs for starting small businesses, into contributing members of their neighborhoods and communities!

    The Press-MSM has failed to inform Americans of the WH & Dems “blame everyone else, stop ANY legislative solutions, TAKE credit for & SLANT the STATS for any hint at job growth” strategy! Without the TRUTH about the IMPACT of BHO’s Adm on every aspect, even on our Religious Liberties, from the PRESS, Americans are not going to understand how critical it is that BHO, AG Holder, the Senate, the Czars (kings) be DEFEATED in November 2012. That is 8 1/2 months away!

  9. Of course Joe would have to interject RAAAACE into the discussion. To actually look at the Food Stamp data (more whites on assistance programs) would highlight the abysmal (RAAAACIST code word for really bad) Obama Economy. If Food Stamps are about race, any call out by the other side is RAAAACIST, but if actual demographics are used….well did anyone hear Gingrich say “Jauun?!?”

  10. This must be a different Joe Biden. The Joe Biden I know would never walk into a convenience store talking about how you have to be “indian” to work there. This can’t by the JB who mimicked an overseas service operator in broken english.

    Tomorrows cartoon writes itself:

    VPJOE: “New Ginglich is lacist!!!”

  11. Joe Blow Biden is in this administration to distact attention from the real going ons of the Democratic mandate. He looks like a fool so the rest of the goons get away with murder. Last comment meant for Eric “Snake in the Grass” Holder.