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No Super Bowl Party for Obama

President Obama watched the Super Bowl Sunday night with Michelle and the girls.

I assume the campaign stepped in on this one.

Since taking office, Obama has had a number of disastrous PR events that were also known as Super Bowl Parties.

The tradition is that the president invites members of Congress from the states of the competing cities, and perhaps other favored lawmakers, to hang out with him and watch the game go down. It’s a chance to build some bridges and have a nice time, while nobody gets hurt except the football players.

But Obama, it is well know, eschews the schmooze.

The president, who famously hates to speak with members of Congress, is known to pass out some cookies and then ACTUALLY WATCH the game while largely ignoring the cackling politicos trying to get in some presidential suck up time.

He probably sets back the cause of Congressional relations more than he advances it.

Here he is watching the 2009 Super Bowl, looking a little isolated among his guests.

Obama watches the Super Bowl

In 2010, the Beacon of Bipartisanship invited only one Republican to attend. It was, lo and behold, Rep. Joseph Cao of Louisiana who – what do you know – was the only House Republican to support Obamacare.

Things got really bad last year when for some reason Obama decided to glitz things up by inviting Jennifer Lopez and her then-squeeze Marc Anthony. I’m sure unemployed voters were very impressed.

J.Lo said she was a little mystified because she didn’t even know the Obamas, but she and Anthony went anyway.

The first lady, meanwhile, who is literally forcing vegetables down kids’ throats, served a variety of heart attack and stroke inducing treats to her guests, including bratwurst, kielbasa, deep dish pizza, cheeseburgers, buffalo wings, german potato salad, and ice cream.

Oh yeah, and salad.

With no apparent upside in sight to having anyone over, it appears the White House just decided a family 2012 Super Bowl viewing event was the best choice of all. I’m surprised, given the current Obama makeover that’s occurring, that they didn’t hold some kind of religious service just before watching.

Or perhaps Obama was just sick of all the Super Bowl silliness and simply wanted to see the game. In which case, he made a very good choice.

37 Responses to No Super Bowl Party for Obama

  1. Polling must have been against the usual Superbowl Party photo ops. King Obama did not take this opportunity to punch the American people in the gut. He probably has a better sucker punch planned in the near future…

    Sadistic King Obama.

  2. Can’t really fault him here. And if he really snubbed the politicos during the past games, good for him. Shows that he may have a small amount of normalcy (although he could have just not invited the folks the other years and enjoyed the game with the family.)

  3. So the a-s watched the Tushdown…appropriate. I note from the WashPost that we may as well cancel the election–he has it locked down–WINNER. I could hurl–and it’s not from Super Bowl grub.

    • That ‘tushdown’ robbed my 3 year old nephew of winning 600 bucks >-(

      If they would have just kicked a field goal and ran down the clock he could have bought the Nintendo 3-DS that his two years older brother wanted for his birthday. (and that is assuming he has a good heart and would have done so……ummm, never mind :-P

    • You’re welcome, though I didn’t make it up. I did work on “tushdown,” but someone will prob claim it. Thus the fate of geniuses…LOL. Did not see the interview–but I bet I could recite it…

  4. If MrO is worried about the public’s perception of him being a star-struck, elitist, then I have a cliche that might apply: that ship has sailed.

    MrO’s personal public history (that we’re allowed to see) has never met the promise of him being “the smartest man in the room”, nor does it give the impression that he was a savvy politician. His campaign was about speeches that others penned, the accomplishments that he claims as his own were actually the product of the Dem Congress’ legislation and history shows that he wasn’t very active in Dem circles during his term as Senator.
    Even now, he claims that the lowering of the unemployment rate is the result of his stewardship when the truth is that he, the President, had nothing to do with it. His Jobs bill never got passed or even voted on, and there was no new stimulus spending to crow about.
    He doesn’t speak to the Congresscritters, because he has nothing to say, knows nothing about pending legislation, and just doesn’t want to be involved.

  5. Curious as to the take on CLINT EASTWOOD HALFTIME IN AMER. ad. Seems a number are calling it a ‘give BHO second half/term to win the game’. “CBS News notes that Chrysler was bailed out with $12.5 billion from the U.S. government in 2008, and following bankruptcy restructuring is majority owned by Fiat SpA. In 2011, Chrysler earned $183 million, compared with a loss of $652 million in 2010.”

    Fiat: an Italian bicycle company…

  6. Oddly I would rather see what the two later day Sacco & Vanzetti are up to
    than not. Like his schedule and the lack of one one for HRH better to see them than wonder what there’re up to besides push ups and panhandling.

  7. I can’t think of anything more depressing on Super Bown Sunday (or any other time) than to sit in that hideous little ‘movie theater’ with Obama and his family! Looks like MOOshelle had a hand in decorating – yuk!

  8. He appears to be a cold person who does not mix well in social settings.
    Hard to believe that he really does think he deserves to be re-elected…does not see the forest for the trees.

  9. Maybe we can use football for a metaphor for politics this Superbowl. Who was “hyped da most?” Why the Patriots and their coach, Belicheat ( I can call him that, I am a Stiller fan!). We were told, yes TOLD, that it was Brady’s “year.” Brady was “destined.” Sound familiar? And cheaters, be they video taping practice plays or ACORN Mickey Mouse as voter (several dozen times)…honor usually wins out.

    Who actually one? The unexpected to even make the playoffs Giants…in the last minutes…pulled out the win. Who cried on the field? Whose “so much better than you” wife flipped out on media and/or wide receiver corp (or corpse)? See a whiny, scenario setting up?

    Take the R. And the points.

  10. He shouldn’t even bother with the charade of pretending to like American sports. He probably never watched a Super Bowl in his youth, let alone any other football games. Remember the whole “Cominskey Field” thing? – if he really was a White Sox fan growing up, he would have known the real name of the stadium (Comiskey Park!)

    Phony all the way through.

  11. speaking of Moochelle and her plans for our kids: have you seen the latest commercial for “let’s move” where the mom pretends she can’t find her purse and sends the daughter all over the house (to cleverly make her get more exercise?) I’m appalled every time I see it. “Lie to your children–as long as it’s for their own good, it’s ok!”

    • “During his private meeting with congressional Democrats and Republicans on Friday, President Obama ended a philosophical debate between traditional and 3-D football games with the simple declaration that his opinion prevailed because “I won.”

      *do I have to put a disclaimer???