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Michelle to Barnstorm the Nation for Let’s Move

First Lady Michelle Obama next week will embark on a three-day, eight-stop, taxpayer-funded tour of the nation to celebrate the second anniversary of her “Let’s Move” kids weight reduction initiative.

The trip will take her mostly, though not exclusively, to presidential swing states, including stops in Iowa, Arkansas, Texas and four appearances in the crucial battleground state of Florida.

It’s unclear whether she will do any fundraising on the trip, but Michelle has been very active raising money for the Obama campaign, and it wouldn’t be surprising if some money events were thrown in.

At her initial stop on Thursday, Feb. 9 in Des Moines, Iowa, she will be joined by a roster of sports stars, including NASCAR racing champion and member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition Carl Edwards, Olympic figure skating champion and Council member Michelle Kwan, Olympic champion gymnast Shawn Johnson, 2011 WNBA MVP Tamika Catchings, and Iowa State University Basketball coach and former NBA player Fred Hoiberg.

During an appearance Friday in Dallas she will join contestants from past seasons of the Bravo series “Top Chef” who will “compete in a healthy cooking competition,” according to the White House.

She will hold two events in Orlando Florida, including her final stop Saturday when she visits ESPN’s Wide World of Sports at the Walt Disney World Resort.

36 Responses to Michelle to Barnstorm the Nation for Let’s Move

    • I think I require more salt a giant bag of salty potato chips should be a good start then maybe just salt on anything. Next better stock up on sugar the next target. FLOTUS is an embarressment to this country.
      She will be doing some fine dining on our dime you can count on it and
      it will not be figure friendly or healthy! Hypocrite both of them!

      • she probably has the SS birddogging for all fried chicken houses that use pure lard !… mark my word, this amazon will hit 200 lbs within 3yrs of being put out to the curb come next election..

  1. Are there going to be parades and speeches to honor this second anniversary of a historic union payback or should we just go about our daily business as if it never happened?

  2. Enjoy it while you can Queenie. Your days of living in extravagance on the people’s dime are coming to an end in about 351 days from today.

  3. Wow…I feel soooo dissed. Not coming to visit us bitter clingers here in PA. Bummer…

    Now to the upcoming Tour de Farce of Me!chelle. Are the SEIU parade route new hires (ie, adoring crowds for the limo route) included in Buh-Rocks new unemployment figures?

    • In fact, educators are concerned that singling out overweight children as Obama’s target has marginalized these poor kids and increased levels of bullying against them. What a typical liberal program: poorly planned and chock full of unintended consequences and collateral damage.

  4. What do these peoplel have against Disney??? First, Obama makes a speech on Disneyworld’s Main Street, closing that area of the park down, and now she has TWO events in Orlando on a SATURDAY, including one at a Disney World Resort????? At least it’s not on President’s Day Weekend, when more people might be traveling, but seriously, why do they do this to Disney? Why does Disney let them do it????

    I always thought Edwards was a wimp – why is he proving it? He is married to a doctor, though, so maybe this is “personal” to him.

    • Undoubtedly, Disney is not paying its fair share…I can’t think of anything else…We have a pleasure tax, right? A Happiest Place on Earth tax? Also, you can get sweets at D’World and D’Land and I think they are planning Sugarhibition soon.

    • He won the Busch series championship several years ago (2007?) Not sure it’s still called that now… I had to look it up because Tony won the Sprint Cup this year and JJ the previous 5 years and then others before that. Apparently, any series championship will do in their press release.

  5. Her ‘moves’ on the Ellen show yesterday should put a few more swing States in the ‘RED’ column!

    Did anyone notice how she talked about Malia and Sasha and how privileged they are with the TRAVELING, etc? Nothing about how privileged they are to occupy the rarefied air permeating the hallowed halls of history – it’s all about the traveliing!

    She also tried to explain why the girls look so bored all the time – she didn’t do a very convincing job!

    I cannot even imagine another 4 years with these interlopers who care nothing for this country! It’s so patently obvious!

    • You are much stronger than I am, Girly1, I could barely look at the stills of her grinding her groove with Ellen and then dropping to the floor to do fake push ups.

      I have never gotten the sense that The One and The Wife and the Princesses Obama have any sense of being fortunate because they live in the White House amidst American history. In fact, I have always gotten the impression that they feel that THEY grace the White House — the need to jet around on expensive varied vaycays suggest this is how they feel.

  6. Can’t someone convince her to stay at home in the White House and take care of her OWN children and leave the rest of us alone? I hate that my tax dollars are supporting her fat @$$, not to mention flying it all over the country for nothing.

  7. Anonna, I literally force myself to watch The Wife only because it is history in the making. The drifter/grifters despise this country so much that they are spooked by by the ghosts of our Founding Fathers who occupy every nook and cranny in the WH – thus their determination to fly the coop every chance they get!

    I’m still hoping that the portraits that line the hallowed halls of the West Wing will haunt them for eternity – and drive them the h*’ll out of Our House!

  8. Hey, while she’s in O-town is she gonna do a photo-op at the corner of “President Barack Obama Pkwy” and Conroy Road??? Talk about a road to nowhere . . .

  9. oh please – anything but making us watch her move! which she really does need to do more of – of course the press doesn’t show her whole figure….only those arms.