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Obama Campaign Chief Sneers at GOP Voters

Obama 2012 Campaign Manager Jim Messina derided at millions of Republican voters Wednesday, using the condescending phase “far-right Tea Party types” to describe those who back the mainstream conservative movement.

That the chief of Obama’s reelection effort, also a former close White House adviser to the president, holds contempt for millions of U.S. citizens is likely an indicator of how others in the Obama camp, and perhaps the president himself, view conservative voters.

The Tea Party is hardly some fringe group. According to a recent CNN poll,¬†half of Republicans either back or consider themselves members of the Tea Party. That would mean tens of millions of voters are “Tea Party types.”

Messina’s nasty aside was included in an email to Obama backers in which he raised the specter of Tea Party donations to Mitt Romney and urged Obama’s minions to counter by sending their own money to the Obama campaign.

Here’s part of the email:

It’s also clear that there’s lots of money to be raised from far-right Tea Party types appealing to a very personal dislike of Barack Obama. When Romney tells a reporter that we need a president “who believes in American principles” or that President Obama will be just a “footnote in history,” that’s who he’s talking to.

While it is not rare for political campaigns to attack each other’s candidates, the example of a campaign chief, particularly one close to the president, insulting large swaths of the populace is something unusual.

In the email, Messina announced the launch of a fundraising drive called the “Two-Term Fund,” intended to counter a Romney effort labeled the “One-Term Fund.”

Both titles presumably refer to Obama, not Romney!

23 Responses to Obama Campaign Chief Sneers at GOP Voters

  1. Gallup did a poll last year on “who” these “tea party types” were. Funny, about half were Republicans and the other half Dems and Independents. Messina needs to do a little research before he attacks any group in the future.

  2. I for one am not surpeised that Jim Messina stated this. This guy is off of the reservation most of the time anyway. I have seen numerous articles about the “fixer” and how Messina would stoop to no low in getting something done. Shall we be surprised that Messina is the Obama 2012 campaign manager? Shall we be surprised that such garbage comes from this guy? Anything that is right of Pelosi or Reed he deems as conservative. Messina to me is about as far progressive as one can get without being a card carrying communist. So naturaly he would see the Tea Party and those that believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights in this way.
    Thanks for sharing Keith, but I am not at all surprised by this at all.

  3. Where the sky is an odd shade of Obama turquoise, not blue…The Tea Party is comprised of “baggers” those who “challenge” the liberal meme are “RAAACIST” and Steve/Barry/Buh-Rock is just dreamy. Two Term just wouldn’t be enough for those types. Emporer for Life would be more like it.

    The vote in November will be the most important civic duty in any of our lives.

  4. Obama has declared a gangland-style war on everyone who doesn’t go along with his agenda. I wouldn’t be surpised if all of his lieutenants carried shivs in their pockets! Obama himself told us he would bring a gun to a knife fight!

    We have met the enemy….and he’s occupying the Oval Office! This is an out-and-out war! Where are our protectors – Boehner, McConnell…oh, never mind!

    • Boehner and McConnell sneer at the tea party types as much as Obama’s minions do. They like to use us to elect their go along to get along cronies, then expect us to go sit in a corner as they legislate away our freedom and liberty.

  5. This intensely dismissive attitude is unfortunately too familiar to me when I discuss the shortcomings of this president with my relatives in California.

  6. And today, in honor of Black History, a huge African American Get Out the Vote effort was announced. I will vote for the person who wants to be President of all Americans.